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Red Desert: team RPG Companion Tier List for May 2024

Get these best companions!

Red Desert: team RPG is a new RPG brought to you by Clegames. This game takes you on an epic adventure where you become the ultimate adventure runner, tackling various monsters and enemies in a thrilling level-clearing venture. One of the keys to success in Red Desert is assembling a powerful team of companions, each with their unique skills and abilities. To help you navigate the world of companions and maximize your team’s potential, we present you the Red Desert: Team RPG Companion Tier List.

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Red Desert: team RPG Tier List for May 2024: Best Companions Ranked

Remember, the Red Desert: Team RPG Tier List is a useful guide, but your gameplay style can influence its effectiveness. To simplify things, I’ve divided companions into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This makes it easier for you to understand each companion’s strengths and helps you build a strong team for your adventure.

Strong (S)Aurora,
Good (A)Sam,
Ghost Mask,
Average (B)Gronk,

Best Companions in Red Desert: team RPG for May 2024


In my experience, Aurora is one of the best companions because of her powerful ultimate skill, Shining Ray, which deals significant damage to all enemies. Additionally, her Fragility effect makes enemies more vulnerable, increasing the damage they take.

Red Desert: team RPG Aurora
Image via Clegames

These abilities, and having Aurora in the party boosts her Companion ATK by 12% and Super CRIT DMG by 54%, makes her an essential asset for any team aiming for success in the game.


From what I’ve seen, Mina stands out as one of the best companions due to her supportive abilities. Her ultimate skill, Hammer Strike, inflicts significant damage over a wide area. Moreover, her Petrification effect not only immobilizes enemies but also deals substantial additional damage when they are released.

Red Desert: team RPG Mina
Image via Clegames

Additionally, having Mina in the party boosts Companion ATK by 15% and Super CRIT DMG by 30%, further strengthening the team’s offensive capabilities.


Red Desert: team RPG Edward
Image via Clegames

In my experience, Edward is one of the best companions because of his powerful skills. His Shining Slash deals significant damage with a powerful beam of light. Additionally, his Critical Boost effect boosts companions’ CRIT damage by 25%, enhancing the team’s offensive capabilities. Moreover, Edward’s presence in the party increases Companion ATK by 15.00% and CRIT DMG by 45.00%.

How to get Companions easily in Red Desert: team RPG

To get companions in Red Desert: Team RPG, you’ll need to journey through the game and clear specific stages. As you progress, you’ll earn companions as rewards for completing particular levels. These companions will become part of your team, ready to join you in battles and help you on your desert adventure.

As you collect companions, remember that the top-tier ones are found in the highest stages of the game. So, as you progress further and conquer tougher challenges, you’ll unlock access to even more powerful allies. Keep pushing forward, and you’ll soon have an elite team ready to take on any obstacle in the Eternal Desert.

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