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Reverse 1999: As The Sand Remembered Puzzle Guide and Tips

Complete these puzzles for 1.4!

Reverse 1999: As the Sand Remembered is a side event featured in the version 1.4 Phase One update. This event focuses on the character 37 and delves into her backstory. This Reverse 1999: As The Sand Remembered Puzzle Guide provides ways to solve all puzzles available during the event as well as some tips to finish the event more easily.

Experience an immersive journey across different eras, where you’ll engage in puzzle-solving quests and thrilling battles within the captivating Reverse: 1999 universe. Explore the enhancements and events introduced in the 1.4 update by consulting my Reward Redemption Guide. Elevate your gaming experience with valuable resources like tier lists, beginner’s guides, reroll guides, currency guides, and exclusive redeem codes.

Reverse: 1999 As The Sand Remembered Puzzle requirements and dates

Reverse 1999 As The Sand Remembered event
Image via Bluepoch

To participate, You must first complete the In Our Time chapter from the main story. The event runs from the version 1.4 release until March 28, 2024, offering you the opportunity to uncover 37’s past while tackling simple mathematical puzzles. By arranging mathematical shapes with unique characteristics, you can progress through the stages and earn generous rewards.

Reverse: 1999 As The Sand Remembered Puzzle solutions

AR2: Beach Walking

Many of these may seem reminiscent of tasks or assignments commonly encountered in middle or high school, particularly the Beach Walking puzzle. In this scenario, players are presented with three puzzle pieces and tasked with a question:

Reverse 1999 As The Sand Remembered AR2
Image via Bluepoch

“A small snail is crawling up from the bottom of a well 8 meters deep. It climbs 3 meters during the day and drops 2 meters at night. Your task is to determine: How many days does it take the snail to climb out of the well?”

For this puzzle, the solution is straightforward: simply arrange the three puzzle pieces in sequence until the puzzle indicates it is “Complete.”

AR3: Answer in a Bottle

As mentioned before, many of these puzzles resemble assignments or tasks commonly encountered in school, and this one is no exception. In this puzzle scenario, a critter has discovered 12 grapes and intends to transport them to a cave located 6 meters away.

Reverse 1999 As The Sand Remembered AR3
Image via Bluepoch

The critter can carry up to 6 grapes at a time and move up to 3 meters with grapes on its body, but it will consume 3 grapes along the way. Your task is to assist the critter in selecting a movement strategy to maximize the number of grapes it can carry back. You are provided with one additional symbol or puzzle piece compared to the previous puzzle.

Arrange the given symbols in the following sequence to complete the puzzle:

  • Monad, line, pentagram, rectangle, monad, line, monad, line.

AR4: Behind The Puzzle

Initially, this task may appear simpler compared to the previous ones due to its brevity but don’t be deceived. To solve this puzzle, you’ll need to engage in some rigorous logical problem-solving.

Reverse 1999 As The Sand Remembered AR4
Image via Bluepoch

Alternatively, you can follow this guide and arrange the shapes in the following order:

  • Line, Pentagram, Rectangle, Hexagon, Monad.

AR5: What was not expressed

As we advance through this event, the puzzles naturally become more intricate and challenging. In this puzzle, you must simulate the transportation process to determine the minimum number of shipments required to cross the river.

Reverse 1999 As The Sand Remembered AR5
Image via Bluepoch

Arrange the pieces in the following order:

  • Monad, Pentagram, Hexagon, Rectangle, Line, Pentagram, Hexagon, Monad, Rectangle, Hexagon, Triangle, Pentagram, Hexagon, Rectangle, Monad, Pentagram, Hexagon.

AR6: Just Numbers

This puzzle is concise yet requires some thought. However, after reading through all the pieces and their functions, the solution becomes quite straightforward.

Reverse 1999 As The Sand Remembered AR6
Image via Bluepoch

Arrange the pieces in this order:

  • Monad, Triangle, Rectangle, Heptagon, Hexagon, Line, Pentagram.

AR7: Sand and Gold

As the puzzle shifts from objects and shapes to a sequence of musical notes, it introduces a new challenge. However, this one is likely the simplest puzzle, requiring only the arrangement of notes to complete the phrase: 6333434533.

Reverse 1999 As The Sand Remembered AR7
Image via Bluepoch

Assigning a number to each note numerically in the order they appear in the Available Actions section as 1-7, the solution would be:

1555656755, or if you want to follow the notes: Bass si, mi, mi, mi, fa, mi, fa, sol, mi, mi

Reverse: 1999 As the Sand Remembered Puzzle Rewards

As you advance through the “As the Sand Remembered” event, you’ll unlock different stages and earn fantastic rewards. Prepare to immerse yourself in each puzzle, overcome thrilling challenges, and reap the benefits. The rewards you can expect to receive are as follows:

  • 240 Clear Drops
  • 30,000 Sharpodonty
  • 30,000 Dust
  • 4 Cicada Wings
  • 2 Holy Silver
  • 1 Golden Beetle
  • 1 Winged Key
  • 12 Enlighten II

Final Thoughts

Completing the As the Sand Remembered puzzle solutions was quite a journey. Each stage brought its challenges, but with some thinking, I managed to solve them all. From figuring out math problems to arranging shapes and even understanding musical notes, each task felt rewarding to complete.

The rewards I earned along the way were worth it, like Clear Drops, Sharpodonty, and other valuable items. Overall, diving into this puzzling event was fun and satisfying. If you like puzzles and rewards, give it a try!

What are your thoughts about the Reverse 1999: As The Sand Remembered Puzzle Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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