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Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 Reward Redemption Guide and Tips

Get some freebies for version 1.4!

The initial phase of Reverse: 1999’s time-travel strategic RPG, set in the 20th century, introduces the free Ancient Greece-themed Version 1.4 update, titled The Prisoner in the Cave. In this Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 Reward Redemption Guide, we will help you redeem the rewards properly and make sure you do not miss out on some freebies for the version 1.4 update.

This update marks the first directly linked to the main story, offering abundant rewards for both experienced Timekeepers and newcomers. All players can claim 20 free pulls and a complimentary five-star character, while first-time game downloaders can receive up to 80 pulls. Follow the instructions below to redeem each reward before its expiration date.

Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 Rewards

Version 1.4 Redeem codes

Follow the instructions below to redeem Version 1.4’s rewards of 240 Clear Drops and an assortment of materials:

Here are the codes you can use:


Each code grants the following rewards:

  • 80 Clear Drops
  • 1 Jar of Picrasma Candy
  • 10 Thoughts in Entirety
  • 200 Wilderness Shells
  • 1 Bogeyman
  • 1 Incorrupt Monkeypaw

To redeem these codes, follow these steps:

  • Open the game and navigate to the main interface.
  • Select the icon with three lines under Bank.
  • Go to Settings, then Account, and finally Exchange Code Rewards.
  • Enter the exchange codes above to claim your rewards.

Please note that all rewards are limited to one account and must be redeemed before the expiration date: February 25 at 06:00 (UTC-5).

20 Free Pulls for version 1.4 of Reverse: 1999

You can participate in both phases of Version 1.4’s Treasure in the Suitcase sign-in events to receive a total of 20 Unilogs. Here are the details of the “Treasure in the Suitcase” sign-in events for Version 1.4:

  • Players can participate in two “Treasure in the Suitcase” sign-in events, each corresponding to a phase of Version 1.4, to claim a total of 20 Unilogs.
  • Sign in for a total of 10 days during each event to receive 10 Unilogs per event.
Reverse 1999 version 1.4 20 unilogs
Image via Bluepoch

The event schedule is as follows:

  • Treasure in the Suitcase I: Available after Version 1.4 launches on February 29 and will continue until March 28.
  • Treasure in the Suitcase II: Scheduled to run from March 28 until April 18.

It’s important to note that players must complete the game’s main story to be eligible to participate in these events.

Free Five-Star Character of Your Choice in Reverse: 1999

During the ongoing “Carnival Invitation” event, you have the opportunity to choose a free 5-star character from a selection available in the general summoning pool. The event features a variety of characters to choose from, including X, Sweetheart, Baby Blue, Charlie, Bkornblume, Dikke, Balloon Party, Necrologist, Satsuki, Tennant, Click, and Diggers.

Reverse 1999 version 1.4 carnival invitation
Image via Bluepoch

This event is open for participation until March 28. However, players must first complete the main story of the game to be eligible to take part in this event.

Free daily single-summon

In the latest limited-time summon event titled Abundance of the Water – The First Milestone, you can enjoy daily single summons free of charge, with a maximum limit of 7 summons. This event presents an opportunity to obtain powerful six-star characters, such as An-an Lee, A Knight, Melania, and Voyager.

Reverse 1999 version 1.4 time limited summons
Image via Bluepoch

These elite characters offer unique abilities and strengths, adding depth and excitement to the gameplay experience.

Rare Materials

In the ongoing limited-time Treasure on the Beach login event, players who sign in daily will have the opportunity to acquire rare Yellow Quality insight materials. This event extends until March 7, offering a valuable chance to obtain these sought-after resources.

Image via Bluepoch

It’s important to note that while the reward for the first day of the event will be delivered via in-game mail, subsequent rewards will be distributed through the sign-in system. Participation in this event requires players to have completed the main story of the game.

Free Limited Portrait

Image via Bluepoch

You can now claim the exclusive Roaming in Geometry Mystery Box Carnival Limited Portrait through email. This special portrait is available for you until March 28. Just a reminder, to get your hands on this unique portrait, you need to finish the main story of the game. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to add a special touch to your collection.

Final Thoughts

As Version 1.4 of Reverse: 1999 hits the scene, don’t miss out on these awesome redeem codes! Score yourself 20 Free Pulls to level up your game and grab a Free Five-Star Character of Your Choice to join your squad. With the Free Daily Single-Summon offer, you can keep the excitement going every day.

Don’t forget about the chance to snag Rare Materials to help you on your journey. Plus, grab a Free Limited Portrait to personalize your experience. Redeem these codes now and take your Reverse: 1999 adventure to the next level.

What are your thoughts about the Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 Reward Redemption Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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