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PvPets Review: A top-down io battle royale game that you should try

Most of the Battle Royale games that are available these days come with relatively a bigger match duration. Here PvPets brings its short duration quick matches with a totally different perspective. So let us take a look at the PvPets review to see what this brand new tank battle Royale game is offering.


On playing the game for a few days, PvPets looked quite good. Gameplay was smooth on a 2GB RAM device. While most of the Battle Royale games focus on human battles, this game is all about tank battles with the pets. 20 Players will start with a small green tank where a puppy will be driving it. Generally, the length of matches are between 2 to 4 minutes. If you are really quick in killing the opponents then the game will finish in 2 minutes. But if you are conservative, then the game may go up to 4 minutes. Maybe the developers have tried to fit their game into the busy lives of mobile gamers. In the beginning, a player will only get matched with bots and as they progress, they’ll be matched against real players.

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Graphics and Music

The graphics of the game is decent. I did not find any graphics issue so far. The vibrant and colorful graphics will help in relaxing. Talking about the music, it is mediocre. It is not that great but not bad either. So in terms of graphics and music, a player will not get disappointed.

Battle Royale elements

Players may not find this as a mainstream Battle Royale game. Meanwhile, the other mobile battle Royale games have a lot of variety of weapons, skins, map and other things, this game lacks in those contents. However, there are a few varieties of tanks. The tanks will unlock as the players progress through the levels.

Tanks in PvPets

The game features competitiveness. There is a leaderboard where players will climb up as they involve more in the game. There aren’t any tier system but a trophy system. So each match a player finishes, he/she will get some trophies based on the performance.


PvPets comes with easy and clear controls. There is a joystick to move the tank around the map at the bottom left and the firing options are at the right side. As there are not much options, so controls are pretty much clear and it woks smoothly.

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The freemium model

PvPets is based on the freemium model. However the shop prices are on the higher side but not that huge. So, in the beginning, a player may get disappointed a bit seeing the prices, but if you enjoy the game, you may support the developers by making some in-game purchases. One thing to note that, if you do not want to spend money then in the long term, you’ll be crushed with the premium players who bought powerful tanks with money.

Final Verdict

The game is extremely fun to play and it stands out from the mainstream battle royale game for sure. However, a clan or friends system is missing in the game. Hopefully, we will be able to see that in the future updates of the game. So, if you are looking for a casual time killer, you should definitely give this game a try.

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