Rocket League Sideswipe: Ranked mode Guide and Tips to rank up faster

Push your rank faster than anyone else

Rocket League Sideswipe can be played both offline and online but there’s no thrill in playing offline against bots. The Ranked Mode of this game is the true component that brings out the real shine and excitement of Sideswipe. So, let’s take a walk through the Rocket League Sideswipe ranked guide to explain the basics of ranked game modes and the gameplay of each and every one of them. Additionally, we have added some secrets that will let you climb up the ranks faster than anyone else. So hop on and get your Sideswiping skills sharpened up and dominate your foes!

Rocket League Sideswipe: Different Game Modes

Upon hitting the play button, these 3 tiles will appear before you:

  • Duel 1v1
  • Doubles 2v2
  • Hoops 2v2

All of these modes have different variations in them but all have the same objective: Shoot the ball into the goal!

rocket league sideswipe different game modes
Rocket league sideswipe: Different game modes

Duel 1v1

The main theme of this mode is that you will be faced off against another opponent for a time duration of 2 minutes. Your objective would be to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal and prevent your opponent from shooting the ball into yours. The player with the most points after the time ends will win the round.

This game mode is 1-on-1, therefore you have to be responsible for both scoring a goal and defending your goalpost. 

Doubles 2v2

If the Duel 1v1 mode made you feel a bit lonely then this mode will definitely be your favorite. The main theme of this mode is that you and your teammate will be faced off against 2 other opponents of the same team for a time duration of 2 minutes. Your objective will be to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal while defending your own goal. This mode is both challenging and rewarding at the same time since there are double the amount of players fighting for the goal.

Hoops 2v2

Hoops game mode takes on a totally different game style than the previous two. There are no goal posts here, rather they are replaced with goal baskets similar to basketball. The main theme of the game is that you and your teammate are required to face off against a two-member opponent team for 2 minutes and score the most goals to win. Scoring a goal is a bit difficult here due to the shape of the goal resembling a basketball hoop. 

Rocket League Sideswipe: Tips to rank up faster

Once you finish playing a game, you will notice that a certain bar fills up with XP and when it gets filled up your rank changes. This is the rank system many video games including RL Sideswipe utilize. However, every game has its own unique ways of leveling up its ranks.

We will point down some of the effective ways of Ranking up faster:

1. Score more points within the rounds

There is one thing that you may or may not have noticed is that you get extra points within the rounds of the game for each action you take. Such as:

  • Shot – Hitting the ball with a jump will reward you with +20 points.
  • Save – If you defend your goal post from an incoming ball, you will be rewarded +50 points.
  • Goal – Most obvious, scoring a goal gives you +100 points. 
rocket league sideswipe XP/rank up saystem
Rocket league sideswipe ranked guide

2. Be the MVP

MVP or Most Valuable Player title gets assigned to a player of the winning team in Double 2v2 or Hoops 2v2. Getting MVP will add +50 to the XP received and help your rank up faster.  

3. Play consecutive matches 

This one should be very obvious, as you keep playing the game you discover new strategies that work best for you. So as you keep playing consecutively, you will get to score more points and rank up faster. Don’t quit if you lose a match or two, you can always play against bots on Expert difficulty to learn new techniques.

We hope you find the Rocket League Sideswipe Settings Guide helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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