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ROM: Remember of Majesty Class Tier List for March 2024

Select the best Class!

ROM: Remember Of Majesty, an MMORPG title brought to you by Kakao Games. Delve into the epic world of Calderas, where you’ll encounter fierce battles, intricate quests, and a diverse array of classes to choose from. To help you navigate this decision, we present to you the ROM: Remember Of Majesty Class Tier List.

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ROM: Remember of Majesty Class Tier List for March 2024: Best Classes Ranked

The game currently has three classes. To simplify, I’ve divided the classes into two tiers: Strong (S) and Good (A). This makes it easy for you to understand the potential of each class and choose the one that best suits your journey. While it’s a useful reference, keep in mind that your gameplay approach can also influence how these dynamics unfold.

Strong (S)Knight, Ranger
Good (A)Magician

Best Meta Classes in ROM: Remember of Majesty for March 2024


In my experience, I can say that the Knight class in ROM: Remember of Majesty has been a dependable option in my battles. Possessing both formidable offense and defense, the Knight transforms into a versatile frontline warrior.

ROM Remember Of Majesty Knight
Image via Kakao Games

Its capability to inflict substantial damage and offer a strong defense against enemy attacks makes the Knight particularly effective for leading charges in battles and providing crucial support to allies on the front lines.


ROM Remember Of Majesty Ranger
Image via Kakao Games

As for the Ranger, I’ve found it to be really good in ranged combat, showcasing high agility and precision. Its broader vision on the battlefield allows for strategic positioning, and the ability to deliver potent ranged attacks adds to its effectiveness in various situations.


ROM Remember Of Majesty Magician
Image via Kakao Games

I can say that the Magician class in ROM: Remember of Majesty is excellent at casting powerful ranged magical attacks and supporting allies. Its high intelligence and wisdom stats not only enhance the strength of spells but also make it a valuable asset for overcoming challenges alongside a team.

How to change your Class in ROM: Remember of Majesty

As you dive into ROM: Remember of Majesty, you must select one of the three available classes. It’s important to remember that once you’ve made your choice and started playing, there’s no option to change your class later. Yet, if you’re determined to switch classes, you can follow these steps:

ROM Remember Of Majesty Character
Image via Kakao Games
  • Exit the game while you’re playing.
  • Return to the character selection screen.
  • Create a new character.
  • Choose the desired class for your new character and continue with the game.

That’s how you can change your class in ROM: Remember of Majesty! In the end, our Tier list is just a valuable tool to guide players in their journey through ROM: Remember of Majesty. By categorizing classes based on their strengths, it offers insights to help players make informed decisions. Remember, while tier lists provide useful references, personal preferences, and playstyles ultimately dictate the best choice for each player.

What do you think about this ROM: Remember of Majesty Class Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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