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PUBG Mobile or BGMI Mecha Challenge: How to get the High Fidelity Set for free

New Fidelity Set is up for grabs for all the players in the game!

PUBG Mobile, in its sixth year since release, has been one of the top games worldwide. Recently, a brand new theme mode came into the game with its latest 3.2 Version Update. The name of this event is the ‘Mecha Fusion mode‘. Along with this mode, a bunch of new events have arrived, one of them being the ‘Mecha Challenge‘ event. In this event, a player can get a legendary class outfit for free along with some other rewards. In this article, we will discuss how to get the High Fidelity Set for free in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Mecha Challenge: Overview

Mecha Challenge event is a limited-time event in PUBG Mobile. In this event, a player will have to complete a certain amount of daily and weekly missions. By completing these missions, a player will get ‘Mechanical Parts‘, which is the main token to claim rewards in this event.

PUBG Mobile Mecha Challenge event
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There is a prize path in this event. The prize path has rewards like BP, AG currency, Theme tokens, crate coupon scraps, a lobby-theme song, an avatar and avatar frame, etc. The final reward of this event is the prestigious High Fidelity set and cover. The event started on the 14th of May, 2024, and will end on the 11th of June, 2024 (UTC+0).

How to get the High Fidelity Set for free in PUBG Mobile

Each day, a player will get seven daily missions that refresh daily at 00:00 (UTC+0). A player can collect up to 6 Mechanical parts from the missions per day. Players can complete these missions by playing classic mode matches and completing certain objectives.

Any additional parts beyond the limit will be void. There are four groups of weekly missions which refresh every Monday at 00:00 (UTC+0). Completing these missions will reward a certain number of Mechanical parts which is 40. Keep in mind that a player can complete the missions only once. It is also worth mentioning that Mechanical parts are only valid for collecting rewards in the event and will not be usable after it ends.

PUBG Mobile free High Fidelity Set
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In the prize path, players will get a special Inside This Zoo lobby theme song after collecting 35 Mechanical parts. At 50, players will get 80 theme tokens. After collecting 95 Mechanical parts, players will get the Mechanical Pioneer Avatar.

A collection of 145 Mechanical parts will get the players an epic class avatar frame named the Mechanical Pioneer Avatar Frame. Finally, after completing all the missions and collecting 190 Mechanical parts, all the players will have the most coveted ‘High Fidelity Set’, which is a legendary class outfit. Players can also use the theme tokens from the prize path to redeem more rewards in the Event shop.

Final Thoughts

It is always great for players to have a permanent outfit for free. The High Fidelity set is a great-looking outfit and players will surely like this outfit’s texture and colour scheme. Along with the set, players will also get an avatar and an avatar frame for free in the prize path, which is a great deal for every player who is playing the game without spending any money. Check our other articles on PUBG Mobile:

What are your thoughts about the new PUBG Mobile Mecha Challenge event? Let us know in the comments below!

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