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ROM: Remember of Majesty Beginners Guide and Tips

Conquer the continent of Calderas with this Guide!

ROM: Remember Of Majesty is an MMORPG title provided by Kakao Games. As a novice adventurer in this enchanting world, you are about to embark on a thrilling journey across the expansive continents of Calderas. Dive into the immersive world where battles transcend global boundaries, and endless campaigns await. This ROM: Remember of Majesty Beginners Guide will help you navigate the vast world of ROM: Remember of Majesty and embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration and conquest.

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ROM: Remember of Majesty Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Selecting a Class

In ROM: Remember Of Majesty, as I delve into the game, I’m presented with three unique classes to choose from. The Magician excels in powerful spells and ranged combat, specializing in supporting allies and countering intelligent enemies.

The Ranger, another ranged class, boasts a wider vision, making it strategic in battles. With high-powered ranged attacks and support abilities, it’s an excellent choice for beginners, excelling in DEX stats and agility.

ROM Remember Of Majesty Class
Image via Kakao Games

The Knight, focusing on melee combat, brings robust offense and defense to the team. With excellent health and a protective role, the Knight leads allies in battles. Each class offers a different playstyle, so understanding their strengths is crucial for an impactful gameplay experience.

Learn Skills

Advancing through the adventure requires leveling up and enhancing skills. By accessing my inventory, I can learn new skills as I progress, with a variety of skill books accumulating as I gain experience. These skill books, each tailored with unique targets, are essential for improving combat abilities and fighting more effectively.

ROM Remember Of Majesty Skill
Image via Kakao Games

Regularly checking and exploring new skills in the inventory is crucial for evolving in the game. To acquire these skills, skill books can be obtained by defeating monsters, purchasing them in the shop, or crafting them as needed.

Complete Quests

In ROM: Remember Of Majesty, advancing in the gameplay requires acquiring better skills, and quests serve as the optimal avenue for gaining new abilities. Quests consist of multiple tasks and completing them not only rewards you with advanced skills but also provides a wealth of additional resources.

ROM Remember Of Majesty Quest
Image via Kakao Games

This presents an excellent opportunity for me, as a beginner, to strengthen my character. By diligently following and accomplishing quests, I not only enhance my skills but also gather essential resources that contribute to my overall progress in the game.

Enhance your equipment

To further empower your character in ROM: Remember Of Majesty, it’s essential to enhance your equipment. Strengthening your gear significantly boosts your overall combat capabilities, making you more formidable in battles. I gather enhancement materials through various in-game activities like defeating monsters, completing quests, or purchasing them in the shop.

ROM Remember Of Majesty Weapon Enhancement
Image via Kakao Games

Additionally, I explore the crafting system to forge and upgrade my equipment, ensuring it aligns with the challenges I’ll face. Regularly check your inventory for enhancement materials and ensure that your gear is optimized for the challenges that lie ahead. By focusing on enhancing your equipment, you not only increase your character’s effectiveness but also elevate your chances of success in the diverse and challenging world of ROM: Remember Of Majesty.

Upgrade your Stats

As I progress in ROM: Remember Of Majesty, the importance of upgrading my stats becomes evident. With each level gained, I acquire stat points that enable me to tailor my character’s abilities. These stats, including Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Intelligence (INT), Constitution (CON), and Wisdom (WIS), offer diverse enhancements for different aspects of gameplay.

ROM Remember Of Majesty Stats
Image via Kakao Games

It’s important to wisely choose where to put your stat points in ROM: Remember Of Majesty based on your character’s class and how you like to play. And if you want to try something different, you can reset your stats. You’ll need a scroll memory and quantity held in your inventory to do it.

ROM: Remember of Majesty Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After spending a considerable time with the game, here are some of the best tips and tricks we came up with that I wish someone had told me before I started with ROM: Remember Of Majesty:

1. Use Search Target Feature

Use the Search Target feature effectively in ROM: Remember Of Majesty to navigate the game world with ease. This tool gives you info on up to 10 targets, handy for exploration or combat. Enable the Search Target Info tab for a full review of the information. Customize the target order in the Settings menu to manage adversaries quickly and accurately, boosting your tactical skills in the game.

2. Enhance your Equipment Regularly

Make sure to boost your gear regularly in ROM: Remember Of Majesty for success. Strengthen weapons and armor with enhancement materials from in-game activities. Explore crafting to upgrade equipment, preparing your character for upcoming challenges. Regularly check your inventory for enhancement materials to optimize gear and improve overall combat abilities.

ROM Remember Of Majesty Cover
Image via Kakao Games

3. Login Daily

Ensure to claim your attendance rewards in ROM: Remember Of Majesty. Don’t forget to check in regularly to receive valuable items and bonuses that enhance your gaming experience. Logging in consistently will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the attendance rewards, contributing to your progression and success in the game.

4. Master the Auction

Get to know the economy and trading in ROM: Remember Of Majesty. Explore the in-game marketplace and trading system to grasp the value of items and currency. Smart trading boosts your wealth and aids the game’s overall economic growth.

5. Join Guild

Joining a guild in ROM: Remember Of Majesty is a smart move. Guilds offer a sense of community and collaboration, providing opportunities for teamwork and shared achievements. By joining a guild, you can participate in guild events, quests, and battles, gaining valuable rewards and enhancing your gaming experience. Additionally, guilds often provide support and guidance for players, making your journey in the game more enjoyable and successful.

Final Thoughts

Set forth on an enthralling adventure in ROM: Remember Of Majesty, where the vast continent of Calderas beckons with boundless possibilities. Remember, success in the game stems from strategic choices, adaptability, and a spirit of exploration.

Whether honing your gear, delving into economic intricacies, or mastering combat mechanics, the journey is yours to define. Embrace the challenges, triumphs, and discoveries that await as you shape your path in the captivating world of ROM: Remember Of Majesty.

That’s all from us for ROM: Remember Of Majesty Beginners Guide! Did you find our ROM: Remember Of Majesty beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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