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Summoners War: Chronicles Guide: Tips to earn more Gold in the game easily

Tips and tricks for farming gold!

Summoners War: Chronicles is one of the most successful games launched recently and many Summoners have already reached the end game. Now starts the quest for Gear, Runes, and Monster upgrades. More and more players are finding themselves low on Gold. It’s become apparent throughout the last few weeks just how valuable Gold is and will continue to be. Here are some of the ways how players can farm Gold in Summoners War: Chronicles.

How to earn easily Gold in Summoners War: Chronicles

Gold is the most commonly used currency in Summoners War: Chronicles, right alongside Crystals. Not only is gold used to enhance a character’s gear, apply stones, and affix gems, but it’s also used for things such as monster upgrades. (runes, awakening, leveling, and skill ups.) Let’s not forget things such, as harvesting tools, potions, and cooking agents from the General Goods merchant. Perhaps the biggest sinkhole of gold, however, is crafting

1. Mimick Story to farm Gold

Monster stories are only a one-time earning, however, worth noting. Around Chapter 5 in the story, players unlock the ability to do the monster story called “Mimick”. To navigate to this quest, they must go to the game’s main menu, and move to the icon “Guard Journal”.

Summoners War: Chronicles Farm Gold
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From there they’ll see a tab “Monster Story.” The Mimick story is a multi-step quest that nets 2,000k (2 million) gold just for completing the quests. This is by far the quickest gain for gold when players are fresh out of the main storyline.

2. Processing

Next up is Profession. It’s a great idea to invest some of the gold players will earn into this specific craft. While it’s a great idea to work on all of the professional skills the game has to offer, there is one that by far beats the other for gold farming.

Summoners War: Chronicles Farm Gold
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The props available in the processing section under the professions tab can be used to craft outfits, but many don’t know that these props can also be sold to the NPCs for large amounts of gold. These props are limited to a certain amount of crafts per week, so be sure to craft and sell this weekly!

3. Repeat Quests for Gold Rewards

Another, more minor way to earn some gold is to take advantage of AFKing. Summoners War: Chronicles does a great job of incorporating AFK aspects into the game. Repeat quests can be purchased with a specific currency known as Rahil Orders.

Players can access the repeat quest interface by opening up the game’s main menu and navigating to the “Quest tab”. From there they’ll be able to select from a plethora of different quests. It is recommended to go to the highest map they can, to do repeat quests as these quests will net the most rewards.

Summoners War: Chronicles Farm Gold
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If players run out of the Rahil Order currency, they can get a certain amount of refills every day. Players can also acquire them through actions such as Tower of Ascension, Area quests, Achievements, Crystals, and Events. Chances are, if they’ve just leveled up their first character, there will be quite a bit of these laying around. Happy AFKing!

4. Utilising the Exchange Center

Lastly, the usage of the Exchange Center. This is one of the favorites and the biggest reward for the players who put extra effort into the game. Exchange Center is Summoners War: Chronicles’ version of a broker system. Though it is slightly altered by consisting of its form of currency known as Rahild.

Players can navigate to the Exchange Center through the main menu. Here they will notice a bunch of different menus, one consisting of the words, “Sell Item”. Once they click on it, several things from the inventory will appear as available to sell. This is like a typical system: someone sells, and others pay.

Exchange Centre
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If players need gold and they get Rahild from Exchange Center, they can go to the scary tab at the top of the Exchange that says Rahild Exchange. To newcomers, this looks like a giant cash shop sinkhole however, it’s gold. Players need to take all the Rahilds they’ve earned from selling things and sell them for Crystals.

Now that they have got the crystals in hand, players should navigate over to the ‘Shop’ tab, accessible from the main menu. Scroll to the bottom and click the tab called ‘Currency’. There they will get the gold. It’s infinite as long as a player is willing to put in the work. 

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to farm Gold in Summoners War: Chronicles. While enhancing gear and powering up monsters can be overwhelming. Players must take a bit at a time, and never pass up the chance to snatch some gold!

What are your thoughts on our guide on how to farm and obtain Gold in Summoners War: Chronicles? Let us know in the comments below.

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