Raziel: Dungeon Arena: Best characters for each class

Know your classes and choose your character wisely!

Raziel Dungeon Arena is a beautiful Action RPG game with an action-packed sequence featuring evil monsters to demon-slaying fights, gliding through the dungeons keeping yourself alive. Many compare it to the Diablo series of the path to the exile but it has its own unique features that run out all the compensations. In this article, we will cover the basic classes and the best characters for each class in Raziel Dungeon Arena, along with their strengths and skills to help you run the dungeon raids successfully.

What are the classes in Raziel Dungeon Arena?

Before going into the best characters for each class in Raziel Dungeon Arena, let us see what are the classes available to choose from in the game. Class in Raziel Dungeon Arena represents the sequence of fighters that you take with you in the battle raids. Creating a perfect class is really important as it will help you perform some specific skills based on some specific classes needed to win. Raziel lets you unlock all the classes in the same account but upgrading particular equipment will not affect others in the same class. In Raziel Dungeon Arena you can take 2 characters with you in the battle, the main class, and the supporting class. The classes available are:

  • Beast Master: Tank short-range Physical DMG.
  • Ice Mage: Standard long rand mage.
  • Death Ranger: Best ranged archer class.
  • Puppeteer: Ranged burst magic DMG and summoning.

Lets explore these Raziel Dungeon Arena classes and know the best possible character for each class, in details.

Beast Master: Rock

He is the melee tank class of Raziel Dungeon Arena. He uses his Axe to slash down enemies in range and gives Physical DMG upon them. Beastmaster is the best for PvP battles and works fine in PvE too. Beastmaster is best for soloing with high DPS, HP, and Stats. We highly recommend him if you love playing tank roles and want sustainibility in your battles.

Raziel Dungeon Arena Class Guide

Strengths and Skills

  • Rage Burst: Charge up your rage and cause a massive explosion every 3 seconds dealing massive damage.
  • Ancestor’s Wrath: Summons 3 ancestors to attack for 15 seconds.
  • Rager’s Wrath: Increases DMG and restores energy but consumes health every second. Though hitting the enemy refresh the duration.
  • Throwing Axe: Throws his Axe in a designated direction and inflicts heavy damage if it hits an enemy.
  • Bloodthirsty Roar: As the name suggests, does a bloodthirsty roar and inflicts dmg on enemies in range along with lifesteal.
  • Earth Shock: Shocks the ground and deals dmg in every 0.5s to enemies in range.
  • War Cry: This skill grants lifesteal in which he lets loose a war cry to increase physical attack.
  • Bloodthirsty Slash: Throws his axes vertically towards the enemies which inflict physical damage and lifesteal and makes the enemy bleed.
  • Whirlwind: He becomes a whirlwind and inflicts damage to the enemies in range. This skill also increases the movement SPD upto 25%.
  • Barbaric Armour: Create an aura that increases the physical armor and grants tenacity.
  • Lightning Swing: Combines 5 different types of attack in one swing.

Ice Mage: Alina Stewart

Alina is the long/mid-range magic class/character which has high DPS and CC skills. You can use Alina to unleash tremendous magic attacks on the enemies that slow them down and kills them easily. She is one of the favorite characters in this game. Alina also possesses a number of great abilities like slowing enemies down, providing high DPS, and continuously attacking with lightning bolts. She is one of the best heroes to start the game with for her CC abilities and high healing abilities. If you like to play with magic damage inflicting heroes and love to attack with skills over basic attacks, she is the best for you.

Strengths and Skills

  • Slow down: This allows Alina to create multiple ice zones around her, which makes it difficult for the enemies to move and get close to Alina.
  • Freeze: This magic allows Alina to appoint several ice pillars, wherein she can use her burst attack from a glacial point as she detonates the pillars.
  • High output: This special ability comes with a disadvantage. Here, Alina strikes enemies randomly with powerful lasers. The damage of the laser increases with time however, when Alina is releasing her lasers, she would also be highly prone to damages that are dealt with her.  Therefore, Alina needs allies around her when she’s using this power. 
  • Icy phoenix: This skill releases two ice phoenix in front to reduce the enemy speed by 75%. Tyranny is an exception to this effect.
  • Flashing: Traversing obstacles by flashing backward.
  • Icicle rupture: This skill erupts Icicle rupture after a ground strike, which not only interrupts enemies inside a 3m radius but also restores energy.
  • Frozen bullets: This skill Alina to fire 6 fire bullets per second. Each bullet has its own unique trajectory as the cold factor isn’t easy to control.
  • Ice Vortex: This Creates a 3m radius ice vortex in a designated direction, which will last for 3 seconds only.
  • Extreme cold laser: This 2m ranged randomly summoned laser takes additional damage of 20% while using, which can lead to 125% to 150% if used 5 to 9 times in a row.
  • Ice elves: This allows Alina to summon ice elves around her that are immune to magic but dies with any physical attack. The ice elves attack 7 ice bolts at a time.
  • Ice mist: This creates a fog area of a 3.5m radius that lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Rain of ice: This deals massive damage to the enemies as Alina summons ice to bombard enemies in a designated area.
  • Ice blockade: Creates a 4m radius magic circle at a targeted location.
  • Ice colossus: This allows Alina to deal with ranged damage with extra agility by creating a colossus of ice in a designated direction.
  • Glacier: Creates a 4.5m glacier on the targeted location, which will detonate an icicle on the glacier while the glacier lasts no more than 8 seconds.
  • Ice magic: Fires ice magic that causes a 1m blast through the enemies.
  • Ice shield: This grants Alina to create an ice shield based on the maximum life point. This shield lasts for 5 seconds only.

Death Ranger: Vilasack

Death ranger Vilasack is a long-range bow and arrow user which is very useful against other melee attack enemies or enemies with slow movement speed. You can choose Razor from the three initial heroes to create or the initial hero unlock material optional box when your hero level 40 and 56. The long-ranged bow arrow attacks from him inflict heavy damage upon the enemies in range and with his flexible agility, he can attack and place himself much quicker than you expect. He is a great choice for players who love to play the marksman role.

Raziel Dungeon Arena Class Guide

Strengths and Skills

  • Hunting Shadow: Creates a circle of shadow in front where enemies get massive damage inside it.
  • Trap Shadow: Creates a large number of traps around the surrounding area and creates phantoms to set it up.
  • Invincible Shadow: He transforms himself into a phantom and attacks the enemies 5 times in a row. He is invincible in the Phantom state.
  • Volley of arrows: Summons a volley of the arrow in a designated direction and inflict heavy damage.
  • Evasion Shot: He jumps backward and shoots 5 arrows in a designated direction to inflict damage.
  • Gathering arrow: He shoots several arrows in a designated direction which brings the enemies in the center and stuns them for 1 sec. This skill also restores energy per hit.
  • Restriction arrow: Fires 3 repulsive arrows in a direction and restricts them for 3 seconds.
  • Trap Realm: He slides forward and sets several traps that denote when enemies touch it.
  • Toxic Mist: Releases a mist of toxic gas that inflicts damage upon the enemies and heavily weakens them per second.
  • Toxic Shot: Releases toxic blast of arrows that weaken the enemies.

Puppeteer: Isadora Sander

The final class in this Raziel Dungeon Arena Class Guide is Isadora Sander. This is the best supporting class in the game right now. She is also known as the puppet manipulator and is able to summon a manipulate puppets in a battle. Her skills are specially created for the supporting purpose of the game. When she is played as an active class, her passive stat bonuses are always active which means once you cast her skills as an active class your secondary class also gets the privilege to use the skills in the fight.  Moreover, with puppeteer as secondary, you will be able to summon minions to fight the battle for you while you can concentrate on your primary and fight the real enemies. 

Strengths and Skills

  • Death Fire: Unleash a slow forward soul flame that hits enemies to reduce their magic resistance. It also burns them for 10 seconds. While the soul burst immediately settles the burn damage of Stygian Fire Forward and deals an additional 52% of the enemy’s attack power as burn damage.
  • Blessed Land: Summons a cross for 20 seconds. The cross creates the living souls in every 2 seconds while picking them up to restore life and gain a layer of soul effects. Life souls can also be detonated by the Soul Detonation skill.
  • Landing: Disappears immediately in the same place. She is invincible and able to move during the whole disappearing period.
  • Skeleton Summon: Summons a skeleton mage who uses a trailing flame bomb and carries an evil aura (boosts attack, armor, and magic resistance of surrounding summoned monsters).
  • Soul Creation: She consumes the souls of the body, and creates enhanced souls at designated locations. Picking up the life souls immediately restores life value. The number of souls created is +1 to the number of souls on the body.
  • Demon Summon: She summons a powerful demon for 30 seconds. The demon will move forward to use the Vomit skill to add a large amount of taunt value and damage the enemies in range. The high-level demon will also use the Cleave skill to deal with massive damage upon the enemies.
  • Deathfire Burst: She creates an Underworld Fire Burst around herself, inflicting damage and sucking life points from enemies around in range. If the number of souls is greater than 3, it has a burn effect; if the number of souls is greater than 6, it will increase the damage by 15%; a full soul will release an additional weaker Underworld Fire Burst.
  • War Puppet: She summons a powerful war puppet at a designated location. This will inflict massive damage at the summoned location and the war puppet will keep attacking enemies with its slashes. When you summon a War Puppet, it increases the attack power of all summoned objects by 21% for 5 seconds.
  • Blasphemy: She creates an ungodly magic circle with a radius of 4m for 10 seconds. All friendlies in the circle gain a bloodsucking bonus, general attack power bonus, and inflict continuous damage to enemies. On casting this skill it increases all gain effects by 50% and increases movement speed by 56% when walking on the magic circle.
  • Soul Control: When she and her summon kills an enemy, she will create a basic soul at the position of the enemy’s death. After picking it up, the skill’s attack power increases by 0.5% for 60 seconds. When the accumulated souls reach 10 layers, she uses the skill to trigger the corresponding Soul Burst effects.
  • Chain Strike: Use the chains to quickly attack the enemy.

That’s all about the basic classes and the best characters for each class in Raziel Dungeon Arena. Depending on these Strengths and Skills of each character, choose what will be the best class and character set for you in the game.

Who are you thinking of choosing from these best characters for each class in Raziel Dungeon Arena? Did anyone from your favorite characters in Raziel Dungeon Arena make the list? Do mention your thoughts in the comment section below!

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