Sakura School Simulator Beginners Guide and Tips

Today we will be talking about a game that we ourselves can’t help coming back to. A Japanese game made by Garusoft Development Inc, Sakura School Simulator is the perfect game to take along when you will be in areas without WiFi or data. It is also by far one of the best school simulators that we have come across on the mobile gaming platform. So today in this Sakura School Simulator Beginners Guide, we will be diving into some tips and basic tricks to help you out when it comes to playing this game.

Getting Started

With five playable characters, both male and female available, this game is perfect for anyone. The mobile game is played in a little fictional Sakura town. A mixed world, this amazing game combines both of the situations in the real high school everyday life in Japan and the situations which are shown in Japanese animations that everyone knows sometimes include very fantastic elements.

And the best part is the ability to control and change Four players in the same scene. Each action you make towards the other NPCs will affect your gameplay, leading you to different situations.

There are five playable characters:

  • Rina Tamaki (girl)
  • Taiga Yuki (boy)
  • Yuta Aida (little boy)
  • Mio Aida (little girl)
  • Cat Butler Robot

Now, let’s step into the world of Sakura School. Starting off, unless you choose to become any of the other playable characters, you’ll start off as the teenage girl and spawn in front of her house. From there you can go to the school or look around, as there is much to see in this game. 

Stepping into Sakura school

1. Defeat the leader of the Yakuza

What to cause some mayhem? Go to the Yakuza office (there are two men wearing black clothes walking outside it). Kill all the members, and go up to the two-door and kill the other members. Then to the doors on your left and kill the leader. You will find in the building 4guns, 1 sword, and 7000 yen. Also remember that if you don’t kill the members, or even die, they will keep following and attacking. 

2. Complete missions at the given designated times

Chinese Characters (8:40-9:30)

Head to the school and go to classroom 1-1 (2-1 for male MC). Sit on your seat and wait (or skip time) until the teacher starts teaching. The mission will soon clear (if you skip time, you’ll have to get up and sit on your seat again).

English (9:40-10:30)

Still in the same class, so just wait (or skip time) until the lesson start.

PC (14:10-15:00)

Go to the PC room on the left side of the 2nd floor of the school. Find a place to sit and hit action

Monkfish (13:10-14:00)

Go to the left side of the 2nd floor of the school. Go to the last class and find a place to sit.

Marathon (10:40-11:30)

Go to the back of the school and find the track (or just teleport to School Yard). Switch into the gym clothes and start running down the track.

Ballet (11:40-12:30)

Go into the gym (or teleport to Gym) and change into the swan suit. Then go through the large pink ring to start spinning. Go back through the ring to walk again. 

This of course is not the full list of the missions.

3. Earn Money from NPC

You can earn money by befriending the NPCs like the old man from your school, the salesman from Sukuma corp, random drivers (try to steal their car and if they try to run, go after them and throw compliments to avoid getting reported) those 3 NPCs would give you money ranging from 1k to 2k Yen. After befriending them, you can select the option give me some money located at the talk button. But make sure to keep the status of your relationship up or they will not give you money.

4. Escaping the police without taking damage

If the police are after you, lead them to a corner, where one is in front of the other, or stand behind one of the officers. If one shoots another, the other will attack back, and you will no longer be their objective. If one kills the other, additional police will go after them and you will have successfully escaped death.

5. Making an NPC your lover

When you first start out and you have no money to buy a love potion, simply find your choice and talk to them until they allow you to hug them. Then simply spam hug while you compliment them until the status of the relationship is ranked as a lover. 

6. Earning money

You also don’t have to talk to NPCs to find money, simply exploring the town, you can find it just laying around. There is also money in the girl’s house, the boy’s house, and the little kid’s house. Keep an eye out while you’re flying around or you’re bound to miss it.

7. Making friends

Simply go around talking to each person until you’re ranked, friend. You can also complete missions for some NPCs when they request you to get some food or drink for them. 

8. Stay clean

To avoid your popularity dropping make sure to head or teleport home and take a bath and use the toilet.

Customizing your character

One of the amazing things about this game is the ability to customize your characters (the boy and the girl), with some costumes giving you cool powers like the Alice in wonderland dress that give you the ability to shrink/grow. You also have the ability to change the outfit’s colors, your eyes, and even the color of your hair. Some costumes increase your damage, and some just turn you into a toddler or a baby. Yes, you heard right, you have the option to play as a baby.

Another interesting concept to this game is that death itself doesn’t exist. If you kill someone, they have fainted but will not die. This means that if you kill someone, they will wake up the next day, and they will hate you and track you down. 

In this amazing game you decide the story, you decide how popular you will be. If you want to drive around, you have that ability to drive until you destroy your car and spawn it again. If you feel like changing you clothes, simply go to your house and quickly change before continuing on your way.

Sakura School Simulator Guide: Tips and Tricks

 A beautiful game, the number of students in the game can be changed from a few to the max before entering the game. One of the main reasons that we myself come back to this amazing game is the limitless options available, along with the ability to edit the game from the weather to what the characters say.

  • Play the game the way You want, leaving the gaming experience in your hands.
  • Be a peacemaker or cause mayhem at your own whim.
  • Become the popular student you’ve always wanted to be or become the outcast. Even become the most hated by many.
  • Choose your lover, once chosen they stay your lover unless you make them hate you. Even make your other playable character your lover

The options are almost endless, so play as you choose. And since this game doesn’t show blood, this game is perfect for younger audiences. Choose your path and set forward on the mission of your choosing. Who knows, you might just get as attached to this game as we are.

Did you find our Sakura School Simulator Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Hello Sherry, There are three different skills in the game. Intelligence, Arm Strength and Leg Strength. These can be trained on all 5 characters. The boy has dumbbells in his bedroom. In addition, there is the martial arts room in the school, where there are also dumbbells, as well as a point where you can train the leg muscles. With the dumbbells you train the arm muscles. In the library in the school you can increase your intelligence by reading books. Applies to all. You get one skill point per use. 3 times training in a row at one thing… Read more »


I want to get the game


How do i retransform a lover to a close friend

Chelsea Cooke

Hi, I like Sakura school simulation it is Soo cool.

Can you Mirror clothes to make it look different and special?

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