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PUBG Mobile/ BGMI Guide: Best settings for Joystick and tips

Enjoy the game with joystick

Online games generally have a tough competition between online players. One such online multiplayer game is PUBG Mobile. Players might be knowing the advantages, disadvantages, and various scope of the game. Some make guides on youtube, some stream their gameplay, some write blogs, and some work with the Esports associations. PUBG and the similar game BGMI are not like other offline shooting games that don’t even satisfy today’s players. Therefore, these games like PUBG/BGMI are no less contributing to the gaming industry as they are making ways for players to enter the industry which was once difficult for common people. So, read this guide to know better about that movement control or joystick on the screens of PUBG mobile/BGMI players.

Everyone knows the level of competition in Esports but is it possible with poor knowledge of joysticks present on the screen of a PUBG/BGMI player? Well, no. Knowledge of the most important thing, the joystick is necessary as well. A player should know the joystick and he should implement ideas according to that knowledge. Also, he should practice at the same time because practice makes a man perfect and a perfect player is like a monster around the map who can swipe a whole squad or more.

Joystick Guide for PUBG Mobile

Many players, even after playing for a long time, don’t know the joystick and how to use that knowledge to improve the gameplay. There are some myths also which are covered further in the article and there are some tips on some very important issues which many players face, be it a pro player or a beginner. Furthermore, a little knowledge of the most important control of the popular game, PUBG may help a lot while playing. Also, practice is a must to improve anything in any field, be it a game or any other field.

1. Position of the joystick

Position of the joystick PUBG Mobile Joystick Guide
Position of the joystick

Here, the players might know about the position of the joystick. Many players do not know about this section better and they end up getting confused about the perfect position of sprint and joystick controls. Now, there are three columns of both classic and arena settings in the controls section of the settings of the game. These columns have different features regarding the controls of the game. Generally, players consider the third column as the toughest one for gameplay. To know further, read on.

2. 1st slot in the controls settings

In this slot, the screen is divided into two halves. The left half is for moving the character and the complete right half is for moving the camera or the directions of the character. Now, this information is known by very few players as they do not pay attention to it. This infers that a player can move his fingers anywhere at the left-hand side of the screen, with this, the character will move.

1st slot in the controls settings
1st slot in the controls settings

Also, the fire button in this slot remains fixed, which means if a player has adjusted his fire button anywhere on the screen then the fire button will not move when the fingers of the player will mistakenly move while firing with the same finger.

3. 2nd slot in the controls settings

2nd Slot in the Controls Settings PUBG Mobile Joystick Guide
2nd Slot in the Controls Settings

This slot is about the firing button. The movement of the character is the same as the first slot. The left half of the screen is for the movement of the character, the joystick has no importance in both the slots but players keep it just because of the sprint control which appears with the joystick. So, in the second slot, the firing button also moves if a player has put his finger and dragged it anywhere else on the screen. This can be annoying at some moments in the gameplay. Therefore, players don’t prefer this setting which involves the movement of the fire button.

4. 3rd slot in the controls settings

The 3rd slot is quite popular among Chinese players. In this slot, the whole screen of the phone acts as the direction changer for the character or you can say the whole screen works for the movement of the camera. Also, the joystick in this slot plays a very important role as it is fixed in this setting.

3rd Slot in the Controls Settings
3rd Slot in the Controls Settings

So, it is recommended to keep the joystick’s size bigger in the 3rd column because if a player’s finger drags away from the joystick, the camera will turn around instead of the character and it might result in a blunder while fighting. Therefore, the joystick’s size in this column should be very large. Moreover, except for Chinese, the majority of gamers don’t prefer the third slot because it is a bit tougher than the 1st one.

5. What should be the size of the joystick

Size doesn’t matter if the player is using the first slot of the above-mentioned settings. The reason is very simple: the complete left half of the screen moves the character so a player can drag his fingers anywhere on the left side. Also, to drag the character, the same effort is required in both the sizes of the joystick. Therefore, there is no foundation about the size of the joystick.

Size of the joystick PUBG Mobile Joystick Guide
size of the joystick

Now, there is a myth that a smaller size joystick provides more accurate movement of the character as many esports players keep their joystick’s size small. But, that’s not true. A player can keep it small if he wants a more clear screen but if he is thinking that the movement of the player will improve then that is wrong. A player has to improve his movements with the help of various drills but the joystick won’t work in this case.

How to jiggle in the correct way

Generally, players who try to jiggle, use their joystick completely. In simple words, they use the complete circle of the joystick but this is not the correct way to move faster when the enemy is just in front of the character. The reason is that when a player jiggles circularly then he appears moving in the same place and the movement isn’t fine.

As a result, the enemy can easily beat the character even without a scope. So, a character must use half of the joystick and move in a semi-circular way. If a player uses the semi-circle of the joystick then the movement is fine and the enemy will find difficulty in aiming the head or body of the character.

Beginners Guide to Joystick in PUBG Mobile

  • If the player’s fingers get sticky while playing because of the amount of sweat his hands produce and this results in poor movements. He can use powder, oil, or finger sleeves. Sometimes, a little powder on the screen can work to get rid of sweat but it may get into the speakers on the phone and the phone might damage.
  • So, a player should keep this in mind if he wants to use powder. Secondly, oil can be the other option but sometimes the screen gets greasy and the screen appears dirty. Thus, the oil option is quite good but it comes with a disadvantage. Lastly, the best option which is trending nowadays among gamers is the finger sleeves. These sleeves fit best on the fingers.
  • Keep the sprint option in a mid size. The sprint button which comes along with the joystick. The reason is that if the sprint button is too long then the player won’t be able to run on the desired time and it is necessary for a character to run most of the time to maintain a faster movement. Also, if a player keeps the sprint button shorter and close to the joystick then the player will find difficulty in controlling the character’s movement. 
  • If a player is using the third slot in the control’s settings then the character should use a bigger size joystick for a smooth movement of the character. 

That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this PUBG Mobile joystick guide for tips. We can assure you will increase your gameplay experience to enjoy to the fullest.

We hope you find this PUBG Mobile Joystick Guide helpful. Then, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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