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PUBG Mobile Off-Road Racing Mode Guide and Tips

Gear up and race to victory, mastering PUBG Mobile's Off-Road Racing Mode!

PUBG Mobile has introduced an exciting new gameplay mode called Off-Road Racing with its latest update, combining elements of skydiving, offroad racing, and shooting challenges. In this guide, we will provide players with essential tips and strategies to dominate this unique mode.

PUBG Mobile Off-Road Racing Mode: Learning the Basics

To access the Off-Road Racing mode, players navigate to the following directory.

Mode Section -> Unranked -> Others -> Off-Road Racing

In Off-Road Racing, four teams of four players each compete against each other on the Miramar map. The game consists of several stages, including the starting point, vehicle racing stage, check station, shooting stage, sprint stage, and the finish line. Your goal is to work as a team to reach the finish line first, but it won’t be easy. Once you’re in the match, here’s a breakdown of the stages and what to expect:

Starting Point and Vehicle Racing Stage

Starting Point and Vehicle Racing Stage
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The game begins at the starting point, where you and your teammates will jump from a parachute. As soon as you land, the timer starts, so make the most of your time by quickly grabbing supplies, including firearms and ammo. Afterward, hop into a vehicle and head toward the first stage with your team.

In the vehicle racing stage, the driver should focus on finding the shortest route to guide points, while the other team members should concentrate on hitting speed targets in the air. Shooting these targets will grant your vehicle a speed boost, which is vital for saving time.

Check Station and Shooting Stage

Upon passing through all the guide points in the racing stage, you’ll reach the check station. Here, the shooting stage begins, and your team’s accuracy and reaction times will be put to the test. You’ll encounter various types of targets, including stationary, moving, retracting, and flying targets, each offering different point values. Some targets are worth more points than others, so prioritize your shots accordingly.

Sprint Stage and the Finish Line

Sprint Stage and the Finish Line
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After completing the shooting stage, the game transitions to the sprint stage. In this stage, you need to reach a certain number of points before advancing to the finish line. Be prepared for a final sprint, maintaining a high-speed vehicle and hitting speed targets along the way. The team that crosses the finish line first wins the match.

PUBG Mobile Off-Road Racing mode Guide: Tips and Tricks

To excel in Off-Road Racing, players will need both speed and shooting skills. Here are some strategies to help you secure victory:

  • Utilize Your Time: The timer starts when you jump from the parachute, so use your time wisely. Grab essential supplies and hop into a vehicle quickly.
  • Team Roles: Ensure everyone on your team knows their roles. The driver should find the shortest route, while other members focus on hitting speed targets.
  • Target Prioritization: During the shooting stages, prioritize targets based on their point values. Some may be more valuable than others.
PUBG Mobile Off-Road Racing mode
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  • Supply Management: As you progress, replenish supplies at the checkpoint area, especially when moving to the second stage. Better firearms and scopes become available as you advance.
  • Fuel Management: Keep an eye on your vehicle’s fuel levels. Assign a team member to refuel at each checkpoint to avoid running out of fuel in later stages.
  • Final Sprint: In the sprint stage, make sure you have enough ammo and continue hitting speed targets to maintain a high-speed vehicle until you reach the finish line.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, PUBG Mobile’s Off-Road Racing mode adds an exciting dimension to the game, challenging players to combine their racing skills with precise shooting abilities. By following the strategies outlined in this guide and working closely with your team, you’ll have a competitive edge in this high-speed race to victory.

So, dive into the action, adapt your tactics, and aim for that finish line – the thrill of Off-Road Racing awaits! Good luck and may your team emerge as the champions of the offroad tracks.

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