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PUBG Mobile Summon Air Drops event Guide

The PUBG Mobile Summon Air Drops event is here. This is a brand new event with lots of cool features. The event will last for almost 2 weeks and it’s a great chance to grab some handsome rewards for the players. This event also offers a chance to get silver fragments, BPs, time-limited outfits, etc. So, grind the event thoroughly and read our guide to get better rewards.

PUBG Mobile Summon Air Drops Event Description

  • Duration: 16 Days [4th February to 20th February]
  • Drop Opening Availability/Day: 10
  • Silver Fragments required to open the second airdrop quickly: 500
  • Silver Fragments required to open the third airdrop quickly: 800

PUBG Mobile Summon Air Drops Event Rules

  • The player can complete matches in classic mode to get event-exclusive Air Drops. A higher ranking means a greater chance of getting high-quality event-exclusive Air Drops. For example, If you win a classic match, you will get better rewards. If the player dies earlier in the match, he/she will get less good rewards.
  • Once an Air Drop has been obtained, the air drop countdown will automatically commence in an idle area. The air drop must be opened manually after the countdown ends to get the reward.
  • During the countdown, the player can use an event-exclusive speedup item or silver fragments to reduce the air drop countdown.
  • 1 idle area is opened by default; the next two idle areas are unlocked according to the number of air drops that have been opened or silver fragments that have been spent to open the airdrops in advance.
  • The player can open crates in the order they are obtained and this order cannot be changed.
  • The countdown continues even if the event page is closed or when players are offline, so there is no need to stay online or on the countdown page for the duration.
  • During the event period, players can open up to 10 event-exclusive air drops every day.
  • Event-exclusive air drops can no longer be obtained in the last four days of the event, however, unopened event-exclusive air drops can still be opened in the last four days.

Extra Features

Every time the player unlocks an air drop, a +1 count increases in the times-count meter situated on the right side of the event page. The countdown meter’s rewards are given in down below-

Opened 5 times3 Normal speed boost tokens
Opened 10 times1 Super air drop
Opened 15 times3 Advanced speed boost tokens
Opened 25 times1 super air drop

Rewards of the first airdrop

  • 100, 300, 500 BPs
  • 1 and 3 normal speed boost token(s)
  • 1 and 3 advanced speed boost token(s)
  • Assassin’s Bottom(1Day and 3Days)
  • Assassin Jacket(1Day and 3Days)
  • Assassin Suit(1Day and 3Days)
  • 2 Silver Fragments

Please note – These are the only rewards that we know till now, once they reveal the other rewards, we will update the article.

Tips and Tricks to get rewards quickly in PUBG Mobile Summon Air Drops event

  • The player should focus on the ranking positions in classic matches to get better rewards in default airdrops. Higher the ranking, the better the rewards are.
  • If the player has enough Silver fragments, they can use it to open the 2nd and 3rd airdrop immediately.
  • The player can silver fragments to reduce the countdown timer
  • If the player has boost tokens, they should use themselves to save countdown time.
  • Also, do not forget to open super airdrops to get better rewards.

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