Soccer Manager 2024 Guide: Tips and Tricks to make money easily

The more you earn the more you win

Just like how finance is the major component for a Football team to succeed, it reflects the same in Soccer Manager 2024 as well. From making a marquee signing to upgrading the club stadium, that one currency can cover it all. With so many ways available to spend Cash, the in-game currency, there are also a few ways to earn some for your club. Here are 10 varying tips and tricks to bump up the cash/ money in Soccer Manager 2024 covering both short-term techniques, as well as long-term strategies.

Tips to make money easily in Soccer Manager 2024

1. Selling Players

First and foremost, the easiest way to earn a quick and meaningful income boost is by selling players. The money generated through transfer fees is a positive in itself, but the wages cleared out also reduce outgoings, helping in the long term. Selling players is a vague topic, and there is a range of different ways to get players to sell.

Already owned players

There may be some players at the club that are surplus to requirements, these should be the first going out the door. It’s harder to sell some of these kinds of players. However, it’s often better to offload as soon as possible, rather than stretch out for the best deal.

They won’t make any significant difference to the team and will continue to eat up club finances until the contract ends. Selling them, whatever the price is, will free up much-needed wages. Access the Transfers section for the same, look for options, and proceed with your offloading.

Scouting investments

Scouting is a very useful tool in SM24, and it can help identify some hidden talent in the world of football, especially to get some future talents to make names for your club. It can be a good idea to sign some decent-potential youngsters on bargain deals, even if they aren’t first-team levels.

SM24 Scouts Reports
Image via Invincibles Studio

The main idea is to manage their development, improve their ability, and eventually sell for a profit in the future, in case they don’t meet their potential. The Free Agents list can also be a good place to look around for, as there’s no chance for a loss transfer fee-wise. This is a long-term strategy but once you sign a batch of a few players, it’ll kick-start a chain of profit each season, and can also be quite satisfying too.

Youth Academy

This strategy is similar to the previous “Scouting Investment” one. Instead of signing another club’s players, use the local Youth Academy of the club. With each upgrade to the Youth Academy, not only are there more players available, but they’ll also come with higher potential. After this point, all that is left is to develop these players, and then eventually sell them for profit in future seasons.

2. Loaning-Out Players

When it comes to making money, lots of people try to boost their income in Soccer Manager 2024. However, another method is to reduce the outgoings, which will automatically result in a long-term benefit. The best way to do this is by loaning players. If a player will only be useful to the first team in the direst of situations, it might be better to just loan them out.

Especially the fringe players on high wages, there’s no point in keeping them around if they’re only around for absolute emergencies. In addition, it’s a good idea to put all the reserve team youngsters who aren’t at first-team-level on the loan list too. Not only will it help with their development, but it will also keep their morale high with game-time, and also free up some space on the wage bill too.

3. Club Sponsors

This is one of the easiest ways to guarantee some additional cash inflow for the club. All it requires is a few clicks for literally free money. Sponsors are essentially businesses that pay money to football clubs. In exchange, the club puts the logo of the business on their shirts to promote them.

Usually, there’s a bit more to think about for sponsors but for SM24, we’re only really interested in the money. Perhaps the logos of some businesses in the game aren’t easy on the eye for some. But, at the end of the day, if the cash is good, then why complain?

Soccer Manager 2024 Finances
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Sponsors work such that the bigger and more reputed the club is, the more money they offer. For example, a club like Manchester United will earn much better sponsorship deals than for example, Sheffield United who are in the league below. Usually, it’s best to go with the sponsor providing the most value.

However, it’s worth thinking about scalability as well. If promotion to a better league looks likely, it’s better to pick the shorter sponsor length, so there are better sponsor deals to choose from in the following season. Keep your finances tab in check for the sponsors.

4. Pre-Season Friendlies

Pre-Season Friendlies in Soccer Manager 2024 offer a great way to boost cash flow. It’s an opportunity to enhance team chemistry, play to your squad’s strengths, and accumulate extra funds, an added benefit worth taking advantage of. Playing the first team isn’t always necessary either, these friendlies are a great opportunity to play the youngsters and help maintain the backup players’ match fitness.

5. Upgrade Club Zone

SM24 Club Zone
Image via Invincibles Studio

The club zone handles the miscellaneous areas of the site such as Injury Prevention, Recovery, and more, with some income sources being the main aspect. A singular upgrade to the club zone will bump up the impacts of all these individual buildings. Although it’s more of a long-term investment, it’s one of the easiest to do, and the profits will come automatically.

6. Upgrade your Stadium

Upgrading the stadium in SM24 demands careful consideration but comes with substantial long-term advantages. Managers can scale up stands, enhancing both capacity and visual appeal. A larger stadium means more seats, translating to increased opportunities for ticket sales and financial gains.

Soccer Manager 2024 Stadium
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The Season income can be looked at, which will project how much you can earn over the season if the fans turn out for your matches. Take a look at each stand, see which brings you more in terms of revenue, and then upgrade them one by one.

7. Daily Login Rewards

Our next tip is to not ignore the daily Login Rewards. SM24 offers a pretty generous login rewards scheme offering free resources to all managers. Just log in to play the game every day to claim them, and the longer the login streak, the better the rewards. Not only is there free cash on offer (the amount varies depending on the club), but players will also get free boosts and SM Credits. The latter is the most prestigious currency in the game and can be used for spotlight players, cash injections, and more.

8. Free Gifts

SM24 Free Rewards
Image via Invincibles Studio

Free Gifts in SM24 are essentially small packs available to open in the store. They contain 1 type of item, ranging from boosts to SM Credits to proper in-game cash. Whilst the money rewards won’t be enough to sign the likes of Kylian Mbappe or Erling Haaland, they’re still completely free and easy to claim. There is a cool-down on them, but players also have the option to watch an ad to skip this.

9. Manager Upgrades

Heading over to the manager upgrades menu, there are a lot of things to do to improve the in-game manager. Out of all of them, there are also a few upgrades that have an impact on the money. The “Start Balance” skill does what it says on the label.

Soccer Manager 2024 Manager Traits
Image via Invincibles Studio

At the start of a new save, the club receives an elevated starting balance. There are also some Attributes to rank up which have a significant impact on finances too. “Transfer Negotiator“, “Wage Negotiator“, “Sponsorship” and “Merchandise” are all useful attributes that will help improve future financial deals.

10. Winning Competitions

This can go without saying, fans want their clubs to play to win. The more victories, the more money made. All competitions have prize money and the bigger achievements usually have huge paychecks. In addition, for tournaments with knock-out stages, each round is another opportunity to earn cash through ticket receipts.

SM24 Prize Money
Image via Invincibles Studio

A football club winning is considered an expectation, and this may seem like an awkward point to make. However, so many competitions often result in heavily packed schedules. It’s common for managers to rotate teams for the tournaments that are less important, to preserve the first team for the main games. Of course, that makes sense as well, but if finances are overly poor, it’s worth considering the idea of a strong team in as many competitions as possible.

Did you find our Soccer Manager 2024 tips for making money helpful? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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if anyone knows , pls help…
when one offer comes for a player that i have for sell , sometimes the money are less than players value . i tried to respond and give a number , but it didnt work as it worked at sm21…
how the *** i re-up the offer???


if you try to buy a player, sometimes the clubs can accept less than the value, maybe this is a same and they can’t counter the offer so there’s no solution for that

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