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S class Heroine Beginners Guide and Tips

Your guide to be the the best!

Step into the world of S Class Heroine, a captivating idle RPG developed by DAERI SOFT Inc. In the game you’ll embark on a thrilling adventure across parallel dimensions, embodying Ella, the Last Princess, and uncovering the mysteries surrounding her miraculous revival. This S Class Heroine Beginners Guide is your key to mastering the mechanics of this idle RPG, exploring diverse game modes, and discovering the secrets that await in this enchanting multiverse.

S class Heroine Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Your Heroine’s Growth

Your Heroine’s growth hinges on gathering key resources: Gold and EXP. You snag these by completing quests and taking down monsters, setting the stage for upgrading your character through the Growth section found at the screen’s bottom left.

S class Heroine, Heroine Growth
Image via DAERI SOFT Inc

The Growth menu offers a variety of upgrades. Start by beefing up your Heroine’s core Stats—like ATK, HP, and HP Regen—using gold. It’s as simple as tapping the gold button next to the stat you want to boost and selecting how much to upgrade. Leveling up your fighter requires accumulated EXP, which not only amps up your battle prowess but also awards points for other character upgrades and unleashes new Skills for your S Class Heroine.

As you progress, you’ll earn Trait points represented by green stars upon leveling up. These points are spent in the Trait section alongside the Stats upgrades, albeit Trait points are scarcer than gold. With each level gained, you’ll also unlock more skills, and using skill points (the blue books) allows you to enhance their effectiveness.

Then there are Runes, obtained from the Rune Dungeon, providing game-changing effects like boosting ATK, HP, Crit DMG, gold, and EXP. Once you’ve collected these runes, you’ll significantly elevate your Heroine’s vital stats.


Boost your gameplay by utilizing buffs, marked by four small icons placed between the main quest and your profile. Each buff serves a specific purpose: the red one increases damage by 30%, the gold buff doubles gold gains, the green buff enhances EXP gains, and the blue buff increases the chances of acquiring items.

S class Heroine, Buff
Image via DAERI SOFT Inc

Activating these buffs is simple—tap on the desired one and watch ads to trigger them. Once activated, their effects last for an hour, persisting even while you’re offline. As you log back into the game, these buffs’ benefits will be added to your AFK rewards, optimizing your resource gains and giving you an edge in your adventures.

Summon Items

Getting items is crucial, and there are various ways to get items besides defeating enemies. Go to the Shop at the screen’s bottom to summon weapons, accessories, and more. Pick the gear type and use diamonds to summon x10, x30, or x300. You can also watch ads to summon items for free.

S class Heroine Summon
Image via DAERI SOFT Inc

After summoning, head to the Items section beside Growth on the main screen to equip your new gear. Pick what you want and gear up your Heroine.

Enhance your Items

To boost your gear in S Class Heroine, go for the Enhance option by choosing the item you want and tapping the gold Enhance button. This will need pink gems to beef up the equipment’s base stats.

S class Heroine Enhance Equipment
Image via DAERI SOFT Inc

When you collect multiple copies of an item, head to the Upgrade section near Enhance. Tapping Upgrade merges these duplicates to create a rarer item. For quicker upgrades, use Batch Upgrade to combine eligible items across different gear categories.


The game represents various versions of Ella, starting with Adventurer Ella as the default. As you progress, unlocking other princess variants offers unique powers after awakening and passing their test. To switch avatars, access the Avatar section near items, select a variant you own, and tap Change.

S class Heroine Avatar
Image via DAERI SOFT Inc

Swapping between Ellas isn’t merely cosmetic. Each avatar comes with distinct skills, impacting gameplay. Despite skill differences, every Ella’s stats, traits, and rune status remain consistent across characters.


Beyond encountering other Ellas, you’ll meet various characters across the multiverse. To recruit them as teammates, use the Ally icon near the Avatar. Tap a character and select Giving a Gift. Pick an item with a heart symbol, their favorite, to instantly become allies.

S class Heroine Ally
Image via DAERI SOFT Inc

Once they’re your ally, arrange your team by selecting them again and tapping Party Formation. Creating a strong team involves wisely positioning your allies and leveraging their unique strengths. Experiment with different formations to discover the most effective synergy among your heroes.

List of Game Modes in S class Heroine

1. Quests

In Quest, you’ll face mixing tasks, battles, and challenges that reveal the game’s story. Finishing quests move the story forward and give important resources to your character. The main quests show up on the left side of your screen, guiding your adventure. And don’t forget the daily tasks and repeats shown in the Quests symbol on the top right—they bring more rewards, so it’s smart to finish them regularly for extra perks.

2. Arena

You will unlock the Arena, once you’ve finished the Avatar Acquiring Mission. Here, you’ll create a squad of three characters and take on challengers. Your opponents’ combat power is shown by the crossed-swords symbols. Winning in the Arena earns you points to climb the ranks and get cool rewards. The Arena stands as a vital battleground, rewarding strategic team-building and tactical skills with valuable prizes, a crucial aspect in your hero’s journey.

3. Dungeons

Dungeons are accessible through the Content symbol, dungeons provide diverse challenges and rewards. The Goods Dungeon stands out as the primary dungeon, offering varied rewards like gold and runes. You’ll need special keys obtained from events and quests to access these dungeons. Each dungeon offers unique challenges and rewards, enriching your gameplay experience in different ways.

S class Heroine Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Improve your Heroine’s attributes

Consistently improving your Heroine’s attributes, skills, and traits is pivotal for success. Regularly visit the Growth section to enhance these aspects, ensuring your Heroine becomes stronger, more resilient, and more effective in battles. Experiment with different upgrades to find the perfect balance that complements your playstyle.

2. Use Buffs by watching Ads

Use buffs wisely, and activate them strategically during gameplay for temporary advantages like boosted damage, more gold and EXP, and better item collection. Make the most of these boosts during critical moments, especially when facing tough bosses or resource-rich stages.

3. Upgrade your Gears

Boost your Heroine’s strength by managing equipment wisely. Summon gear and accessories, then enhance and upgrade them. Strengthening your equipment significantly boosts your Heroine’s abilities, preparing her to take on tough challenges.

4. Utilise the Idle feature

Maximize your rewards without actively playing the game! One of the game’s perks is the ability to earn rewards while you’re offline. By logging in regularly, you’ll gather idle rewards, enhancing your gameplay experience with bonuses that accumulate while you’re away.

5. Manage your Resources wisely

Effectively manage your resources, such as diamonds and special keys, to unlock premium features and facilitate your journey through the game. By strategically utilizing these valuable currencies, you can access exclusive content, acquire rare items, and significantly boost your progress within the game. Smart allocation of these resources ensures that you make the most out of every opportunity, maximizing your overall gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

In the vibrant universe of S Class Heroine, an epic journey awaits. With each quest, battle, and upgrade, your Heroine grows in strength and ability. Remember, strategic planning, resource management, and continuous character development pave the path to victory.

This guide aims to equip you with the knowledge and tactics necessary to navigate this captivating adventure. Embrace the thrill, master your skills, and embark on an exhilarating quest to become the ultimate Heroine!

That’s all from us for the S class Heroine Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our S class Heroine Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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