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Solo Leveling: ARISE Team Composition Guide and Tips

Create the best team for your hunters!

The launch of Solo Leveling: ARISE as a highly anticipated mobile game featuring an action-packed RPG experience, has generated significant excitement. Through extensive gameplay during its early access phase, I’ve honed my expertise in optimizing hunters and crafting effective team compositions. This Solo Leveling: ARISE Team Composition Guide is designed to help players maximize their team’s potential and empower their hunters to excel in their roles within a team.

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How team role works in Solo Leveling: ARISE

Understanding the role of each hunter within the game or team is vital. It’s important to assess whether your focus should be on offense, defense, crowd control, or DPS. Each element and class demands distinct characteristics to achieve optimal gameplay.


Dealing damage effectively requires a reliable Damage Dealer at the forefront. Characters in this role excel at inflicting substantial damage, greatly influencing battle outcomes. Players can opt for a ranged DPS such as a Ranger or Mage for consistent damage from a distance while keeping the DPS safe and supported. Alternatively, choosing a fighter provides a more direct approach to DPS, catering to different playstyles.


In my experience with Solo Leveling: ARISE, having a sturdy tank is akin to having an unyielding shield for your team. Tanks are resilient hunters crafted to absorb damage, safeguarding your more delicate teammates from harm. I find healers to play a similarly crucial role alongside tanks, and players can choose which they prefer to bring into dungeon battles. Having at least one healer or tank in a team composition is essential for ensuring the team’s survival in most encounters.

Solo Leveling Arise gameplay
Image via Netmarble


A well-rounded team, in my opinion, must include a dependable support buffer. Buffers and debuffers bring essential buffs and utility to enhance the team’s overall performance. From my adventures, I’ve found that having a skilled mage capable of crowd control or providing elemental damage boosts is crucial for solid team composition. Their abilities not only sustain the team but also elevate our effectiveness across various challenges.


In my experience with the game, a breaker holds significant importance as many enemies feature resilient shields that require a skilled breaker to overcome. Most breakers fall under the Fighter or Tank classes, offering decent semi-DPS damage while providing crucial crowd control and utility. Including a competent breaker in your team composition ensures smoother progression and success in challenging encounters.

Examples of Team Composition in Solo Leveling: ARISE

1. Mage DPS Team

Choi Jong-In + Min Byung-Gu + Emma Laurent + Song Chiyul

Choi Jong-In as a mage damage dealer brings high damage output, coupled with his non-reliance on critical hits, synergizes well with Min Byung-Gu’s top-tier healing abilities and light element damage support. Emma Laurent brings break-focused damage dealing, shield provision, and defense penetration to benefit the team’s overall damage potential.

Solo Leveling Arise Choi Jong In Build Guide
Image via Netmarble

This is especially true when considering her synergy with Song Chiyul’s undisclosed yet likely complementary abilities. In my experience, this team’s cohesion lies in a balanced mix of damage, healing, and utility, creating a well-rounded approach to tackling challenges in the game.

2. Ranger DPS Team

Lim Tae-Gyu + Lee Bora + Seo Jiwoo + Min Byung-Gu

Lim Tae-Gyu shines in dealing substantial single-target damage as a Ranger class hunter, making him ideal for boss encounters despite his slower skills. Lee Bora has summoning abilities that contribute to consistent damage output and she excels as a dark element buffer, enhancing the team’s damage potential against specific enemies. The role of Seo Jiwoo as the best breaker unit adds utility with constant skill cooldown refreshes and increased tankiness.

Solo Leveling Arise Best team
Image via Netmarble

Min Byung-Gu brings healing prowess, especially with his Disguise skill, which boosts the team’s survivability and critical damage potential, making him an indispensable healer. Together, they create a well-rounded Ranger DPS Team capable of tackling various challenges efficiently.

3. Fighter DPS Team

Hwang Dongsoo + Woo Jinchul + Baek Yoonho + Min Byung-Gu

Hwang Dongsoo as a Fighter class hunter brings consistent crowd control with stun, knockdowns, and airborne abilities, excelling against shielded bosses. Woo Jinchul brings mobility, extra dodges, and defensive scaling to enhance team survivability, albeit with slightly lower damage output. Baek Yoonho stands out as the best light damage dealer and breaker, with his explosions and consistent break abilities contributing significantly to DPS.

Solo Leveling Arise Hwang Dongsoo Best team
Image via Netmarble

Min Byung-Gu’s healing and crit rate/damage boosts, coupled with his ease of building and reliability as a healer, solidify the team’s sustainability. Together, they form a robust Fighter DPS Team capable of handling various challenges effectively.

Final Thoughts

In summary, this guide equips you with the tools and strategies needed to excel in Solo Leveling: ARISE. Learn how to build strong teams that deal massive damage, stay resilient in the face of challenges, strategically buff your party, and effectively break through enemy defenses. Whether focusing on offense, defense, crowd control, or DPS, this guide offers valuable insights and strategies for success.

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