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Raid: Shadow Legends Beginners Guide and Tips

Save the world of Teleria

Raid: Shadow Legends is a turn-based action RPG that is based on a fantasy-themed world guiding you through an epic journey and loads to discover on your own. It can be played on Android and iOS as well as on PC. This popular battler is brought to us by Israeli based publisher, Plarium Games. The game has its own many fairly complex layers in the game and is based on the Affinity system which is the strategic part of the game and needs to be understood well before you start the raids. So here in this guide, we will lay out some basic tips and tricks for the beginners as they begin their journey in the fantasy world of Teleria in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Starting with the basics

In the starting, you will need to select a champion from a list of four Rare level champions. It could be a tough choice so we will suggest you to go for the champion according to your favorite play style. The four heroes represent the four different styles in this game that can be played. The four first champions are:

1. Athel

Athel is a sacred order champion or a closed ranged fighter with physical attack abilities. She has an affinity for magic abilities and can be best used in the Early-Mid game. Athel has a pretty good Physical DEF of 936 which makes her pretty tough against the enemy physical attack type heroes. 

She has four different types of skills including a CD reduction skill or restoration skill and the other three are damage type. If you like to attack and defense at the same time this champion is the best for you.

2. Galek

Galek is an Orcs order champion or you can also say a hybrid tank-type champion with physical abilities. He also has an affinity for Magical attacks and can be best used in the early game. Galek is best known for his high speeds and a good defensive debuff.

Raid: Shadow Legends Guide

He is pretty tough against enemy physical attacks and so can be used as a tank too. He has also four different types of skills with a low cooldown effect and high critic chances. If you like to go all out in the early game Galek is best suited for you.

3. Kael

Kael is a Dark Elf order champion or you can say mid-ranged AoE (Area of Effect) type champion with attacking abilities. He has an affinity for magic attacks and can be best used anytime (early, mid, late). He has some serious critical hit type skill attacks which makes him the best finisher.

His stats are somewhat similar to the other two but his skills are more powerful than them. His skill cooldowns are a bit slow but are okay if used the skills at the correct times. If you love to use AoE attacks then he is the best for you.

4. Elhain

Elhain is a High elves order champion or you can say long-ranged marksman type champion with attacking abilities. She has an affinity for magic and is best for early-mid games. As she is a marksman type champion so her HP and physical DEF is a little low. She has good AoE type abilities but also has some serious critical hits when targeted to a single person. But due to her low HP, she has to be played with a tank in your team always. If you love to play marksman type characters she is the best for you.

After choosing a champion you need to play the first tutorial and unlock other champions to create your team. After you create the first team then you can jump directly into your missions and dive into the world of the raid. Don’t worry though, we have got everything in our Raid: Shadow Legends guide.

Affinity System

The affinity system is the main strategy of the game which needs to be understood well. There are four types of affinity among all the champions. Three affinities exist with balance with one another and the other has no particular advantages or disadvantages against the others.

  • Magic (Blue): Counter to Spirit(Green), Countered by Force(Red)
  • Spirit (Green): Counter to Force(Red), Countered by Magic(Blue)
  • Force (Red): Counter to Magic(Blue), Countered by Spirit(Green)
  • Void (Purple): No Counters

The understanding of these affinities is very important as they control the whole system of attack and threshold damage given by your team. Choosing a perfect champion to counter is the main strategy to win all the matches. By understanding this system well and how they interact with each other, you can predict and control the critical damage system which adds up more damage and is important to defeat the few bosses.

Choosing the perfect Champions

Understanding the champions and choosing the correct champion in your squad can be a tough choice for many of us so here are some tips to choose and understand the perfect champions to create your deadly squad.

Raid: Shadow Legends Guide

In the starting of the game to start with two champions and in each level the number might go higher up. To collect more champions you need to collect shards first. To collect shards you need to keep on playing and after each level, you might get a shard, which can be exchanged to a champion at random from the portal. Now there are four different kinds of shards that represent four different availability of heroes.

  • Mystery Shard: For Common, Uncommon, Rare champions
  • Ancient Shard: For Rare, Epic, Legendary champions.
  • Void Shard: For Rare, Epic, Legendary champions.
  • Sacred Shard: For Epic and Legendary champions.

Based on the rarity of the champions you can combine specific champions into one which could be more powerful and will be of higher rarity. But you should not combine the champions you only have one as Epic and Legendary champions are very hard to get and placing one into your team could lead to some easy wins.

While on the other hand, you can use the common and uncommon champions for experimentations as they can be easily obtained again. You can also obtain champions by clearing out some certain levels and challenges in the game.

Upgrade your Artifacts

Artifacts are the equipment that you equip with the champions. By equipping the artifacts you can increase or grant-specific buffs to your champion. You can obtain these artifacts by completing the quests or campaigns or by using silver you can buy them. For each champion, you can equip six artifacts, and equipping more than one artifact of a specific set will give the champion a buff.

For example, if you equip two pieces of basic sets you will get a buff of 15% HP. Advanced sets offer stronger buffs but they need four sets to be equipped in order to achieve it. While upgrading the artifacts will also grant a bonus effect which can be very useful sometimes. You can upgrade specific artifacts also which will grant a much stable boost to your champion and can also help to unlock specific mastery.

Understand the use of Currencies

The in-game currencies of Raid: Shadow Legends is very important as sometimes you can’t get by certain missions without spending silver on some equipment or using them to buy a new champion. But for that, you need to know the currencies and understand what each is used for. There are mainly three different currencies in-game:

  • Silver: Silver is used for upgrading Artifacts and summon or buy new champions.
  • Gems: Gems can be used to unlock and upgrade the mine which lets you acquire more gems and can be used to obtain Ancient shards.
  • Energy: Energy is a resource that is pretty much needed in everything, from undergoing quests or participating in events. You can also refill energy by using gems.
Raid: Shadow Legends Guide

A good deal of these currencies can be obtained by completing the daily missions and tasks and by competing in the daily events. It is also important to buy potions, XP boosts, and clan boss keys from the shop as it is much needed in the future. There are also many other currencies but we will get into that in our future articles.

That’s it, all the basic tips covered, if you find any hassle whatsoever in the game, you can always fall back to this Raid: Shadow Legends Beginners Guide for help. Don’t worry, like always we have got you!

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