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Reverse: 1999 6 Build Guide: Best Team, Psychubes, and more

Build 6 to the max potential!

Discover the latest excitement surrounding the 6 banner, the second character to debut in the highly anticipated Version 1.4 update titled The Prisoner in the Cave of Reverse: 1999. My expectations of this update brimming with thrilling features, optimizations, new characters, and exciting events like the Mystery Box Carnival. Maximize your gameplay with my comprehensive Reverse: 1999 6 Build Guide, crafted to unlock and capitalize on 6’s potential.

Discover diverse eras and experience yourself in puzzle-solving quests and intense battles within the captivating Reverse: 1999 universe. Explore the enhancements and events introduced in the 1.4 update through our Reward Redemption Guide. Elevate your gaming experience with invaluable resources including tier lists, beginner’s guides, reroll guides, currency guides, and exclusive redeem codes.

6 Playstyle in Reverse: 1999

When I used 6 in Reverse: 1999, I discovered that his playstyle revolves around strategic debuff and buff management, making him a valuable asset in any team composition. His skill Duty proved to be particularly impactful, allowing me to apply multiple debuffs to enemies, thereby enhancing my team’s damage output significantly.

Reverse 1999 6, Reverse 1999 character 6
Image via Bluepoch

As I delved deeper into his kit, I learned that with Insight 3, the RNG aspect of his abilities became more manageable, ensuring consistent debuff application. Utilizing 6 effectively involved careful consideration of which debuffs to prioritize based on the enemy team composition and battlefield conditions. Overall, I found 6 to be a versatile support character whose unique abilities added depth and strategic complexity to my gameplay experience in Reverse: 1999.

Reverse: 1999 6 Character Insight Level-up Material

In Reverse: 1999, boosting your characters’ strength is crucial, and advancing their Insight Levels plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. 6, a formidable 6-star debuff support aligned with Intellect Affinity, reaps substantial advantages with every Insight Level upgrade, reinforcing his position as a valuable addition to your team. Let’s delve into the materials required to level up 6’s Insight and the bonuses he gains at each stage:

Reverse 1999 6 insight
Image via Bluepoch

Insight I

Max Eureka +1. At the end of the round, if any 1 ally has 4 or more [Stats Up], [Pos Status], or [Counter] statuses, gains Eureka +1. When attacking a target with [Stats Down], [Neg Status], or [Control] statuses, DMG Dealt +16%.

  • Sharpodonty x18000
  • Page of Mineral Wealth x3
  • Page of Starlit Ascent x3
  • Shattered Bones x6
  • Perpetual Cog x5

Insight II

DMG Dealt +8% when the caster enters battle.

  • Sharpodonty x40000
  • Scroll of Mineral Wealth x5
  • Scroll of Starlit Ascent x5
  • Milled Magnesia x5
  • Biting Box x5

Insight III

Before the Ultimate takes effect, apply 2 random [Collection of Debuffs] effects to all enemies for 2 rounds. At the start of the round, apply 1 random [Collection of Buffs] effect to all allies for 2 rounds.

  • Sharpodonty x200000
  • Tome of Mineral Wealth x6
  • Tome of Starlit Ascent x6
  • Watch Core x6
  • Golden Fleece x3

Best Psychubes for 6 in Reverse: 1999

In Version 1.4, you should understand that 6 thrives on Psychube selections that synergize with his Eureka and debuffs are crucial. To optimize the impact of his abilities, it’s advised to carefully choose the most beneficial options available. Here are the recommended Psychubes for 6:

Reverse 1999 Balance Please
Image via Bluepoch

Balance, Please (Best 6-star Psychube)

Through my experience, I discovered that Balance, Please is a Psychube that subtly enhances 6’s damage output. It particularly shines when 6 doesn’t have the upper hand in elemental advantages over his enemies. In battles where facing tough opponents is the norm, this Psychube proved invaluable. Its effect ensured that 6 remained competitive even when the odds were stacked against him, providing a reliable boost to his damage-dealing capabilities.

Luxurious Leisure (Alternative 6-star Psychube)

My exploration of Luxurious Leisure revealed its importance in timing 6’s single-target Ultimate effectively. This Psychube rewards strategic decision-making by providing a stacking bonus to damage dealt after each use of his Ultimate. By utilizing his Ultimate wisely, stacking up these damage bonuses became a key strategy. This not only increased 6’s overall effectiveness in battles but also encouraged careful planning and execution of his abilities for maximum impact.

Brave New World (Alternative 6-star Psychube)

Lastly, my experimentation with Brave New World uncovered its significant impact on 6’s ability to influence the battlefield. After casting his Ultimate, this Psychube emerged as a game-changer, amplifying the potency of 6’s subsequent incantations.

Also, with a notable boost to the effectiveness of his buffs or debuffs, 6 gained the power to tip the scales of battle decisively in our favor. This newfound strength further solidified his role as a valuable support character, capable of altering the course of combat with each well-timed Ultimate.

Reverse: 1999 6 Best Team

If you’re searching for the best companions for 6, your quest ends here. From trying out different teams, I’ve discovered that while 6 can fit into different team setups, his true brilliance emerges in configurations that focus on maximizing his debuffs. Whether it’s weakening foes or strengthening allies, 6 thrives in setups where his debuffs can be fully utilized to sway the course of battle.


37 excels as a supportive Carry due to her unique mechanic of gaining stacks of [Eureka] to unleash devastating mass attacks. In my experience, I’ve found that 37 thrives in setups with allies who can provide follow-up actions, as this allows her to maximize her Genesis DMG potential. Her Insight III, Calculation of Genesis, further enhances her critical rate, aligning her with crit-based characters.

Reverse 1999 Character 37, Reverse 1999 37
Image via Bluepch

Although she may underperform without crit-based or follow-up-based teams, when conditions are met, 37 proves to be extremely effective. With her versatile skillset including Triangulation for single-target attacks and Curve Mapping for mass attacks, 37 offers valuable support to 6 by contributing to overall damage output while maintaining resilience with stacks of [Sturdiness].

Kaalaa Baunaa

Kaalaa Baunaa emerges as a powerful ally for 6 with her unique kit focused on stacking [Planet] buffs to enhance her capabilities. Through my observations, I’ve noticed that Kaalaa Baunaa’s ability to stack [Saturn] for increased Penetration Rate and [Mars] for Leech Rate offers valuable utility to the team.

Reverse 1999 Black Dwarf
Image via Bluepoch

Her Ultimate, Ultimate Perfection, adds versatility by consuming [Planet]s to grant [Full Moon], boosting her Incantation Might and allowing for immediate recasts of corresponding skills at Insight 3. Additionally, This setup potential offers strategic flexibility, allowing players to tailor Kaalaa Baunaa’s abilities for either additional damage or self-sustain, making her a valuable asset alongside 6 for both offense and defense.

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy, a proficient Healer of the Star Afflatus, complements 6’s team dynamic with her focus on critical strikes and debuff removal. In my experience, I’ve found Tooth Fairy’s ability to inflict -Crit Res/DEF debuffs crucial for enhancing the team’s critical hit rate and damage output.

Reverse 1999 Tooth Fairy
Image via Bluepoch

Her consistent healing output and Ultimate, Song for the Bad Tooth, which can cleanse all debuffs upon landing a critical hit, provide valuable support to 6 and the team. This combination of critical strike enhancement and debuff removal ensures sustained effectiveness in battles, making Tooth Fairy a reliable and versatile ally for 6.

Final Thoughts

After exploring 6’s capabilities, it’s evident that he excels as a supportive debuff specialist. His unique mechanic of gaining Eureka stacks to unleash devastating attacks makes him a valuable asset in battle. To optimize his performance, careful selection of Psychubes that complement his debuffs is crucial, ensuring he can maximize his impact on the battlefield.

What are your thoughts about the Reverse: 1999 6 Build Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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