Rise of Stars Re:Verse Beginners Guide and Tips

Join the endless war to become the Chancellor that rules the unfathomable space!

Rise of Stars Re:Verse is a 4x strategy game featuring massive, real-time battles spanning vast galaxies. By combining Admirals, Warships, and Carriers, players may create fleets that they can then command in thrilling battles to take control of planets with abundant resources. This strategic game required the construction of bases, managing captains, and securing allies. This in-game world is based on the intergalactic battles taking place in the cold darkness of outer space. Here’s the complete guide to Rise of Stars Re:Verse for beginners to help them they can understand the game with ease and enjoy it without facing any difficulties or confusion.

Gameplay Overview

This strategic sci-fi game has a huge map and various sectors where the player can enjoy battling with strong opponents. Rise of Stars is a brand-new 4X strategy mobile game that supports blockchain technology and has a strong focus on NFTs and unique elements that can be obtained in-game and exchanged for cryptocurrencies.

The game is actually a very typical strategy title, similar to previous titles in the genre like Guns of Glory or King of Avalon, despite these components that might seem overpowering and daunting. In this regard, Rise of Stars’ obstacles and gameplay flow won’t provide any difficulties for genre veterans.

Introducing the Basics of Rise of Stars Re:Verse

The game begins with the story narration and description of the world-building. The game starts with the task to restore an assault ship. In order to do so, the deck must first be restored. After this, the production capabilities will begin, which will then trigger the production process.

After the ship is acquired, it can be then used to participate in battles. The first battle will be against the Pirate ship. The player can then deploy the ship on the map. In order to find the enemy the player is looking for, he or she can search for the ship by using the search tab. After winning the fight, the player will receive certain rewards. After the tutorial on battles, the game moves on to assist with resource management.

Beginning Rise of Stars Re:Verse
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In the world, the resource system is demolished and needs to be restored. This is the third task after assault ship restoration and annihilation of the enemy. The beginning of the game is tasked with restoring the command base of the player. The rest of the tutorial shows how to restore the base, how to build various buildings, and assigning captains to the massive fleet of the player.

Map and Chapters

Map and chapters Rise of Stars Re:Verse
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The game majorly has two sections. The first is the central base and the second is the sectors. There are various sectors where different enemies are lined up for the player to defeat. The map can be used to see the position of the base camp while the sectors are used to check all the enemies around the base camp.

Resource Management

There are mainly three types of currencies used in the game. The first is minerals and the second is metals. Currencies in this game are mainly used to build facilities, upgrade resources, and level up captains. These can also be used to upgrade warships and other buildings. The third resource is the credits. These credits are mainly used to upgrade the buildings like workshops and command centers.

In order to complete the upgrades, restoration, and purchases, the player requires a certain amount of minerals and metals that are different for each building. After the conditions are met, it takes a certain amount of time to complete the upgrades. In order to quicken the process, boosts are used.

Currencies, boosts, and supplies
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These boosts can be acquired by completing various quests. These boots are different for each production process. The currencies and the boosts also can be acquired from supplies. These supplies vary at different levels. These supplies can be obtained only after certain levels of the player are matched.

Mastering and Upgrading your Captains

Captains are the commanders of warships of the player’s fleet. These captains take ships to battle and glory. In order to grow stronger, the player is tasked with upgrading these captains. There are various levels of captains. Some are rare in terms of acquiring, while some are common. The players can acquire and collect many captains and acquire many ships to grow stronger.

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The captains can be upgraded by using captain EXP. These points can be gained by completing quests and in other packs. While upgrading the captains, the leadership, voyage speed, attack, and defense of the captains improve drastically. The power of the captains can be seen at the bottom of the screen in the captain tab. Each captain is issued stars.

The rarer the captain the higher the stars, and the stronger they are. However, the player can also upgrade one-star captains into five-star captains. However, this requires a certain level and materials to complete the process. Each captain has distinctive skills that can be further upgraded. They also receive their own unique flagships, which also can be upgraded using flagship EXP.

Managing your Inventory

The inventory is the tab where the player can get access to the resources, boosts, war tickets, materials, and equipment that are owned by the player. Here, the player can claim all the rewards on their own. The resources section includes all the currencies the player has claimed but is yet to acquire.

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The boost tab holds all the unrequited boosts that the player has won. In the material tab, the player gets access to different types of materials like weapon blueprints and equipment materials that can be combined or ground in order to crafter certain items that the player can use.

Lastly, in the equipment part, there are several distinctions available. These include weapons, helmets, upper armors, lower armors, boosts, and accessories that can be used to upgrade the power level of captains and the player.

Rise of Stars Re:Verse Beginners Guide – Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Rise of Stars Re:Verse:

  1. Save resources to upgrade weapons and accessories for later
  2. Try and upgrade all captains equally, that will give the player different skills that come with different captains, and that will enable the battles to be more flexible and easy to beat
  3. Keep upgrading buildings and facilities of the base, which will level up the base’s overall power
  4. Keep completing daily quests and other tasks to claim exclusive and basic rewards that would assist the player with materials and other items.
  5. Grow stronger, and upgrade your base first before challenging stronger opponents
  6. Save boosts for later that will help the player to reduce the time of production and upgrades later in the game when the time increases
  7. Keep battling in sectors to gain captain EXP and other points and materials to upgrade the player’s overall power and level


You need a strategy to take control of enemies, and fortunately Rise of Stars Re: Verse offers a comprehensive customization option that lets you configure your ship to your desired combat style. The player may therefore build a fleet that prioritizes speed for a swift assault or boast a number of slowly moving but offensively powerful boats. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Rise of Stars Re:Verse beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Rise of Stars Re:Verse Beginners Guide! Did you find our Rise of Stars Re:Verse beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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