Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch Guide: Top 10 Horses who will be the best to Breed

The most useful horses to level up your game!

Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch is a fun and exciting horse racing game that allows you to raise horses, buy new ones, and race them in the ring. There are 14 Horses in the game to date. In this article, we will look at the top 10 best horses in the game Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch.

Best Horses in Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch

In the game, you can also train your horses by giving them all kinds of different treatments to make them faster or stronger. The horses have a lot of personalities, and they grow into strong, beautiful animals with amazing skills and talents. Similar to Horses, if gamers want to compare odds and offers on eSports events and competitive games, they can check the OddsChecker website here.

10. Australian Stock Horse

The Australian Stock Horse has a speed of 50, agility of 65, stamina of 80, jump of 80, and acceleration of 50. It is also a 4-star horse, which signifies that horse lovers greatly value it for its exceptional performance and different qualities.

Australian Stock Horse
Image via Foxie Ventures

The Australian Stock Horse is a good pick for people looking for a high-quality and adaptable horse companion because it has 161 million possible combinations and it can be unlocked with a silver key.

9. Kiger Mustang

Kiger Mustang
Image via Foxie Ventures

The Kiger Mustang horse breed is renowned for its speed, agility, and endurance, and this particular horse excels in all three of these categories. This horse has a speed of 60 and an agility of 70. While its jump of 75 and acceleration of 50, its stamina of 70 guarantees that it can use its speed and agility over long distances. This horse is a 4-star creature with more than 562K possible combinations. A silver key can be used to open it.

8. American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horses are popular for their speed, agility, and adaptability. This horse has a speed rating of 70, an agility of 60, a stamina of 50, a jump of 50, and an amazing acceleration of 95. The American Quarter Horse has a 4-star rating, demonstrating its high level of aptitude and training.

Quarter Horse
Image via Foxie Ventures

This horse’s 161 million possible combinations make it a widely desired breed in a variety of horse games and simulations. A silver key can be used to open it or get access to it.

7. Shire

The Shire horse has a speed rating of only 60 and a high-speed rating of 90. It is a well-liked option for gamers who take part in long-distance rides or participate in jumping competitions due to its 100 stamina and jumping rating. Even though its acceleration rating of 50 may not be the highest, it is still a respectable feature.

Shire Horse in Star Equestrian
Image via Foxie Ventures

With over 230K possible combinations, the Shire, a 5-star horse, offers a vast range of customizing options. The Shire is even more exclusive because players will require a silver key to unlock this breed.

6. Friesian Sporthorse

Friesian Sporthorse is one of the fastest horses in the game with a speed rating of 100 and an acceleration rating of 90. Its agility rating is 85. However, with a jumping rating of only 50 and a stamina rating of only 75, it is less ideal for lengthy journeys.

Star Equestrian Horse Ranch Friesian Sporthorse
Image via Foxie Ventures

With over 7 million possible combinations, it offers a wide variety of customizing choices as a 5-star horse. In order to get the Friesian Sporthorse, players must have a silver key because of its rarity.

5. Paradise Quarter Horse

Star Equestrian Horse Ranch Paradise Quarter House
Image via Foxie Ventures

Paradise Quarter Horse is a versatile horse as it has a speed and agility rating of 75. Its jumping ability is 100. The Paradise Quarter Horse has outstanding acceleration, rating at 100. However, given that it only has a stamina rating of 50, long-distance rides might not be the ideal use for it. It is a 5-star horse and has 90 possible combo options. Players will require an ancient key, to access this horse.

4. Friesian

The exceptional Friesian horse has extraordinary powers. Although it only has a speed rating of 60, this horse has an agility rating of 100. The Friesian also possesses remarkable stamina and jumping skills, with ratings of 100 and 80, respectively.

Star Equestrian Horse Ranch Friesian
Image via Foxie Ventures

Even though its acceleration rating of 60 may not be the highest, it is still useful. The Friesian is a 5-star horse, and can be unlocked by a silver key adds to its rarity. Only 30 possible combinations are available for the Friesian.

3. Aesir Friesian

The excellent Aesir Friesian horse possesses extraordinary skills. It is one of the game’s quickest horses with a speed rating of 100. Its agility score of 60 may not be as high as some other breeds, but despite this, it still has exceptional stamina and jumping skills, both of which are scored at 100 and 65, respectively.

Star Equastrian Horse Ranch Aesir Friesian
Image via Foxie Ventures

Moreover, the Aesir Friesian has a great acceleration rating of 75, which enables it to reach its top speed rapidly. It is a 5-star horse. The Aesir Friesian is a versatile breed that is highly adaptable, having an amazing 1080 possible combinations.

2. Clydesdale

The Clydesdale has a speed rating of 70, making it not the fastest horse in the game, but its agility, endurance, and jumping skills, all of which have a rating of 100. The Clydesdale can accelerate swiftly and has an acceleration rating of 55. It also has a jump rating of 75.

Star Equastrian Horse Ranch Clydesdale
Image via Foxie Ventures

In addition, the Clydesdale breed offers an astounding 979,000 possible combinations, making it a popular choice. The horse becomes even more exclusive as it requires a silver key to access.

1. Aratiri Clydesdale

Star Equastrian Horse Ranch Aratiri Clydesdale
Image via Foxie Ventures

Aratiri Clydesdale horse possesses an excellent speed and agility score of 75. Aratiri Clydesdale also has a jump that is rated at 100 and great stamina that is rated at 100. Aratiri Clydesdale has received the maximum rating of 5, which is the highest possible. This horse offers 60 various combinations. The horse becomes exclusive as it requires an ancient key to access.

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