Real Cricket 20 Beginners Guide and Tips

Time for the ultimate cricket experience on mobile!

Real Cricket is one of the most preferred brands for Cricket lovers. With over 100 million downloads, Real Cricket is now one of the most preferred brands for Cricket lovers. From the house of Nautilus Mobile, Real Cricket assures an authentic, complete and surreal cricket experience. Here is our Real Cricket 20 beginners guide to make this a rich cricketing experience for you.

Real Cricket 20 basics

Understanding the in-game resources

Real Cricket 20 In-Game Resources
Real Cricket 20 Beginners Guide: In-Game Resources

When it comes to resources, the game provides 2000 coins and 5 tickets as a jump start. While coins can be used for playing at various stadiums around the world, tickets are used to unlock some game modes that are available for free play. You can earn them by winning matches and as freebies, through daily login bonuses. So, make sure to log in each day. Login bonuses refresh weekly.

Realistic feel and view of all the iconic stadiums across the globe

Experience the most authentic live stadiums. Play at the iconic Wankhede Stadium where India lifted their 2nd ODI World Cup Trophy, and at Lords, the Home of Cricket for free. Stadiums like Pune, Cape Town, Melbourne, Dubai, Wellington, and Kolkata have to be unlocked each time using in-game coins.

Real Cricket 20 Stadiums

Pre and post-match visuals take realism to new heights. The game-play and graphics guarantee a feel like no other. You can even choose your preferred time of the day for the play to resume. You can even add rain interruptions if you choose to, by choosing a higher probability of rain percentage, which the game asks you to input before the start of play. 

Improved DRS system with ultraEdge-snickometer and hotspot

Real Cricket 20 DRS
Real Cricket 20 Beginners Guide: DRS and Snickometer

You can now challenge the Umpire’s decision for Edges and LBW (Leg-Before-Wicket) with the enhanced and modern technology of Ultra-edge which includes both hotspot and snickometer. The game allows you 2 reviews per inning to avoid unnecessary wastage of reviews. Just as it works in the real world, you retain the review if the DRS verdict is in your favor or in a 50-50 scenario (Umpire’s Call)

All-new Pro CAM and female commentary

Ever thought about how a batsman feels when a 6 feet tall bowler comes running at him and hurls the Duce at something close to 90 mph? Ever experienced how it feels on getting a nasty blow on the head, courtesy of a deadly bouncer? Are too many thoughts going on in your mind right? Well, why not experience it yourself! Real Cricket 20 has brought us an All-New Pro CAM feature. See the highlight o every boundary that you hit ad every bouncer that hits you through the player’s eyes. Requires some nerves as it’s realism on a whole new level.

In addition to all these, Real Cricket 20 comes with enhanced commentary packs in both Hindi and English Languages by former Indian Cricketer and Analyst Sanjay Manjrekar. It is probably the first and only mobile cricketing game right now which contains a female commentary pack.

Real Cricket 20 Game Modes

1. Real time multiplayer

Real Time Multiplayer
Real-Time Multiplayer

The Real Cricket’s Online Multiplayer is like a game within a game. The game brings you a new set of in-game currencies and daily login bonuses in the form of MPs and MCs. Daily login deals refresh monthly. Let us take you through this whole new world in detail.

1P Vs 1P

The real cricket 1P VS 1P multiplayer gives you the real-time online multiplayer experience where you are matched with another online user. You can go out on the field with your Ranked/ Un-Ranked Teams. While Ranked multiplayer can be played or free, un-ranked multiplayer claims 50 MP, as a match entry fee. Confused how the proceedings would go about? Not to worry, we are here to guide you.

Ranked Multiplayer

In Ranked Multiplayer, you have to create your own team with a new team name, logo, and jersey. You can choose among a variety o bright and vibrant jerseys. As a Starter Pack, 15 player cards are added to your squad by default. Cards are labeled as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Hero according to the player’s OVR and stats. These stats are based on their performance in the real world. You have to field a playing 11 out o those 15. Your playing 11 should constitute at least 5 batsmen and 5 bowlers along with a wicketkeeper.

Ranked Multiplayer
Real Cricket 20 Beginners Guide: Ranked Multiplayer

You can play in an extra bowler in the form of an all-rounder. Assign captaincy to one from your 11 men squad and you are good to go. To strengthen your squad, the game gives you a free spin each day, which can earn you high-rated player cards based on your luck. Silver, Gold, and Platinum Player cards can also be earned from daily login bonuses each week.  You can even improve your squad by hiring a Hero Player Card for a day by making an in-app purchase

Un-Ranked Multiplayer

 Un-Ranked Multiplayer
Un-Ranked Multiplayer

In Un-Ranked Multiplayer, you have to stage one of the International teams against your opponent. This mode demands 50 MP as an entry fee and upon winning a match; you are rewarded with 75 MP. Both ranked and un-ranked 1P Vs 1P Multiplayer give you the experience of short little quick games of 2-5 overs.

2P vs 2P

Real Cricket brings you a unique 2P Vs 2P experience where you can team up with two of your friends on Facebook to defeat another two. Sounds fun right? Entering a room requires spending of in-game MCs.



The CO-OP multiplayer mode allows you to team up with one of your friends on Facebook and challenge the AI.



For the very first time in mobile cricket, Stream your Friend’s live matches in any of the Multiplayer modes by entering your Friend’s code. You may even share his code with other friends and watch along with them.

2. Tournaments

Real Cricket 20 has a variety of tournaments to try out. These include the World Cup 2019, Champions Trophy, Asia Cup, Champions Cup, the Under 19 World Cup, and various Cricket Leagues going on around the world like the Real Cricket Premier League (Indian Premiere League), Australian Big Bash League, and T10 League to name a few.

In addition to all these, Real Cricket has a special tournament, The Master’s Cup where retired cricketing legends across various generations can be seen donning their national jerseys again. Rewind back and experience how cricket used to be in the 20th century. While most tournaments have to be bought via in-app purchases, some can be unlocked using in-game tickets.

3. Road to World Cup and Indian Premiere League

Relive and re-create your own memories by playing all the ODI World Cups and Real Cricket Premier League editions. Lead your favorite side to victory by playing under the same fixture that was followed in the real world. The best part of it is, you can enjoy all the editions for free.

4. Challenge Mode

Real Cricket 20 Challenge Mode
Real Cricket 20 Beginners Guide: Challenge Mode

The Indian Premier League has witnessed some nervy moments and close finishes over the years. There must have been at least one incident where your favorite team choked under pressure. It did hurt back then, right? Real Cricket 20 has come up with this unique idea of challenge mode where they have picked 10 such close finishes over the years. Your task is to complete them and re-write history. You will be rated out of 3 stars based on the ease with which you finish those games.

5. Test Cricket

Experience the game-play of arguably one of the purest formats of the game- a format that serves as the base of cricket, but is sadly dying in the limelight of the shortest format. Real Cricket 20 promises true-to-life test match conditions with lively green pitches or the pacers and the rough marks for the spinners to have a go at them. Test match attacking field set-up options add the icing to the cake. Also, experience the surreal experience of playing a Test Match under the lights with the introduction of Pink Ball Test for the first time in mobile cricketing history.

6. RCPL – Players Auction

Perhaps, the only mobile cricket game, which allows its users to participate in the biggest mega-auction, the Real Cricket Premier League(Indian Premiere League) auction. Get the real-life experience of an auction room and build your dream team to become the talk o the tournament.

7. Cricket Quiz

Cricket quiz
Real Cricket 20 Beginners Guide: Cricket Quiz

Put your cricketing knowledge to test, by answering some of the basic questions from your favorite game with interesting facts following each question.

Real Cricket 20: Be the Batting king across all formats

When playing against the AI, Real Cricket allows you to choose the mode of difficulty you want to play in. If you are a newbie, we would suggest you play at a lower difficulty level or against the Associate Nations to warm you up. Adjusting would take a bit of time since the batters are divided into 4 categories based on their playing style and aggression in the Real World. The 4 kinds of batters are Defensive, Balanced, Radical, and Brute.

The batters with Defensive tags are usually good Test Match players while the ones tagged as Brute look to swing the ball hard. The Radical and Balanced players serve as anchors in the team across all formats. Playing on a Green Pitch is really hard. So we suggest you play more on green tops to up your skills. Let us now take you through a quick batting guide format-wise. In our Real Cricket 20 Beginners Guide, we will explain you all the tips to improve your batting

1. White Ball Cricket

First, let us help you with the controls. When the bowler is ready with his run-up, the kind of delivery he intends to throw and the pace at which he would throw the same would be visible on the right-hand side of the pitch. The line and length of the delivery would be visible on the pitch map. The batter needs to adjust really quickly.

You may choose to push the ball for a single, play a grounded stroke, or loft that ball over the in-field based on the merit of the ball and the situation of the game. Use the joystick in the direction your hit. Once that is done you have to choose from the 4 buttons, the kind of drive that you want to play.

They are Front Foot, Back Foot, Advance, and Leave. The 4th button is redundant when it comes to the shorter formats. When the ball is pitching closer to you, play a front-foot shot. And, when it is pitched on a shorter length try going for a back-foot punch especially during the initial phase o the innings where losing wickets is not an option.

White Ball Cricket
White Ball Cricket

As soon as the bowler is about to release the ball from his bowling hand, tap on the shot that you want to play to time the ball effectively. If you are late by a second, the ball ends up getting mistimed, and your chances of getting out increase. A timing bar above shows the quality o your timing.

However, when a spinner bowls at you, you get ample time to choose your shots. Play a little late in this scenario, just seconds after the ball is released if it’s pitched closer to your body. If it’s pitched on a shorter length, select your shot when the ball hits the pitch to ensure effective timing on that. If he bowls on a Yorker length use the Advance button to dance down the track and convert that to a full toss.

To ace in this format, you need hard hitters, someone who can hit a lofted shot from ball one. Make sure your side does not have more than 3 Radical and Balanced players. 2 or 3 such players are however needed to hold one end and anchor the innings while the others go hard at the ball. They may even come in handy while posting a respectable total when the team loses too many wickets looking to fire.

2. Master the art of defense in Test cricket

It is the hardest format to bat in, since playing a lofted shot is much easier against the AI. To ace in this format, you need to master the art of leaving deliveries. If the wicket has a tinge of green in it then it is Fast-Bowler’s Paradise. If the bowler looks to swing the ball away from you, it is important to first align your batsman in the line of the ball.

Real Cricket 20 Test Cricket
Test Cricket

Once the bowler releases the ball, click on the Leave button and gently leave the ball. Do not have a go at out-swinging deliveries at the start of play. Once the Red Ball/Pink Ball gets old hitting becomes a lot easier. Tackling In-Swingers is a lot difficult since you need to timely defend the ball else either your stumps go flying or the ball hits right in front of your pads.  Make sure you bring your bat down as soon as the bowler releases the delivery.

Batsmen here have a confidence meter. It starts growing with each delivery that they face. Once the confidence meter becomes green, stroke-making becomes a lot easier as the batter gains a lot of momentum. We advise you not to try any extravagant shots before that. Not telling you guys to leave out the loose deliveries either. If the ball is pitched up, punch that o the back foot. Use the joystick in the direction of the ball in the cover region or vacant third man region.

Real Cricket 20 gameplay
Real Cricket 20 gameplay

If the surface is hard then there would be initial bounce and seam movement but playing would be much easier compared to green turf. You may look to take calculated risks against the spinners in this format when they don’t pitch it on the black marks/foot-marks/cracks (if any) as that would rule out the scenario for the ball to turn.

Be the Bowler to watch out

Let us first take you through the controls. Set the length at which you want to hit the delivery by adjusting the cursor on the pitch. Once that is done tap on the cursor to validate the same. Next up, choose from the variety of deliveries available at your bowler’s disposal.

Ser the line of the ball next by adjusting the arrow-head on the ball that is by now visible on the top right corner o the pitch. Finally, adjust the speed of that delivery by tapping on the speedometer where a cursor constantly moves up and down. Try tapping on the cursor while it crosses the green zone to ensure a spot-on delivery. You do get time for that but each time the cursor goes up and down, the green region continues to shorten, and once it fades away, it’s all on your memory now. Tapping on the cursor while it crosses the topmost red region, results in a no-ball which cannot be afforded, especially in the shorter formats. Let’s now discuss the format-wise strategy.

1. Shorter Formats

A format that might not be your favorite, if you are a bowler. Deceiving the AI is really tough and hence we would advise you to vary the line and lengths constantly in this format. The Good length deliveries do less damage since they don’t give away too many runs which is the main objective of this format.

bowling strategy
Bowling strategy

Vary the kind of delivery after every two balls thereby allowing the AI less time to adjust. Usually, Yorker length deliveries are a great option in this format, but in Real Cricket you do get hit badly bowling Yorkers. Vary the kind of delivery regularly and try hitting the good length spot.

That is the key to success in this format. You may try a few Yorkers t the death to see if that works but bowling short-pitched deliveries is not an option here since holding the line would be tough and hence it would lead to a lot of extras in the form of wides.

2. Test Cricket

If you are a bowler, well, it’s your format. Let us understand the 3 kinds of pitches the game offers:

  • Green Wicket: A Fast Bowler’s Paradise. Swing it both ways to make things difficult or the batsman. Set up an attacking field and constantly feed the batsman with out-swingers along the 4th stump line. Look for the green tinge in the wicket and pitch the ball there to ensure maximum success.

Lay the infamous Swing trap for the batsman where you constantly feed them outside and then suddenly bring one back in aim for the batter’s pad and vice versa. When the shine is gone, try going for the reverse swing option. Spinners do have a vital role in these wickets from the 4th day onwards when there are footmarks on the pitch.

 bowling test cricket
Bowling test cricket
  • Hard Surface: Hard surfaces offers good bounce and carry through to the wicketkeeper and also the considerate amount of spin. They are really good wickets to bat on once the Confidence meter becomes green. Try trapping the batsman before his momentum goes up, else stopping him would be difficult.
  • Dry Surface: A dry surface offers a lot o turn. Play an extra spin option in such pitches. Set up an attacking field and constantly aim at those cracks to make the batsman work hard or his runs.

Who doesn’t love bragging about their wins with friends and claiming themselves to be a Pro? Well, if you are one of those then this is of you. Calling out to all the pros out there, you can now save your match highlight and share that with your friends, thanks to Real Cricket. Why only words? Let actions speak for you. That’s it from us. That’s it, all the basic tips covered, if you find any hassle whatsoever in the game, you can always fall back to this Real Cricket 20 Beginners Guide for help. Don’t worry, like always we have got you!

That’s all for today’s Real Cricket 20 beginners guide. Did you find our Real Cricket 20 beginners guide helpful? 

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