Rainbow Six Mobile: How to anchor on Defence

Important tips to play as an Anchor in-game!

There are two types of defensive playstyles in Rainbow Six Mobile, those that leave the objective site and actively track the attackers (roamers) and those that move close to the objective site and wait for the attackers. The latter is called anchoring, and although it seems like a passive strategy, it can get intense. In this guide, we will explain how defenders can ably anchor a site on defensive rounds, and share some tips and tricks for anchoring throughout the round. In this guide of Rainbow Six Mobile, players will be provided tips on how to anchor on Defence.

The anchors are the defending team’s last line of defence. Once attackers cover the objective site, the anchors remain the only hope of winning. Anchoring on defence is a crucial skill for all R6M players, and even roamers will be forced into playing this role at some point as well. In this Rainbow Six Mobile guide, we cover the ways to guard the objective site and list out some operators, who are perfect to play the role of an anchor.

Best Operators for Anchoring

The best operators for anchoring on defence in R6M have unique defensive gadgets, good weapon loadouts and good armour stats. All operators can make good anchors if played properly though, so using dedicated anchors isn’t really necessary.

Rainbow Six Mobile Roles Defenders Rook
Image via Ubisoft

Rook is a dedicated anchor with great armour stats. His MP5 is easy to use and does decent damage too. Rook’s armour pack helps support his teammates and his Deployable Shield is helpful in creating cover when anchoring. Almost all other operators can make good anchors too. Smoke and Mute have powerful shotguns to gun down enemies at close range. Kapkan, Jager, Valkyrie and Bandit also make good anchors too.

The only type of operator to avoid is those dedicated roamers like Caveira. Their unique abilities are much better suited to roaming and would be wasted just sitting at the objective site. One must keep in mind that even these operators may be required to anchor on defence at certain points in the round.

Rainbow Six Mobile Anchor Guide: Sections of the game

Preparation Phase

In this period, defenders have the opportunity to place down any gadgets, reinforce walls and secure hiding spots. This is a precious 45-second period where there is no fear of attackers, so players must make sure to use this time wisely.

Cover as many entry points as possible

An entry point could be a doorway, window, soft wall or a wooden hatch in the ceiling. Try to cover as many of these as possible. Barricading doorways and windows isn’t usually enough, so combine this with another gadget like Kapkan’s Entry Denial Device, or barbed wire with Bandit’s Shock Wire. Only reinforce the soft walls that are exposed on the other side, some soft walls may separate two rooms with bomb sites and it doesn’t make sense to reinforce these. Combine reinforced walls with Bandit’s Shock Wire to essentially make them untouchable on the other side for attackers. If possible, try to reinforce wooden hatches as well.

Rainbow Six Mobile Anchor guide preparation phase
Image via Ubisoft

Jager’s Magpie Defense System is a fantastic gadget which destroys projectiles before they detonate. Place these around hatches and doorways, and try to conceal them if possible too. Valkyrie’s Black Eye cameras are great for gathering intel later on in the round, placing these in corners of the objective site, and in spots which aren’t usually covered by the usual cameras.

Deal with drones quickly

It’s common for attackers to navigate drones into hiding spots in and around the objective site. Players must make sure to deal with these drones as soon as possible before they get into those spots. Mute’s Jammer device is particularly useful for this, place these near vents and doorways to disable drones. Common hiding spots for drones are vents, underneath or on top of tables, or on shelves or high surfaces.

Set up cover spots for anchoring

For dedicated anchors, it can be useful to set up cover spots inside the objective site. These are small pockets of space which are covered on all sides, but still have areas to peek at. Anchors can use these as safe spots when using cameras or when holding angles. Players must remember that reinforced walls can still be breached by hard breachers, so they don’t really contribute to cover spots unless they are charged with Bandit’s Shock Charges. Deployable Shields are also useful when making cover spots.

Making rotation holes

Anchoring isn’t about just sitting in the same spot, anchors may still need to move spots at times. Having exit points nearby can be useful if you ever need to evacuate quickly. These are called rotation holes and are essentially manufactured holes to move through, created by shotguns, impact grenades or similar explosives. Initially, it might seem like unnecessary destruction at first but later on, these holes might come in useful for quick flanks around the objective site.

R6M Rotation Hole
Image via Ubisoft

In the Bomb game mode, there are two bomb sites to defend, and these are in different rooms. It is important to have one or two paths between these sites, so avoid reinforcing separating doorways and soft walls. It could be useful to create open-up rotation holes in soft walls, to keep the two bomb sites connected.

Anchoring during the Round

Holding Angles

This involves watching areas of potential entry points, in case an attacker approaches them. Using tactical focus is a good way of doing this since it removes the need for quick reflexes. Players should ensure that the body is concealed too, by leaning whilst aiming. One must also ensure there are no other entry points which leave you exposed, such as doorways or soft walls to the side or behind the player.

Rainbow Six Holding Angles
Image via Ubisoft

Try to keep these angles compact too, like in the image above. The smaller the gap, the better the body is concealed. Attackers will have to peek in further to properly scan the room, which could effectively bring them right where you want them. Finally, try to anticipate where the operator’s head will appear from. This is difficult to get used to but is the best way of dealing the most damage through headshots.

Checking Cameras

Intel of enemy location is incredibly useful when anchoring on defence. Using the cameras is great for this, as are Valkyrie’s Black Eye cameras if they are positioned correctly. However, sitting on cameras for too long leaves you exposed. Use cameras for quick scans of the area, and ensure that when you are using them, you’re surroundings are safe.

Making quick flanks

As said earlier, anchoring isn’t always about sitting at the objective site. There may be opportunities to flank on the outside to catch attackers off-guard. Sometimes when anchoring, attackers may get drawn into gunfights with those holding angles at the objective site. As a result, this could leave them exposed from behind. Take a path around the outside to close down attackers from another angle, and this could net some kills whilst also forcing them backwards. These short, seamless transitions between roaming and anchoring are what make good defenders in Rainbow Six Mobile.

Avoid Overly Aggressive/Passive Playstyles

Remember, time is on the side of the defenders. The aim isn’t solely to take out every attacker, defenders can still win by just running down the seconds on the clock. As such, overly-aggressive strategies aren’t always successful. Try not to run into areas where there is little coverage of cameras, as there could be more than one attacker there ready to pounce.

Conversely, an overly passive playstyle isn’t recommended either. Avoid sitting in the same spot for too long, since attackers can attack from multiple entry points and surround your spot. It’s important to strike the right balance of aggressiveness when anchoring.

What are your thoughts on our guide on the Anchor guide in Rainbow Six Mobile? Do you think players can extract some advantage by being a successful anchor in Rainbow Six Mobile? Let us know in the comment section below!

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