Shadowgun War Games: The Complete Hero Guide

It’s been over a week since we saw the release of Shadowgun War Games. In case you are not aware of the game, you can find everything you need to know in our beginner’s guide. It is a team-based first-person tactical shooter which allows players to take control of the heroes, where each of them has their own abilities and gears. Beginners might be confused as they may not know which hero they should go for while playing the game. This in-depth hero guide for Shadowgun War Games will clear out any confusion regarding the powers and abilities of the characters.



Primary Weapon – Valiant Assault Rifle

Secondary Weapon – Rioter SMG

slade in war games
Slade in Shadowgun War Games


Grenade – This ability lets players throw a grenade at an enemy which inflicts quite some damage to enemies upon explosion.

Medkit – This ability lets players heal themselves with a medium amount of health, thus eliminating the need for using health points in a map.

Recommended Playstyle

Slade is an Assault class character. Gunplay should be your primary focus if you’re planning to play with Slade. As Slade, you should fight on the frontline and take charge of the assault along with Revenant. Slade’s assault rifle is perfect for dispatching enemies in mid-range as it inflicts a good amount of damage. However, if your enemy comes in close range to engage you, you should instantly switch to your SMG. SMGs inflict less damage than the assault rifle but the high rate of fire will come in handy during a 1v1 scenario.

If you find multiple enemies close to each other, you use your grenade against them. Grenades inflict damage upon enemies but it’s not enough. Therefore, the best tactic would be to first weaken an enemy by shooting them with your assault rifle from a distance and use your grenade to finish them off. A major advantage of choosing Slade is that you do not have to rely exclusively on health packs found across the map, nor do you have to wait for Sara to heal you with her Healing Blast. Use your Medkit whenever you are low on health. Just like all other special abilities, medkit can be used again after a specific amount of time has passed. Therefore, you should only use it when you’re on the verge of dying, and not before that as you’d be wasting an important resource.



Primary Weapon – Gryphon Machine Pistol

Secondary Weapon – Jabberwock Shotgun

shadowgun war games hero guide
Jet in Shadowgun War Games


Blink – This ability lets players teleport across a short distance, thus reducing the risk of getting attacked while running around the map.

Time Rift – This ability transports the player character into an alternate timeline where they cannot be harmed, which is a fancy way of saying that it gives you temporary invincibility.

Recommended Playstyle

Jet is a Runner class character. As Jet, your primary objective should be to support your team by engaging enemies who are attacking your teammates. However, do not take lead charge in frontal assaults. Rather, flank your enemies while they are busy fighting your teammates. This will make things easier for you as well as your teammates. Use your pistol to attack your enemies who are busy fighting your teammates. As for your shotgun, use it for close-range combat.

Jet’s abilities really come in handy during a match. Use the Blink the ability for escape purposes and Time Rift for the attack. Whenever you’re overwhelmed by an enemy, activate the Blink ability to quickly escape from the incoming fire. When you see an isolated target, use your Time Rift ability to reach your enemy and kill them with a shotgun. The Time Rift ability is an important resource, therefore, you should not waste it by randomly activating it during escapes.



Primary Weapon – Asclepius Rocket Launcher

Secondary Weapon – Epione SMG

sara shadowgun war games
Sara in Shadowgun War Games


Healing Blast – This ability allows players to throw a healing grenade which regenerates the health of nearby teammates as well as themselves.

Protection Dome – This ability lets you deploy a protective dome around you which protects you and your teammates from damage.

Recommended Playstyle

Sara is a Healer class character. Rather than attacking enemies, a player who chooses Sara should focus primarily on healing their teammates and protecting them. If you’re attacked by an opponent at close range, equip your SMG to engage them. As for long-range, use your rocket launcher to inflict damage. The rocket launcher is not as effective as one might think. If you’re aiming for the ground near an enemy, you might end up completely wasting your ammo since the enemy needs to be really close to the point of impact. Try to get a direct hit on an enemy’s torso as it greatly reduces their health.

The Healing Blast and the Protection Dome ability should be combined together for the best possible result. If your teammates are near you and are attacked by enemies, deploy your Protection Dome to shield them from incoming fire. Immediately afterwards, throw a Healing Blast inside the dome to regenerate the health of your teammates. This will give them a small window to gain health as well as reload their guns.



Primary Weapon – Avenger Sniper Rifle

Secondary Weapon – Lynx SMG

willow shadowgun hero
Willow in Shadowgun War Games


Flash Mine – This ability lets you deploy a flash mine on the ground. Enemies stepping on the mine will be temporarily disoriented with a blinding flash.

Supercharge – This ability allows you to charge your bullets with energy and lets you inflict increased amount of damage on your enemies.

Recommended Playstyle

Willow is a Sniper class character. Your focus should be to use your sniper rifle to your advantage and pick off enemies one by one. Do not go for close-range combat as it is not worth risking your life for no reason. A few shots with the sniper rifle will kill an enemy, therefore, use your primary weapon to your utmost advantage. Use your SMG only when you are being engaged at close range.

The Flash Mine is an effective tool for an ambush. Set up a Flash Mine in areas such as narrow alleys, door entrances, stairways. Wait for enemies to get flashed and kill them with your sniper rifle. As for your Supercharge ability, combine it with your SMG for the best possible outcome. Whenever you are engaged by an enemy in close quarters, activate the Supercharge ability, equip you SMG and spray the bullets all over your enemy. That should kill them really quickly.



Primary Weapon – Ravager Machine Gun

Secondary Weapon – Zealot Kinetic Repeater

revenant shadowgun war games,
Revenant in Shadowgun War Games


Roar – This ability can be used upon an opponent to disorient them and temporarily limit their mobility.

Inner Rage – This ability temporarily reduces the amount of damage you take and increases your movement speed, while also decreasing the damage you inflict upon enemies.

Recommended Playstyle

Revenant is a Tank class character. As Revenant, your goal should be to lead the assault on the enemy team along with Slade. Revenant has a machine gun which is really helpful during combat. Focus on whichever enemy you find and keep shooting them with the machine gun until they die. You also have an SMG which should be used only when you run out of ammo for the machine gun.

The Roar ability should be used followed by a machine-gun attack. Use the ability to temporarily limit the movement speed of your enemy and keep shooting them with the machine gun until they are dead. Revenant may be a Tank class character but he is not invincible. He is huge and is very easily noticed by enemies. If you’re overwhelmed by multiple enemies, use the Inner Rage ability to reduce the damage taken. While in the Inner Rage mode, your mobility is increased, therefore, charge at your enemy and keep shooting them with your machine gun. Apart from inflicting damage, you will actually be scaring them away since they’ll retreat to reload to their gun and recuperate with the help of Sara’s Healing Blast.

Will there be more heroes in Shadowgun War Games?

Shadowgun War Games has only five heroes for now. Madfinger Games will add more heroes to the roster in future updates. For now, you should familiarize yourself with each of the present five heroes. Every hero has their own set of abilities and loadout, therefore, familiarizing yourself with each one of them will be very useful as you may not always get the hero of your choice. Always remember the fact that your opponent has the same heroes and they will use the heroes’ abilities to their own advantage. And if you’re ever stumped while playing Shadowgun War Games, you can always refer to this hero guide.

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