Streetball Allstar Beginners Guide and Tips

Time to rule the court with your mates!

Labeled as one of the best 3V3 Streetball games ever, Streetball Allstar has all the elements in it that make it a Streetballer’s Paradise. Users can now experience the rush and thrill of playing a Live Streetball Game on their mobile devices anytime. From the house of racoonDigi, it is a multiplayer game you definitely won’t want to miss out on if you are the fourth man. In this beginners guide, we are going to walk through all the game modes that Streetball Allstar has to offer and share some valuable tips and strategies from our experience of playing the game.

Gameplay Overview

For the newbies, games in Streetball Allstar are fast-paced and skill-based. Each game is approximately 3 minutes long. The rules are similar to a real-life Streetball game except for the fact that scores here are counted as 2s and 3s and no 1s and 2s. You can collect a bunch of funny yet skillful characters across different positions namely, Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Point Guard, and Shooting Guard. Each character exhibits some professional skills that are unique to him/her such as Box Out, Follow-Up Shoot, Fadeaway 3 pointer, etc.

Game Overview
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Choose the character that suits your playing style to make a king-size contribution in spearheading your side to a win, and earn the Most Valuable Player tag. You can challenge professional players from around the Globe across 3 Game Modes. We will discuss all the game modes in detail. First things first, let us understand all the in-game resources available at our leisure, how to earn them, and when to use the same.

Understanding in-game resources

The game rewards users with Gold Coins, Diamonds, and Rubies as in-game resources.

  • Gold currencies: They are most widely obtained. You can earn Gold currency by just grinding the game on a daily basis. Completing Event Objectives, Daily Tasks, winning games and earning season points reward you handsomely with in-game Gold currency. They should be used only to strengthen your characters.
  • Diamonds: They can also be earned easily by grinding out the game but refrain from spending them. Diamonds should be used only to unlock new characters with special skill sets to make your team stronger. They usually eat up a lot of diamonds and hence save your diamonds. Do not unnecessarily waste them for reducing the waiting time to unlock chests faster.
  • Rubies: They are the hardest to earn. The game does not give out Rubies easily. They can be either earned from the Top-Up Bonus section at a discounted price, or a season pass reward. The game occasionally gives out Rubie-vouchers for free for users to redeem them. 30 Rubie-vouchers can be converted to 3 Rubies. They serve every purpose but do not waste them as they are hard to come by.

Introducing the gamemodes

Further, in this Streetball Allstar beginners guide let us now walk through the 3 game modes:

Ladder mode

As the name suggests, The Ladder mode is the ladder for you to rise up the Leaderboard. It is an online 3V3 multiplayer mode where you invite globally active players, to team up with you and challenge 3 other users to team up and defeat you in your own court. You control only one character. The other 2 characters in your team are controlled by online users who have been asked to team up with you. Hence to win games, you need to understand your teammate’s call and respond actively. What makes it more challenging is the fact that the matchmaking is all random and your opponents can even be from a higher tier.

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Winning Ladder mode games would reward you with a Ladder Chest and most importantly Season points that would give you access to loads of in-game rewards and ultimately activate the Season Pass. Each season usually lasts for 10 days. As you win games you rise up the Tiers. You are assigned tiers like Bronze-I and Silver-V based on your in-game performance.

Provide assists, score the most number of times, block your rival team from scoring and earn the tag of Most Valuable Player (M.V.P). The game rewards you handsomely if you end up becoming the MVP most number of times in the Daily and Weekly MVP Leaderboard. The Ladder Mode progression refreshes at the start of each season.  

Battle mode

In the Battle Mode, users can battle against their opponents across 3 Game Modes, namely Solo 3×3, Team 3×3, and the Invitational Mode.

  • Solo 3×3: The Solo 3×3 gamemode tests the competitiveness against the AI. You need to pick 3 characters from the available ones to challenge the AI in your own court. Unlike The Ladder Mode, you control all 3 characters in Solo 3×3. This is the easiest of all the game modes since beating the AI is pretty easy in this game. You can even win games with rookie-level skills since the AI adjusts according to your skillset. Winning Solo 3×3 games earns you Experience Points (EXP) and loads of in-game rewards. It is the easiest way to level up in the game.
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  • Team 3×3: Just like Ladder Mode, you need to team up with other online users to win. Each user controls one character and hence you need to have strong coordination skills in order to win games. You are matched randomly against 3 other online users from the same tier or a tier higher. All games take place in your Home Court though. Users are rewarded with EXP points and
  • Invitational Mode: This game mode unlocks once you reach Level 20. Users can invite their friends for a 3×3 showdown against you in your court. You and your buddy control all 3 of your characters in this mode.

Street Legend

The STREET Legend
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The Street Legend Mode is a story mode with competitive and intriguing chapters in each. Each chapter has small sub-chapters where some challenges would be placed before you in the form of a story. Each chapter rewards you with gift boxes containing Gold currencies, Gems, Energy Gels, Protein Bar, Generosity items, and loads of other in-game resources. They are really fun and easy to complete since you challenge the AI here and it adjusts according to your skill standards.

Streetball Allstar Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here is our bonus Streetball Allstar beginners guide for all Streetballers to quickly assemble their characters, know their strengths and weaknesses so as to field the best 3 in online matchmakings. What follows next, are some useful tips and strategies from our experience of playing the game.

1. Never miss out on the Daily Tasks

Once you launch the game, you will find A Task Section on the in-game menu screen. Make sure to visit that section daily to see what tasks the game has set up for you. Pretty simple and easy to complete tasks would be set for you to complete like open at least 1 Chest, Win 3 or more Ladder/Battle Mode games, etc.

Daily Tasks
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Finishing each task would reward you with in-game currencies and Experience Points. The task set gets refreshed each day. To be honest you need less than an hour to complete these tasks and challenges. Make sure you do not miss out on them any day as they end up rewarding handsomely.

2. Start with Solo 3X3 modes

The Battle Mode unlocks after going up a few levels. Initially, when you play the Ladder Mode, you might find winning an easy task since you would be matched against Beginners who are yet to develop an idea of the game, but as you rise up by 5 or 6 Levels, you would find winning Ladder Mode games difficult. The sole reason behind it is a lack of coordination with your online teammates. To master the coordination skills as a beginner, we would suggest you start playing Solo 3×3 games as soon as The Battle Mode unlocks.

Solo 3X3 Modes
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In Solo 3×3 you control all 3 of your characters. And hence you can form a proper idea of teamwork. Since the AI difficulty level in Solo 3×3 adjusts according to your skills, you would find winning a lot easier and that would give you much-needed confidence going ahead with the Ladder Mode and Team 3×3 Mode, along with Experience Points.

3. Focus on all round development and strengthening of your Characters

Besides developing coordination skills, another important checkbox that you need to tick for winning Online 3v3 showdowns is to make your players learn new skills and lay stress on their Strengthening. Each character has the ability to learn new skills that are unique to him/her.

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To make them learn new skills, one needs to spend Energy Gels. Energy Gels can be easily earned by just playing the game. On winning a game, Chests are given out as rewards. Energy Gels can be obtained upon unlocking those chests. They are also given out for free as login rewards or can even be redeemed by entering Free Redeemable Codes.  The skills that you should first lookout for are: Fadeaway Mid Shot, Fadeaway 3 Points, Box-Out, Flick, Hook-shot, and Turnaround Dribbles.

Strengthening your characters after every few games is also important for them to be able to perform to their fullest potential. They need to be fed with Nutrition Bars for instant energy. Just like Energy Gels, they can be obtained easily by just playing the game. Strengthening your characters increases their OVR in the skills that they possess. To activate Strengthening, one needs to spend in-game Gold Currencies and Nutrition Bars.

4. Resource Management

Resource Management is an important aspect of any game. Do not spend Gold Currencies on any other aspect other than Strengthening your Characters. Diamonds, though widely available, should not be wasted unnecessarily on unlocking chests faster. They would be unlocked anyways. Save your Diamonds for unlocking new Characters with unique abilities as they eat uploads of Diamonds.

Resource Management
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While spending Gold Currencies and Gems on Outfit Strengthening make sure that the Outfit does not expire anytime soon. There is no use investing in Outfits that will expire in 2 or 3 days. Only spend on those Outfits which you have unlocked permanently. Never even think of converting your Rubies into Diamonds. Rubies are the hardest to earn. DO NOT exchange them for anything.

5. Activate the season pass box before the season expires:

A Season usually lasts for 10 Days. Make sure to unlock the Season Pass Box before season expiration. Winning Ladder Mode, Battle Mode, and completing Street Legend Chapters, rewards you with season points. Loads of in-game resources and character equipment can be earned with those season points.

Season Pass
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The Season Pass Box unlocks at 35 Season points and ends up rewarding handsomely with player strengthening items that would come in handy in forming a Strong Side. Hence grind the game on a daily basis to collect all of them before the Season Expires.

6. Closely guard your opponent when on an offensive run

Closely Guarding your opponent when he/she is on an offensive run in the frontcourt(inside the 2 point line), won’t allow him or her to shoot or dribble past for more than 5 seconds. The ball has to be passed on to their teammate. The close guarding should be done by your Centre Position character. Initially, the character Big Mike would get the job done for you with his physical assets.

7. Perform shots and moves based on your character’s ability

To win games, it is important to access your characters and their abilities and plan accordingly. For example, the characters that you get initially on Day 1 are Big Mike, Maggie, and Havoc G. If you play a few games, you will realize that Maggie and Havoc G. can basket the ball from outside the 2 point line with more accuracy, than from a shorter range. 

Big Mike, on the other hand, has a higher conversion rate while shooting from a smaller range (i.e. inside the frontcourt and close to the basket). HE would clearly struggle while going from 3 points. Each character has a specific role to play. It is important to identify their skill sets and play accordingly. Players like Maggie and Havoc G. can go for 3 Points while Big Mike can play a role defensively by closely Guarding the opposition players owing to his physical features and eye for a rebound shot after a missed field goal as his conversion rate up there is high.

Maggie becomes an immediate preference in the team once you make her learn the Turnaround Dribble Move. Always look to pair up with Centre+ Small Forward(C+SF) or Centre+ Shooting Guard(C+SG) teammates.

8. Keep an eye on the Tier Missions

To ace in this game, you need to progress across 7 Tiers. Each tier comes with certain objectives. As you look to rise up the levels, simultaneously keep an eye on the Tier Missions by accessing the Mission Tab on the In-Game Menu screen.

Tier Missions
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Completing the compulsory tasks rewards you with a Tier Certificate and promotes you to the next tier along with loads of other useful in-game rewards.

9. Other Miscellaneous Tips

  • Do not miss out on the Daily Login Deals. Make sure to login each day for earning in-game rewards and special characters with unique skills.
  • Access the in-game chat section for communicating with the Worldwide Community. Make friends and ask for gifts (especially ruby-vouchers as they are hard to get) and send them gifts too as a token of thanksgiving. Open the Chat Section Daily to stay updated on the Free Redeem Codes and other limited offer items the Game brings in.
  • Avoid disturbance near the basket when your teammates are on an offensive run. It would reduce the conversion ratio of their shot.
  • Keep a track on the shot timer beside the score-sheet. If you do not take the shot within that time frame, you are denied possession and your opposition team gets to serve the ball.
  • Watch Ads daily and spin the wheel to earn in-game resources. You can watch 10 in-game ads daily.

Final Thoughts

Although the game is based on 3v3, the developers have done a fabulous job in adding professional skills like Box Out, Flip, Follow-Up Shot, and Hook Shot. It has added a touch of realism to the gameplay. The in-game graphics as the players enter the court gives a feel like you are playing a Live Streetball Game. Overall it is funny, skill-based and a must-try game if you are a Sixth Man.

If you face any difficulties in your journey with Streetball Allstar 3v3, you can always refer to this Streetball Allstar beginners guide for quick assistance.

That’s all for today’s Streetball Allstar beginners guide. Did you find our Streetball Allstar beginners guide helpful? 

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U can send gift too. Send it from him/her profile


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How to Strengthen any character: activate 2/20
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