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Squad Busters Battle Mods: Complete list of game modes and how to unlock them

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Supercell‘s latest title Squad Busters has plenty of game modes that unlock as you progress through the Squad Journey. Currently, there are 22 game modes or battle mods in the game that are divided into 4 Worlds – Green World, Desert World, Royal World, and Beach World.

Game modes or battle mods that unlock at Green World

When you start Squad Busters, you start at the Green World. It is considered as the Squad Journey level 1 to 14 and unlocks a total of 8 battle mods or game modes.

Squad Busters Green World, Squad Busters
Image via Supercell
  • Double Trouble: Every chest will offer double characters, both are the same though.
  • Loot Goblin Rush: Plenty of Goblins with a loot sack will be around. You need to hit them for gold!
  • Pinata Party: Pinatas will spawn on the map that will offer gold coins and gems.
  • Turbo Overload: Turbo boots will randomly appear on the map.
  • Tree Giants: Gem-filled trees will be there at the center of the map.
  • Speel Overload: Spells will randomly appear on the map.
  • Fusion Start: You’ll start with a fusion character.

Game modes or battle mods that unlock at Desert World

There are 5 battle mods or game modes unlocked at the Desert World. Once you hit level 15 on the Squad Journey, this world starts and continues until level 34.

Squad Busters Desert World, Squad Busters
Image via Supercell
  • Epic Overload: Every chest offers an epic card but you can pick only if the card is unlocked.
  • Whack-A-Mole: Mole robots will appear and you can bust those for loot.
  • Royal Hunt: Royal Hosts can be beaten to add to your squad.
  • Loot Surge: The map offers plenty of loot.
  • Doppelgangers: Each chest pick will change your squad.

Game modes or battle mods that unlock at Royal World

Squad Busters Royal World starts at Squad Journey level 35 and continues until 59. This world unlocks a total of 5 game modes or battle mods.

Squad Busters Royal World, Squad Busters
Image via Supercell
  • Chest Imposters: Fake chest will not offer any loot.
  • Golden Boots: Better boots, better boost.
  • Super Gem Mine: A bigger gem mine will burst out more gems.
  • Gift Critters: Gift-wrapped robots will be roaming around for you.
  • Mega Start: You get a free mega unit at the start.

Game modes or battle mods that unlock at Beach World

Beach World in Squad Busters starts at level 50 and continues until level 89. It unlocks 4 game modes.

Squad Busters Beach World, Squad Busters
Image via Supercell
  • Angry Vines: The growth of the vines is boosted.
  • Baby Battle: Only babies are allowed to be on the battlefield!
  • Monster Pets: Chests will give you monster pets.
  • Ring Grab: You can get Gem Rings in this battle mod.

All these 22 game modes or the battle mods are available as of now. I’ll be updating this article when more game modes are added in Squad Busters.

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