Static Shift Racing Beginners Guide and Tips

Flex your drifting ability in Drift Sprints!

Static Shift Racing offers an open-world racing experience to the players, developed and brought to you by Timbo Jimbo an Australian studio. The game however lacks a collection of cars in the game which according to the developers will be tackled with the upcoming updates in the game. The game offers many options thus making it complex for new timers, however, this Static Shift Racing Beginners Guide will aim to simplify things for them.

Gameplay Overview

The game offers everything which a console street racing game would tend to offer, from in-depth car customizations to a variety of street races ready to test the players all up to their grinding limits, thus making it one of the complete street racing games which are there to be offered on mobile platforms.

The game starts with the player moving into the city as an anonymous driver looking for mere opportunities to prove themselves, however, the reputation soon changes as the player starts racing around the city while completing the challenges scattered all along the roads in the city. As you will keep on defeating real-time players in races varying from circuit to flat on drag, your reputation will do rounds in the city and soon will make you one of the feared drivers of the Static City.

Keep an eye out for upgrades in the Black Market

The black market is the place where you can get your hands on the equipment needed to improve your car’s performance, however, there is not much equipment you can get from the black market, with upcoming updates in the game developers is sure to add some new equipment for each car in the game.

Static Shift Racing redeem codes, Static Shift
Image via Timbo Jimbo

Black markets can be used for body parts on making sure your car is unique enough and stands out in the crowd. For upgrades related to engine and performance, you can easily access the upgrades available for your ride via the Garage from the main menu screen. Engine upgrades are directly proportional to the levels in the game and can be accessed only when you have crossed the defined level.

Race through a variety of events scattered all across the static city

The static city is not that static after all with all types of racing going on all the time, the game offers the players a chance to pick all types of races while cruising through the streets in an open-world environment of the game. The game offers sprint races, drifts races, and circuit races, in each of them you compete against real-time players giving the game a true street racing experience.

Static Shift Racing Beginners Guide, Static Shift Racing
Image via Timbo Jimbo

Races are not the only thing the open-world environment of the game offers, there are challenges scattered throughout the world as well which allow the players to demonstrate their driving ability, from drift-based challenges to time trials. Completing the drift and time challenges make your nitrous refill which of course helps a lot while racing.

Customize your car both for looks and performance

The highlighting feature of the game, even after having an open-world street racing environment has to be the customization that it offers. The game offers many unique body parts, and decals enough for the players to make sure they leave their mark on the game. Players as they keep progressing down the line can browse an exhaustive catalog of unique modifications from rims, bumpers, side skirts, full-body kits, spoilers, hoods, and so much more. The game offers the players enough options to make their ride different enough from the other riders.

Static Shift Racing Beginners Guide, Static Shift Racing
Image via Timbo Jimbo

Players can also fine-tune their car through the garage option available from the main menu in the game. For this players have to make sure that they have crossed a particular specified in the game to get their hands on the specific upgrade for their car. When it comes to engines there is not much you can do every car has just 3 tiers of engines, the basic, advanced, and legendary ones. Just purchase the upgrades when you have enough resources in the game along with the level points and your car will be upgraded.

Static Shift Racing Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing multiple hours in the game, we have come up with the following tips and tricks in our Static Shift Racing Beginners Guide for the game with the aim of helping out new players by making their races easier and gameplay better.

1. Use Drifts and Stunts to replenish Nitrous

Static Shift Racing is not as static as the title would suggest, the game offers a very crisp and detailed control in terms of vehicle movement and steering abilities, drift is a very important aspect of such, which should not be ignored at all costs.

Drifts give points to the nitrous however be aware once you start drifting you have to complete the whole drift in order to add those points toward replenishing the nitrous if you would run into any obstacles while drifting it will count towards the cancellation of all the points accumulated till that point, hence be extra careful while drifting of not running into any obstacle.

Static Shift Racing Beginners Guide, Static Shift Racing
Image via Timbo Jimbo

Similarly, stunts also help the players with boosting the Nitros available for the ride, again failed stunts will count towards nothing and only the completed ones will award points.

2. Learn how to Drift properly

Drifting might sound like an easy thing to do, but in the game it is hard and a complex task to complete if playing with the mobile interface, of-course the whole process will start coming together as you will progress with the game and practice it yourself however we, after playing the game for several hours have listed down some points to remember while drifting in the game.

Static Shift Racing Beginners Guide, Static Shift Racing
Image via Timbo Jimbo
  • While Drifting remember the slower your car would be the better your maneuverability will be thus providing you more control on sharp turns, in short, accelerate in short bursts while drifting.
  • Use the handbrake while approaching sharp corners and follow rule 1 to maintain a clean path on turns.
  • Use the movement keys to maintain distance from the barricades and dividers on the roads.

3. Fast travel within the events and locations of the map

The game allows the opportunity for players to fast travel between the locations and events which already have been discovered in the game, by doing this players certainly save much-needed time in the game. Fast travel however as stated before is available for the locations and events already discovered by the players in the game. New races and small-time events such as the sprint and circuit races are spread all across the map.

Static Shift Racing Beginners Guide, Static Shift Racing
Image via Timbo Jimbo

In a game like this which has such a big and diverse open-world environment for the players to explore it is justified to have fast travel options so that players don’t have to grind towards just reaching two different locations in the game.

4. Complete Events that are scattered all across the map

The only way to unlock more races and events is to explore the map to its fullest, there are many races both side quests and main storyline missions scattered all across the map, and players will have to keep on exploring these races if they aim to compete against the limits in the game.

Static Shift Racing Beginners Guide, Static Shift Racing
Image via Timbo Jimbo

Races of all caliber, both easy and hard are accessible only via discovery, there are smokes of different colors available in the in-game environment which are there to mark the availability of the races in the game. Players will have to however discover these races manually by running into them to initiate that specific event.

5. Buying new Cars can be more beneficial in the early stages of the game

Not saying that upgrading your current car can hurt your progress by any stretch of the imagination, but every car has its limits. Hence in the early stages, you will get an ample amount of money by just completing the introductory part of the game, however, if you will keep on saving the money earned in the beginning then you will have a decent amount of opportunities to land yourself a decent ride at the beginning of the game itself.

Static Shift Racing Beginners Guide, Static Shift Racing
Image via Timbo Jimbo

The car at the beginning of the game doesn’t add much to the game and offers just basic features hence spending too much money could prove to be a costly mistake in the game moving forward. Be sure to browse through the options available every time you tend to make an investment in your ride in the game.

Final Thoughts

The game, Static Shift Racing offers a unique racing experience in an open-world environment where customization is at the heart of everything. Every player in the game can make sure that his/her ride looks different and unique in every sense they want it to be, be it body parts, paint jobs, or how fine-tuned the ride is.

Everything is at the disposal of players which adds a special feel to it combined with great console-level graphics on mobile platforms, the game in various moments gives an old school Need for Speed Underground vibes from it. We hope that with this Static Shift Racing Beginners Guide, we were able to simplify things well enough for players in understanding the game.

Did you find this Static Shift Racing Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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