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PUBG Mobile Marmoris X-Suit: How to get it for free

The all new cool looking X-suit is here!

PUBG Mobile has offered many cool outfits for players from time to time. The game introduced X-suits as the highest form of outfits and they are very lucrative and shiny at the same time. Owning one will place any player in the elite list of X-suit owners club. However, PUBG Mobile has introduced another super cool X-suit namely the Marmoris X-Suit. It came into the game on the 4th of August and will be available till the 5th of October. In this article, we’ll take a look inside it and see if there’s a way to claim it for free.

PUBG Mobile Marmoris X-Suit: Overview

The Marmoris Armor is forged with a meteorite. The otherworldly technology, after colliding with the bottom of the sea, fused with the ocean to become a mysterious and gigantic shell. After the shell cracked, the armor came out.

PUBG Mobile has described the X-suit to be the most lightweight, yet impeccable armor. Though it won’t provide any advantage to any players in a fight, showing off something cool is always preferable to many. With the X-suit, any player will be the center of attraction in his/her game lobby.

The first X-suit PUBG Mobile introduced in the game was the Golden Pharaoh X-suit. It appeared in PUBG Mobile on the 5th of August 2020 during its season 14. Several times, the game continued to bring more X-suits to provide a unique in-game experience to the players.

How to get the Marmoris X-Suit for free in PUBG Mobile

The X-suits are the most premium outfits and items in PUBG Mobile. Thus, the game does not offer them for free. Players can claim those by participating in spinning wheels where each spin costs 60 UC. So, the X-suits are not free at all. However, don’t get upset because the game does let everyone draw the spin five times by spending silver coins.

The Marmoris X-Suit has 7 different levels. Players after claiming the suit, will have to upgrade it to uncover the full beauty of it. Each level comes up with something more to be amazed at. Players will receive Marmoris Tokens in the spin process.

These tokens can be used to redeem reward items from the event redemption store. If players get lucky enough to get the X-suit more than once, the duplicates will be converted into Starforge Stones that can be used for upgrading the dress.

How to unlock the Marmoris X-suit in in PUBG Mobile without spending any UC

For those players who don’t have much UC to spend on the spin, they can spin as many as 5 times with silver coins. Players can draw one at a time for 60 UC or ten spins at once for 600, depending on what a player is wishing to do. However, there is a chance to spin 5 times without spending any cash, let’s see how you can do that. Follow the steps below.

PUBG Mobile in game menu
Image via PUBG Mobile
  • From the in-game home screen, click on the Workshop button from the bottom right. Now, click on the X-suit button from there. You’ll see the available X-suits there.
PUBG Mobile Marmoris X-Suit appearance page
Image via PUBG Mobile
  • Now, the Marmoris X-suit should be on the top. Click on it. You’ll see an Obtain button in yellow color just on the bottom left. Clicking on it will start the origin story of the suit. Skip it for now.
PUBG Mobile Marmoris X-Suit spin page
Image via PUBG Mobile
  • Now, there are three options for spinning to choose from. One is by spending Silver coins and the other two are by using UC. However, as you are going to spin for the X-suit for free, You’ll choose the first option.
PUBG Mobile Marmoris X-Suit confirmation on spending silver
Image via PUBG Mobile
  • Click on the first option and it will ask you to confirm if you are willing to spend 300 Silver coins for a single spin. You’ll definitely go for the Ok option.

Continue this four more times. There is a higher chance to get something cool related to the X-suit. Besides, if you get super lucky, you may get the X-suit itself.

What are your thoughts on the Marmoris X-Suit in PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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