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Solo Leveling: ARISE Beginners Guide and Tips

Become the World's Best Hunter with this guide!

Solo Leveling: ARISE is the highly anticipated mobile action RPG that follows Sung Jin-woo’s journey, the protagonist of Solo Leveling, as he aims to become the world’s strongest hunter. I’m thrilled to announce that this Solo Leveling: ARISE Beginners Guide and Tips will help you start in the game and know some useful things to note as a beginner.

Netmarble unveiled the official website for this upcoming action RPG, Solo Leveling: ARISE, in March 2023. Recently, it was revealed that Netmarble will make the early access version of the game accessible to players in Canada. Additionally, you can explore redeem codes to unlock potential freebies in the game.

Solo Leveling: ARISE Gameplay Basics

In Solo Leveling: ARISE, you play as Sung Jinwoo, the main character from the webtoon. You level up to learn new skills and use different combinations of skills and weapons for dynamic combat. Team up with hunters from the webtoon to tackle fast-paced gameplay. Master each hunter’s abilities, combine their powers, and clear gates quickly.

Solo Leveling Arise gameplay
Image via Netmarble

Extract shadows from defeated enemies to fight alongside you, just like in the webtoon. Aim to become the Monarch of Shadows by forming your own Army of Shadows. Face challenges from magic beasts inside each gate and defeat them using various skills, hunters, and tactics.

Solo Leveling: ARISE character stats

In Solo Leveling: ARISE, you have the option to allocate stat points that significantly enhance your character’s various abilities and strengths. Below are the stats available for distribution, maximization, and leveling up:

AgilityCritical Hit Rate
Critical Hit Damage
IntelligenceAdditional MP
Cooldown Reduction

This feature is present both in the game and in the webtoon, and it’s beneficial that they’ve included this system in the game.

Solo Leveling: ARISE game modes

Solo Leveling: ARISE offers a variety of game modes that I am still in the process of discovering. Although I’ve played some parts of the game, its diverse range of game modes and content suggests that it caters to both beginners and endgame players. Here are the different game modes available in Solo Leveling: ARISE:

Solo Leveling Arise game modes
Image via Netmarble
  • Story Mode
  • Gates
  • Encore Mission
  • Instance Dungeon
  • Battlefield of Trials
  • Battlefield of Time
  • Power of Destruction

Solo Leveling: ARISE Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

This comprehensive Solo Leveling: ARISE Beginners Guide is filled with essential tips and tricks to enhance your gaming experience. It covers everything from optimizing your character to understanding various game modes, hunters, and enemies. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills or unlock your Hunter’s potential, these valuable insights will lead you to success in Solo Leveling: ARISE.

1. Progress Story Mode

Progressing through Story Mode is an essential step in Solo Leveling: ARISE. Not only does it unlock further contents and game modes, but it also provides an immersive experience where I get to relive the captivating story from the webtoon.

Solo Leveling Arise story mode
Image via Netmarble

As a player, it feels empowering to be the one conquering challenges and facing enemies, making it a highly rewarding and enjoyable aspect of the game.

2. Upgrading and Equipping Skill

Upgrading and equipping skills play a crucial role in my gameplay strategy. I carefully choose the best skills that complement my playstyle, focusing on upgrading them to enhance their effectiveness.

Solo Leveling Arise Skills
Image via Netmarble

Mastering these skills and incorporating them into powerful combos has significantly improved my combat prowess, allowing me to tackle tougher challenges with confidence.

3. Challenge Gates

Challenging gates of varying ranks, from E to S, has been an exciting and rewarding experience. These gates not only offer valuable rewards but also contribute to my overall progress by completing achievements and challenges.

Solo Leveling Arise Gates
Image via Netmarble

Each gate presents a unique set of challenges and enemies, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging as I strive to conquer higher-ranked gates for greater rewards and achievements.

4. Upgrade your Weapon

Upgrading my weapon has been a game-changer in Solo Leveling: ARISE. With a variety of weapon types available, including some obtained for free in Story Mode, I’ve had the opportunity to experiment and discover the benefits and effects of different weapons.

Solo Leveling Arise Weapons
Image via Netmarble

Upgrading my chosen weapon has significantly boosted my combat capabilities, allowing me to deal more damage and effectively handle tougher opponents.

5. Activity Funds

Claiming Activity Funds has become a routine part of my gameplay strategy. This feature provides a steady stream of coins and EXP, which are essential for my character’s growth and progression.

Solo Leveling Arise Activity Funds
Image via Netmarble

Consistently claiming Activity Funds not only ensures a steady flow of resources but also unlocks additional rewards and special features as I continue to progress through the game, making it a valuable aspect of my gameplay experience.

What are your thoughts about the Solo Leveling: ARISE Beginners Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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