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Squad Busters Troop Evolution Explained

Evolution has a lot of benefits

Evolution is a unique troop mechanism in Supercell‘s Squad Busters where you merge troops to upgrade them. There are currently 4 stages of evolution for all 27 troops with more planned in the future. But to do that you’ll need to have a certain amount of cards.

Squad Busters Evolution Stages and Calculation

Each troop by default has 4 stages of evolution – Baby, Classic, Super, and Ultra. When you unlock a troop, its starts at the Baby stage. After you do the first round of evolution, it becomes Classic. Then the next round will make it Super, and it goes on. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, you do not require Gold Coins for evolution.

Evolution StageTroops RequiredStar
Baby1 Baby Troop1 Star
Classic10 Baby Troops2 Stars
Super100 Baby Troops3 Stars
Ultra1000 Baby Troops4 Stars

The game already shows that there are more versions of evolution planned. According to some leaks shared on the official subreddit, it looks like the next version is going to be called Ultimate. As per the calculation, it is expected that one Ultimate evolution will require 10,000 Baby Troops.

Squad Busters, Squad Busters evolution, Squad Busters character evolution forms
Squad Busters Evolution (Image via Supercell)

Benefits of Evolution

Evolution is one of the few ways to progress in the game. To complete the Squad Journey, you’ll need to do this. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck. When you do an evolution, your troops become powerful. They unlock bonus attributes that make it much stronger.

When you complete a fusion (which unlocks the evolution form for you) on the battlefield, it requires 3 troops of the same. In return, the troop becomes almost 2.5x in terms of total HP and Attack. Not only that this battlefield fusion also helps in lowering the Chest prices for you.

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