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Realm of Spirit Guide: Tips to level up quickly in the game 

Level up easily in the Realm of Spirits!

Realm of Spirit is an RPG game genre interspersed with an interesting storyline in each of its quests which was developed by Metaworld Entertainment Inc. In this game, you will be asked to complete various existing quests and in certain quests, there is a required level to complete them. Therefore, here we will discuss the tips to level up your character in the Realm of Spirit.

How to level up your Character in Realm of Spirit

To be able to level up your character, you need to get EXP which can be obtained in various ways in existing content or events. Here’s how you can do it to increase your character level.

Endless Trial

Realm of Spirit Endless Trial
Image via Metaworld Entertainment Inc

The first way you can do this is to challenge in Endless Trial. There you will be given 25 seconds to eliminate existing enemies and EXP can be obtained per second. Apart from that, you can also get other rewards such as Treasure Hunt Coins, Gold, and Silver Coins.

Guild Quests

Realm of Spirit Guild Quests
Image via Metaworld Entertainment Inc

The second way is to complete Guild Quests, but before that, you need to join a guild first. You can join quickly apply and complete the guild quests which can be in the form of buying some materials or gear and giving them to NPCs, delivering letters, and so on.

Hunter Daily

Realm of Spirit Hunter Daily
Image via Metaworld Entertainment Inc

Then there is Hunter Daily in quests, you need to complete these quests to obtain rich rewards and some EXP. This includes an easy way because you only need to follow the instructions given.


Realm of Spirit Ghosticide
Image via Metaworld Entertainment Inc

Then you can participate in Ghosticide where this event requires a team with a minimum of 3 members. Therefore you need to team up first or you can make your own team. There you will fight various enemies and combine them with your team.

Rebel Expulsion

Realm of Spirit level up Character Rebel Expulsion
Image via Metaworld Entertainment Inc

The last one is Rebel Expulsion, this content at least you have reached level 35 and joined a team of at least 3 players. There you will go chase the rebels will loot and destroy Deathly Abyss, Snow Valley, Misty Forest, etc.

Final Thoughts

There are many more methods you can use to increase your character levels, such as Demon Incursion, Baptism of Light, Guild Security, and others. However, this method only exists at certain times, not every day.

Did you find our guide to level up your character in Realm of Spirit helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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