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PUBG Mobile or BGMI Guide: Tips and tricks for late game rotation

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In a Battle Royale game like BGMI, a player needs to rotate very cleverly to win the game. This is because there are a total of 100 players landing on the same map and everyone wants to maintain their F/D ratio. Now, the F/D ratio is the finish/death ratio. It is the ratio between the no. of kills and the no. of deaths of the player or you can say no. of matches played. Generally, other players who come to someone else’s profile, check their F/D ratio and judge the player’s skills accordingly. In this BGMI Late Game Rotation guide, a player will know what is game sense and how to rotate on a map defeating the zones in BGMI. This may help a player improve his gameplay, maintain his F/D and enjoy the match to the fullest.

BGMI: In-Depth Guide to Late Game Rotation

So, to increase the F/D ratio, one has to perform well in every match as every match matters. Otherwise, the F/D ratio will decrease along with the reputation of the player. But, many players don’t know what exactly they should do while playing the game. As a result, they end up perishing within zones or in unfavorable conditions. After that, they regret it.

Collecting the maximum Loot

Loot is generally done as the players land on the map. This is the first and foremost thing to do because if a player does not get a gun then he can not take fights with those who have one or two guns with them. So, it is better to search for a gun instead of wasting a second.

Also, it sometimes happens that a player does not get a gun as not every house has a gun and there are enemies on that spot. So, in this case, a player should try his best to get out of the place because without a gun he will be the first one to be the prey of enemies. Therefore, the player should run away and then search for a gun and if he gets one then he can come back to get some kills under his hat.


Now, the next important thing is that a player should always carry 2 or more smokes, grenades, and a medkit. Ammo is everywhere on the map so no one generally lacks it so it’s better to focus on more necessary things. Ammo is important but not too many. As a player gets the essential things, they are good to go. Also, they can start rotating.

Facing your enemies

In this section, once a squad is done with their essential and limited loot then they should check the city where they have landed. They should be alert and if any member knocks an enemy then they should mark the spot so that others also join the player.

This has a reason that when a player knocks someone then there is a very high chance that the enemy’s teammates will rush on the squad. So, it is better to call the teammates to get a backup. Otherwise, a player can also get knocked by the enemy’s teammates. Therefore, it is better to do teamwork instead of running behind the kills while fighting. In our late game rotation guide, we have shared the best tips on how to protect yourself from enemies and be the last man standing in PUBG Mobile or BGMI.

1. Check the cities within the zone   

When a squad is done with swiping the area where they landed then they should find a car and see where the safe zone is going to shift. As the 1st safe zone will form and if the squad is not in the safe zone then one of the teammates should find a car and others should run towards the zone. This is because if the teammate gets the car then he could pick up everyone as the cars are faster than the characters. Also, the players should not forget to heal themselves.

Check the Cities within the zone
Cities within the zone

Now, as they get into the safe zone, they should climb onto the Rozhok’s Mountain through the car. After that, they should check Rozhok city and the school apartments. If these places are not in the safe zone then see which cities lie in the safe zone. Also, check every city within the zone and they should always be quick in their actions even while moving.

2. Use your Grenades efficiently

Grenades are something that can take the enemies out of their camping area. So, players should have these. Now, in a squad, one member should always use throwables before rushing with the squad. Especially, in the squad house. They should throw grenades in different places in the house. Either the enemy will be knocked or they may give their footsteps and the squad waiting outside the house will the idea of the position of enemies.

Whenever a player is unsure about the position of the enemy then they should use a grenade on the doubtful places. This may help a lot and using throwables is included in the game sense.

3. Check before crossing Bridges

While rotating the map, if a squad has to cross a bridge then they should be super alert. This is because they may find campers waiting for a squad to cross the bridge.

Bridge Camps are the most common thing in BGMI. Therefore, a squad should hold before crossing any bridge. Also, they should check on bridges, Houses, shades, and grass because campers might be sitting there with a hard scope on the cars that will cross the bridge. So, always be careful and alert while crossing the bridge. Otherwise, enemies may get free kills because of the carelessness of the squad.

4. When teammates are knocked

This point is a bit more important than other points because when a teammate is knocked then pressure is created among the members. In this case, the knocked member should quickly take a cover, one member should throw smoke on the knocked one and he should go towards the member with a fully loaded gun.

Also, the other two teammates should give them a cover, and they should try their best to not let the enemies rush towards them. This is a universal strategy that many pro players do and a beginner should also start practicing it. Further, a player should not panic when their teammates call them to revive when the enemies are about to rush.

5. Use of Smokes to escape Blue Zone

If the squad is far away from the safe zone and there are enemies nearby then they should not stand and run as they may get spotted and finished. So, in this case, use smoke and make a smoke hole and run through it and get to the safe zone as soon as possible. This is because the last few blue zones’ speed is very high and they decrease a player’s HP drastically.

Therefore, whenever there are enemies and the blue zone is about to start then use smoke and get to the safe zone. Being safe yourself is more important as enemies might be waiting for the squad and they might get trapped in the blue zone and the squad can kill them easily. But, if the enemies escape the blue zone and the squad is just trying to fight with those enemies then this might be a bigger loss to them only.

That’s all for today’s BGMI/PUBG Mobile Late Game Rotation guide. If you find this BGMI /PUBG Mobile Late Game Rotation guide helpful, feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below,

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If we have limited ammos with limited grenades How to kill the squad which is waiting in the safe zone to kill the enemies

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