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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Guide: Tips to level up quickly in the game

Lot of tips to level up fast in the open-world MMORPG!

This levelling guide in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love will show players how to level up quickly in the open-world MMORPG, based on Ragnarok Online, using a few simple strategies. Players will also go through how to get a lot of levels and EXP without grinding or using up their stamina. They are able to level up the character as soon as possible and become a zeny farming machine, or powerful enough to conquer in Boss Hunting, Endless Tower, PvP, or War of Emperium using this method.

How to level up quickly in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

1. Clear all Daily Quests and use Adventure Meatball

Daily Quests are a fantastic way to earn EXP. Players can complete two Monster Resistance tasks per day, each of which grants you 10x EXP for a limited period of time. Players will also receive 10 Message Board Quests per day, with each mission rewarding you with a large amount of EXP.

clear daily quests
Image via Gravity Interactive

Some Board tasks are simple, such as snapping photos or escorting creatures, but others, such as slaying 25 monsters, require more time. They can just purchase the appropriate items from the Exchange for Board quests that require farming supplies.

2. Use the Adventurer Meatball to instantly finish daily quests

Players must take advantage of Adventure Meatballs a.k.a. Rice balls, which is a fantastic suggestion. The Adventure Meatball business sells Mercenary’s Mission, which is an item that allows them to rapidly complete Message Board Quests.

adventurer meatballer
Image via Gravity Interactive

Adventure Meatballs can be found and obtained from:

  • Reaching 20 Assistant Intimacy points
  • Clicking on the Pet frequently
  • Pet Labour (Cooking Centre)
  • Pet Adventure Rewards
  • Buy from Big Cat Coin Shop

The detail of the place and conditions to obtain the adventurer meatball, are already covered in the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Beginner Guide.

3. Complete the Main Story

The quests with red exclamation marks on the NPCs are Main Story quests, and they provide decent EXP. Main Story tasks should always be completed at early levels. Players only complete Main Story quests after completing all of the Stamina and Daily Quests in later levels, around the 2nd job and above.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Levelling Guide mainstory complete
Image via Gravity Interactive

Some of the main plot quests need players to kill monsters, and people do not want to spend their Stamina on mobs that don’t provide players with enough EXP for their level. Green quests are optional and provide little EXP. One should only complete these, once players have completed all of the Daily and Main Quests.

4. Get free Potions from the Pet Labour

EXP Potions are the best and quickest way to level up quickly using Pet Labour. Players must start utilizing it as soon as, they reach Level 45. They can send Pets to Pet Labour with an item called the Labour Traveling Machine. Everyone can obtain roughly 10-20 Base and Job EXP Potions per day, by sending a Pet to the Item Shop office, totaling huge amounts of Base and Job EXP.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Levelling Guide free exp potions
Image via Gravity Interactive

The greatest aspect is that players do not necessarily have to do anything. At Lv 45, the Pet NPC in South Prontera, near the Music Box will unlock Pet Labor.

5. Aim for Monsters that can be defeated quickly

Players only have 300-360 stamina per day, so one must use it wisely. Rather than going for high-level, high EXP creatures that take 5 shots or more to kill, they must aim for mobs that players can instantly kill in 1-3 shots. The Eggyras in Payon Cave 1F is a popular 1-hit grinding location.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Levelling Guide monsters aim
Image via Gravity Interactive

Another suggestion is to go after monsters that have a lot of EXP per kill duration, which is the amount of time to kill the monster. Wormtail, Dustiness, and Metaller in North Prontera are among the greatest mobs in terms of EXP per HP ratio, which is why that map is so crowded.

6. Use the Lightning Chain

By using Stamina two times faster, the Lightning Chain item lets players obtain double EXP and drop rates. Players will want to use it as much as possible, especially if they don’t have a lot of time to play during the day, to ensure everyone gets all of their daily Stamina.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Levelling Guide lightning chain
Image via Gravity Interactive

Players must eat Gourmet food and stat dishes in combination with the Lightning Chain to kill more enemies faster during the Lightning Chain’s durations. Each week, players can only use 7 Lightning Chains. This restriction does not apply to VIP members.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous methods and techniques for quickly gaining experience and leveling up. The interesting part about Ragnarok M Eternal Love is that you can level up without doing anything.

What are your thoughts on Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Levelling Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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