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PUBG Mobile or BGMI Ancient Secret: Arise mode Guide and Tips

Time to explore Ancient Secret!

Following the set schedule of bringing two new events in the game every season, PUBG Mobile and BGMI have introduced their latest event mode, the Ancient Secret: Arise in the game. This mode is a revamped and expanded version of the Ancient Temple mode, which came to the game nearly two years ago. In this article, we will discuss the new Ancient Secret: Arise mode in PUBG Mobile/BGMI and share tips and tricks to succeed in it.

PUBG Mobile or BGMI Ancient Secret Arise mode: What’s new

PUBG Mobile BGMI Ancient Secret: Arise mode
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In the Ancient Secret Arise mode, a path highlighted by a golden color will be visible during every match, with the legend of a Temple visible at its starting point. Further down the path, multiple portals open up as the Temple moves closer. Players will be able to enter the Temple via one of these portals. Once in the Temple, players will gain access to a massive amount of loot.

They will also be able to unlock more loot by completing certain tasks. Once all the tasks are done, the final Guardian of the Temple will appear, who will spawn airdrop quality loot once defeated.

PUBG Mobile or BGMI Ancient Secret Arise mode: Top 5 tips to win

1. If the Temple path is far away, secure a vehicle first

As it is proven from past events, the Temple, like all other events’ special hot drops, is almost guaranteed to have a large number of players try and get to it. Thus if the path or the portal is far away, it is better to secure a vehicle before the enemies, which will provide fast means to get to the designated spot. It can also be used to go onto the next portal if the closest one is missed.

2. Do not land at the start of the path

BGMI Ancient Secret Arise mode
Image via Krafton

Unlike the last time, the Ancient Temple mode was around, this time the Temple won’t be accessible from the get-go. Instead at the starting point all there will be is a giant pyramid. Players should not land on it as they might die from fall damage, and also there is no loot, therefore, landing there is devoid of purpose

3. The Primordial Water item

PUBG Mobile BGMI Ancient Secret: Arise mode
Image via Krafton

The Primordial Water is an event-exclusive item currently available in the game. It can be found only in the chests in the Temple and can be carried in a backpack. What makes it so good is that drinking heals back the player to full health as well as provides a full boost. All in only 4 seconds, which makes it very crucial for intense fights and pressure situations or in late-game zones.

4. Always make sure to face the Guardian with a full squad

PUBG Mobile BGMI Ancient Secret: Arise mode
Image via Krafton

Although doable, the time and resources needed to defeat the Guardian alone are way too much to do alone. Also, the chances are pretty high that it may kill the player. Thus always make sure to be with your squad when going to the platform that takes one to the Guardian because once activated, it can’t be reset. Be wary of the attacks from the entity and take proper cover between the pillars, and use high-damage guns like 7m62 rifles or LMGs like the DP-28 or the M249 for best results.

5. Keep an eye on the Guardian’s highlighted weak point

BGMI Ancient Secret: Arise mode
Image via Krafton

Even though the Guardian is extremely tough and robust, it possesses a certain weakness which is essential to make quick work of it. While fighting it, from time to time it will sport a golden mark on its body. If the players manage to hit that spot, then it will result in crucial extra damage and make short work of the Guardian before it injures a player or leads to them exhausting their ammunition.

Final Thoughts

The Ancient Secret Arise mode is no doubt a bid from the developers to boost the positive reviews of the game, as the original mode used to be massively popular and since then fans have requested the developers to bring it back. Thus it has been brought back, albeit with some twists and it remains to be seen how the players react to it throughout the event.

Are you excited about the brand new Ancient Secret: Arise mode coming in PUBG Mobile/BGMI? Let us know in the comments section below.

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