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PvPets Tank Battle Royale Tips and Tricks to win every match

PvPets is a tank battle royale game where players will grow stronger as they progress in the game. Unlike the mainstream battle royale game, this game is quite short in duration and filled with intense battles. However, players may find some issue to win most of the matches effortlessly. So, today in this article we will talk about PvPets tips and tricks that will definitely give the players to an edge over their opponents to win a match!

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1. Choose the best Tank

pvpets tips and tricks
Pick the best tank in PvPets

There are plenty of tanks available in the game. All tanks come with their different specialities and features. Some tanks are only unlockable with real money. But there are some good tanks that a player can get when they level up the profile or progress in the trophy road. So, make sure to check the different features of a tank and pick the one which suits you the best. Ignoring this aspect may cost you to lose a match.

2. Take the powerups

When a player starts on the battlefield, there will be plenty of powerups available in the map. These will help in the growth of the tank in that match. And with this growth, the tank will be more powerful. So, always try to take as many powerups as possible.

3. Maintain distance

This is one of the most important tips and trick of PvPets tank battle royale. When you counter your enemy, make sure to maintain a safe distance. Keep running and meanwhile, keep shooting. The best part of this, that you can keep sooting even if you are running. So put the opponent in a tough situation to chase you and use this as your advantage.

4. Always look for the Red Storm

pvpets tips and tricks

Yes, the safe zone is what you should always take note of. Beware of the red storm and always stay inside it. Plan your movements according to the movement of the red storm.

5. Know your tank’s special attack

There are two types of attack a tank is having in PvPets. One primary attack and one secondary attack. And, all the tanks come with different special attacks (the secondary attack). So when you pick your attack, you should know the special attack very well. This will help in using the attack at its best and who knows, maybe this one factor can bring you a victory!

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Do you have any tips and tricks of PvPets that you want to share with us? Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments below! Meanwhile, if you are looking for a bunch of mobile gamers to hang out, feel free to join our Discord community.

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