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Summoners War: Chronicles: The complete Team Composition Guide and Tips

Take on the grounds with the best team possible!

Summoners War: Chronicles has been one of the most successful games to launch in recent days. As it is a Team RPG action game, players must know about the best thing to take into consideration while building their best team with the desired Summoner as per their choice. In this guide, we will discuss the best team composition and ways to obtain the resources in Summoners War: Chronicles. Thus, let us look into the best sets of teams that can be followed up by beginners and they can flourish well at their early stages in the game.

Best Team Composition tips for every Summoner

The game mainly has three Summoners who are the most important part of the game. Players must choose any of them by distinguishing them with the type of powers they hold. So, the main thing is that every beginner must be familiar with all the types of power they possess and then come to a conclusion with the best sets of monsters they can choose as their companion.

1. Cleaf

Cleaf is the Tank Class Summoner, and thus as the class suggests he is a frontline attacker. Cleaf comes along with his magical sword and shield on the battlefield and thus rushes towards his enemies with the best sets of ATK and DEF powers. As he is a Tank Class hero, the best things he requires are a Support class monster and a Dark class monster.

cleaf-summoners-war Summoners War: Chronicles Team Composition
Summoners War: Chronicles Team Composition for Cleaf (Image via Com2us)

The reason is, as Cleaf is a frontline fighter, he needs a backup from behind where the Support class monster can provide the best cover fire and the Dark Mage class monster manipulates the opponents with his special casts and psychic powers. This will create the best scenario for the players and thus, they can claim victory over anyone easily.

Support Class Monster: Wind-style Occult Girl

Thus the best Support class monster is the Wind-style Occult Girl who has the powers which are best to fit in the role to fight beside Cleaf. Occult Girl has immense DEF powers and her Wind-style powers can help the players to provide the best cover fire from behind. Her special range attacks from behind trash away the enemies and clears out the battleground in just a blink of an eye.

Dark Mage Class Monster: Dark-style Vampire

Another companion, Dark-style Vampire, because of their great psychic powers can fit best in the role. The Dark style of this monster will be the best because of his manipulative spells which he casts from a distance that lets the enemies travel in the world of illusion and thus creates a fair winning chance for his mates fighting at the front. So, if you want to hallucinate someone, just add up the dark-style Vampire and continue with your action peacefully.

2. Orbia

Orbia is the Summoner who is considered the best Magician among the Summoners. She has the best sets of psychic powers and spells that just makes the opponent hallucinate and travel into different realms. She possesses very few ATK and DEF powers and thus she prefers to always fight from a distance.

Summoners War: Chronicles Team Composition for Orbia (Image via Com2us)

So, by these characteristics players can surely guess the best set of monsters, being from the Warrior class and the Support class. As Orbia is the Caster of the team, she needs the best fighter alongside the best man to provide the appropriate cover fire for her comrade.

Warrior Class Monster: Fire-style Monkey King

The Fire-style Monkey King is the best considered Warrior class monster to fight with Orbia. Monkey King has the best ATK powers compared to the rest of the Warrior class monsters. He even has the best physical strength as well which helps him to dodge attacks from enemies easily. Monkey king comes along with a stick which helps him to fight, shield, and even come up with some creative fighting moves that will confuse the enemies at times.

Support Class Monster: Fire/Light style Archangel

The Fire/Light style Archangel is the best Support class monster to fight with your Orbia. Archangel fight with their Sword that has the power to manipulate the aura from the source and then use that aura to come up with the best powers from it. Archangel has one of the best ATK powers and is the only Support class monster who can fight as a Knight and Support class monster at the same time.

3. Kina

Kina, being the youngest and the most talented among the Summoners serves in the best way she can. She belongs to the Healer Class and thus her immense power along with her Hammer can help her comrades heal while they take up lots of damage. She also comes up with few ATK and DEF powers and hence prefers to help her mates from quite a distance from the opponents.

Kina Summoners War Summoners War: Chronicles Team Composition
Summoners War: Chronicles Team Composition for Kina (Image via Com2us)

As she belongs to the Healer class, she can best cope with Warrior and Mage class monsters. This is so because the Warrior class monster will keep up the fight at the frontline, the Mage class monster will use her spells to hallucinate the enemies, and here our Summoner will heal them up along with the best set of cover fire from behind.

Warrior Class Monster: Fire/Light style Chimera

The best Warrior class monster that will fit the best with Kina is Fire/Light style Chimera. This flying beast has great potential to thrash away enemies in just no time. Chimera has some good potential because of ATK powers and its wings, providing the best defense while dealing with damage. It comes up with the power breath range attacks that easily wipe out 2-3 enemy troops without any hesitation.

Mage Class Monster: Water/Wind style Polar Queen

Then comes the best Mage class monsters for Kina, Water/Wind style Polar Queen. Her extraordinary mystical powers will help Chimera to fight easily against the half-dead hallucinated enemy troops. Due to her lower ATK powers, she prefers to play her role from a distance and helps her mates to fight up easily.

Final Thoughts

Summoners War: Chronicles is an RPG action game that consists of a lot of monsters in the form of companions that are ready to serve the Summoners whenever they want. Players must always wisely choose the Summoners they feel like alongside the appropriate combination of monsters so that they can fight back with the disciples of Tefo and their allies easily. That’s all for the Summoners War: Chronicles team composition guide, we hope it helps you to finish off the fight and bring back peace in the lands of Rahil as early as possible.

What are your thoughts on our Team Composition guide on Summoners War: Chronicles? Let us know in the comments below.

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