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Rivengard Beginners Guide and Tips

Challenge your tactical mastery!

Tactical RPG Rivengard released by Snowprint Studios in mid-January 2021 is set in a fantasy world of the same name. In this strategy game, the main aim is to collect fantasy superheroes and heroines to battle against fantasy creatures like dwarves, elves, goblins or other heroes. This Rivengard Beginners Guide will be covering everything about the game from its playstyle, various modes etc. Although despite it’s apparent easiness, it requires its players to use their own strategies to defeat the mini villains, bosses and our guide will be aimed at providing the basic tips to take control of the world of Rivengard with the help of their own squad of mystical heroes.

Game Modes

Campaign Mode

The story/campaign mode contains 3 chapters, set in 3 regions of 3 separate factions, namely:

  • Chapter 1: Ancient Ruins of the Rinji Dynasty
  • Chapter 2: Frozen Expanse of the Azure Tower
  • Final Chapter 3: Great Desert of the Shara’zar Traders

The campaign starts with the basic characters Areus and Sigrid of the Radiant Order faction (details about the factions will be discussed later in the Rivengard guide) as your guides, who will guide you through the game until the 5th round of the 1st chapter.

Rivengard Guide
Rivengard Guide: Game Modes

Gradually, as you follow their instructions, you’ll get to know more about how to play and also some basic tips and tricks. In course, you will also gather new heroes to your team, who have their own unique powers and signature moves. Here are some points to remember:

  • The game has an analogy with Chess, where you take your turn to apply your strategies before your opposition applies his strategies in his turn and then so on. Also, similar to chess, this game also limits the number of steps your character can cover, based on their features and powers.
  • To play at a level, you usually have to choose your best 5 characters, make a team ( the number varies at several levels), choose their starting positions, and then fight against the mini-villains.
  • Each chapter contains 75 levels and a boss-fight at every 15th level. For example, the 1st chapter contains boss-fights at levels 15, 30, 45, 60, and 75, and so on.
  • The bosses at every 15th level of a chapter are from separate factions, and once you beat them, you can add them to your team. After collecting a specific number of identical in-game character cards, the amount varies from character to character.
  • After each win, you receive certain assured items, coins, diamonds which help in boosting up the levels of the characters. Hence, to enhance the powers of your character, you need to play well in this campaign mode. The more stars you get after a victory, the more rewards you get.
  • To play campaign levels, you need to have the required amount of stamina (5-6 per game). Hence, once your stamina meter gets exhausted, you need to wait until it’s refilled back again.

Elite Campaign

An improvised version of the normal Campaign mode, which you can only play if you collect all the victory stars (max 3 per victory) from Chapter I of the Campaign mode.

Hero Arena

A one-on-one online battle against other players worldwide. This is the mode where you can actually judge if you’re really made for it.
The players are given the option to choose between two opponents, one of a higher rank and the other of a lower rank. Victory points are given accordingly. Collection of points ensure your spot in the worldwide ranks table.

Guild Raids

The game mode where you and your Guild (same as clans in Clash of Clans) come together to defeat a Common boss enemy. You can either join a readymade guild or utilize your coins to build one of your own.

Treasure Beach

A not-so-casual treasure hunting game mode where you can use your squad of characters to go on a treasure hunt, fighting against enemies, provided, you have abundant Battle Tokens to enter the battle. This mode is made for the players to pile up on their coins and diamond counts. As said earlier, these coins and diamonds can be used to boost up the accessories and attributes of the characters.

Onslaught Mode

A mode where a series of enemies will come to fight your chosen heroes. Every wave you resist gives you coins and one-time big awards. Also, as soon as one of your characters die, it is going to be replaced by another one. So, you need to choose your order of replacements wisely. Note that, you can only play the Onslaught mode once you reach Power Level 9 in the game.

Heroes in Rivengard

Having discussed the game modes in this Rivengard guide, let us guide you to Different Heroes in Rivengard.

How to obtain heroes?

In order to further increase the strength of your mystical superhero squad, you can either:

Rivengard Guide
Rivengard Guide: You can use the Summoning Tokens to obtain heroes, accessories and other rewards.
  • Summoning Portal: You can use summoning tokens (minimum 1, maximum 10 at a time) to make a plea to the Gods. The rewards you receive from this portal are random and you have a chance of obtaining a new hero if you are lucky.
  • Collecting Hero Shards: As said earlier, once you defeat the bosses in the campaign mode, you can assemble them in your squad, once you collect a specific number of character cards/shards of them. The character cards (named Hero Shards in the game) can be obtained from Campaign battle rewards, Treasure beach rewards, summoning portals, and quest rewards.

Note: Try replaying the boss levels, again and again, to collect their shards, unlock them, or enhance their power.

Rivengard Guide
Rivengard Guide: Unlocked Heroes

Hero’s attributes and characteristics

Rivengard Guide: Different aspects of Heroes

First of all, let’s get familiar with the aspects of the heroes.

Hero Class

All the heroes are characterised into either of the 3 classes, besides their dynasties (colour identity). The three classes are either Mage, Warrior or Rogue. Each class has an advantage over any other to the least.

Rivengard Guide
3 classes of heroes in Rivengard

Hero Traits

This part symbolizes the individual abilities of your hero, whether he can fly, or he is a mounted warrior or a ranged warrior, or whether he is wearing a shield or so on. All heroes have their identical abilities, which you can check on that corner just by clicking on those icons. A hero may have any number of traits from 0 to more than 2.

Hero Rarity

The Hero Rarity determines the maximum XP level a hero can reach and which items they can equip. There are 5 stages of Rarity – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary. Needless to say, the more the rarity, the more powerful the hero becomes, and it becomes more difficult to obtain them. Hero Shards, colored essence, and Faction emblems can be used together to increase rarity.

Hero Progression

The stars denote how much progression your hero has made within its rarity. The promotion of heroes using certain objects increases the number of stars, which in turn increases the rarity of the heroes.

Hero Power

The numerical summation of all the attributes your hero is having.

Signature Moves

Active(on left) and Passive(on right) abilities: The two circled no. 6 icons denote the signature moves of the heroes which can be used only once in a battle. You can read further about the moves by clicking on those circles. The ability level can be increased with the help of coins, once the XP meter(no. 8) is full.

Hero Laurels

Collecting the unique laurels for every hero from the battles and shop helps in ascending the heroes to increase stars and eventually their rarity.

Hero XP

The blue bar denotes the hero XP, and just like any other game, it increases after you win a battle with that hero. A filled-up XP bar helps you increase the attributes and signature move level of a hero. XP can also be increased using the several “Books of Experience” found after summoning, winning battles, or from quest rewards.

Hero’s Primary Accessories

They include the Hero’s weapon, shield, and trinket. Their levels can be increased to boost up the attributes of the hero.

Hero’s Attributes

The several attributes of a Hero, which comes to work during a battle. An increase in the rank eventually increases these attributes too accordingly.

Hero’s Secondary Accessories

The secondary accessories are unique to each hero. Collecting all accessories of a hero gradually, after winning a battle will help you increase the rank of your Hero.

Chart showing the details of the in-game heroes

NameFactionClassHero TraitsActive AbilityPassive AbilityInitial Rarity
AreusRadiant Order (Light/Yellow)MageRangedChain LightningElectrifiedCommon
SigridWarriorHammer of JusticeRighteous FuryCommon
Sir MatteusWarriorMountedHoly BrothersEternal BondCommon
MontyRogueRangedHoly BoltFiring PositionCommon
HannaMageHealer, RangedMass HealThe more the MerrierCommon
AgnarBlazing Brew (Red)WarriorInebriatedFlame ShieldFire RageEpic
CinderWarriorInebriated, MechanicFire SpitterArmor SmithCommon
SalvoRogueInebriated, RangedBombardmentGrenadierRare
SunshineRogueFlying, Mechanical, Dragon scalesFire BreathWreckageUncommon
BalmurMageInebriated, RangedBarrel of BrewHave a RefillRare
Grandma BonesWaning Moon(Dark/Purple)MageRangedLife StealRaise SkeletonsLegendary
AkioWarriorMountedKill CommandMend SteedRare
TaroWarriorPolearmTauntHold the LineCommon
ShunRogueFor HonorSpirit BladesUncommon
KatsumeRogueRangedCursed ArrowGuardUncommon
BoulderRinji Dynasty(Green)WarriorHulkingRock FormRegenarationCommon
Gibbo and GobboRoguePolearmGet Over HereSkewerCommon
Sir FlorianusWarriorMountedNoble ChargeBird ClawCommon
PariRogueRangedWeb SpraySpider WebCommon
Tawa RinjiMageHealer, RangedNature’s StrikeForce of NatureUncommon
NaevysAzure Tower(Blue)RoguePolearmSwooping HawkHawk EyeCommon
CorynWarriorFlying, ElementalFrost SpikesSlushCommon
ZefaWarriorHulking, ElementalIce AssemblyIron AssemblyUncommon
PendarMageRangedRain of IcePower of ColdUncommon
YasaminShara’zer Traders (Light/Yellow)WarriorMounted, Hulking, LooterRejuvenationTake ThisUncommon
ZiyadMageCobra PushSerpent’s VengeanceRare
HarunWarriorMounted, BurrowWorm AttackDevourUncommon
ArdasiMageRangedMeteoriteAura of the StarsRare
Thana MohRogueFlyingDance of DaggersShifting SandsEpic
BullmonReefkin(Blue)WarriorHulking, RangedTongue StrikeNom NomRare
DorgaMageAmphibiousHatch TadpolesEgg LayerLegendary
TimtimMageMounted, RangedFlood of CrabsSnapping ClawEpic
GixRogueRanged, AmphibianEmpty the NetPoison PufferUncommon
TokonWarriorPolearm, AmphibianProvoking SnapShell UpCommon
CaradanMageRangedEnemy of The CrownRoyal GuardCommon
LyonetteWarriorMounted, EagerN/AN/ALegendary
The Red RatWarriorEager, HulkingDuelHeroic RageCommon
MiveraRogueRanged,Fear of DeathRapid ShotCamouflageCommon
NimrulCavern Realm(Dark/ Purple)RogueNight VisionSword StormBlade SpinRare
AceshruMageNight Vision, RangedN/AN/ALegendary
VoyassaWarriorNight VisionN/AN/AEpic
UmanuWarriorNight VisionN/AN/AEpic
RanakluMagedNight VisionN/AN/AUncommon
ScruffySacred Grove (Green)MagedN/AN/AEpic
The data in the boxes marked N/A are yet to come, the developers have confirmed new heroes with new abilities are yet to come. To know more about the warrior types and abilities, click on the respective icons in the game.


The gameplay is similar to chess. Since it is a tactical RPG, players one-by-one take turns to apply their tactics. Once you click on a character, light-blue colored hexagons will show you the maximum farther your character can move. You can either drag your hero to the destination, or double-tap on the desired spot. Red-colored hexagons will show which characters you can hit in that turn.

Rivengard Guide
As you can see, the blue boxes showing your range, and red boxes showing the enemies you can hit in this turn

The tiny skeleton icon shows the enemy you can kill in this move. At times, when your enemy is far away, but you can hit them with your ranged ability moves, those enemies are marked with violet hexagons. Try to win battles with a minimum number of casualties to your own heroes, to get better rewards. For any query, just click on that questionable icon in the game, you’ll gradually know. |If you have further queries, feel free to ask us in the comments.

Rivengard BeginnersGuide: Tips and Tricks

Here are a few of our additional tips and tricks that will guide you to get familiar with the world of Rivengard and get started with the game.

Always try to hit from an elevated point, if necessary, skip your turn by double-tapping the circled button at the bottom, and let the enemy approach you first.
  1. Don’t always make your move first, especially when the enemy is far from you and out of your range. Skip the move and let them come within your range.
  2. Try to attack from a higher elevation. An attack from a higher area deals more damage compared to level ground.
  3. Don’t attack nearby enemies with ranged warriors/heroes. Instead, hit your nearby enemies with lower-ranged heroes, those who use hammers, swords, spears, etc. Because ranged warriors don’t do enough damage on nearby units.
  4. If you are unable to win a particular campaign level, switch to the other modes, collect rewards and XP from them, strengthen your heroes and try again. You may do the same when you run out of stamina.
  5. Try to save your Summoning Tokens instead of using them up as soon as you get them and try to invest 10 at a time. Using 10 tokens together guarantee better rewards and heroes
  6. When you reach the advanced stages of the Campaign mode, try to replay the levels from the previous chapters, in which you have failed to obtain all the 3 stars. (Note that, you have a limit to the number of times you can play a particular level at once.)
  7. Before entering a battle, always check the i. battle difficulty, ii. the squad strength that you may have, iii. the overall strength and abilities of the enemy characters you will face, iv. the rewards you may receive, etc, which are all shown once you venture into a battle.

Hence to conclude, this tactical RPG by Snowprint Studios is filled with characters, game modes, and regions to discover. So, start making your own squad of Heroes, make Guilds with your friends, enhance the powers of your heroes, defeat the villains, and conquer the world of Rivengard!

Did you find our Rivengard Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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I’ve already collected all stars available from chapter 1 to 3 still the elite campaign won’t unlock… I wonder why?

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