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PUBG Mobile Brothers in Arms mode guide

In PUBG Mobile, Brothers in Arms is a mode where new players or rookies can play with old players or veterans to know the game fast and improve their skills, while the veteran will get rewards for assisting the rookie. So in this article, we will talk about PUBG Mobile Brother in Arms extensively and all the guide you’ll need to get the best of out it.


  • In Brothers in Arms, players can choose to be a rookie or a veteran. Rookies can invite high tier veterans to play matches with them to gain EXP faster and grow stronger faster; veterans can accept rookies’ invites and guide them to the battle to complete the training for great rewards
  • Brothers in Arms takes place in Classic mode and the tier points gained will increase players’ tiers.
  • To ensure the best results, Brothers in Arms is carried out in the server, perspective, and the number of players of your highest tier.

Features of PUBG Mobile Brothers in Arms


There are different requirements for rookies and veterans. Players have to tap the button in the lower right corner to switch between the two at any time. To become a rookie, the player must be at least level. 5 and have a historical highest tier of lower than Ace. To become a veteran you must have reached at least the Gold V tier in Duo or Squad mode in the current season.

Game modes

Brothers in Arms can be played in Duo or Squad mode in Classic mode. The matchmaking for both teammates and enemies will be from Classic mode and the results will affect players’ ratings.


Multiple most suitable veterans will be recommended to rookies each time. Tap ‘Invite Now’ to send an invitation to the veteran. Matchmaking only starts after both sides agree (Veterans and Rookies). Veteran players can enable or disable the system from searching for them at any time. They will receive invites from rookies when the system is enabled and go to matchmaking once they accept an invite. The modes available to rookies and veterans are limited to ensure the best gaming experience


Veterans can get great rewards from Brothers in Arms, including a single match reward, Brother in Arms mission reward in the veteran screen, and rewards for total numbers of Brothers in Arms matches played.

Veterans will get Supply crate and Classic crate coupon scraps, battle points, and an exclusive ‘Star Trainer’ title. All they have to do is play the games carefully. The rookies will get experience and in the future, they can play as veterans to get the same rewards.

How to participate in Brothers in Arms in PUBG Mobile

brother in arms
Help a Rookie and become a Veteran!

Rookies: When participating in Brothers in Arms, any Duo or Squad mode can be selected. But Brothers in Arms will recommend veterans at the highest tier in this season. Players will be matched with opponents of a similar level even if the server, perspective, or the number of players are changed. When a rookie player has selected auto-matching, other Classic mode players will be automatically matched into the team.

Veterans: When participating in Brothers in Arms, matches will be played at the highest tier in Duo or Squad mode and this mode can not be changed. Only map preferences may be changed, players will have to keep this in their mind.

Tips to get better rewards from Brother in Arms in PUBG Mobile

  • Enabling the in-game microphone and chatting to each other to work together will lead to better results and a higher rating.
  • The names of the rookies and veterans will have a special mark in the team panel in Brothers in Arms matches. So be careful about that for future results.
  • After a Brothers in Arms match is completed, veterans will receive a star rating (1-5 stars) and a tag from the rookie. The rating information and the star level will be displayed in the recommendation information. And the star level will affect the rewards gained from the match.

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I have palyed only one brothers in arms match. But my lifelong learne showing 4. How it is possible. Please reply


brothers in arm doesn’t work on emulators though …… you have to play on mobile in order to play this mode.

Sarthak Nagar



Brother in arms stopped working i dont get rookie invites and cant find veterans.. how do i play it with clan members or friends?

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