Super Sus – Who Is the Impostor Beginners Guide and Tips

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Not long ago, there is one multiplayer social deduction game that become famous and played by many players around the world called Among Us, seeing that PIProductions develop and release a similar game but in 3D. This game that PIProductions develop is Super Sus – Who Is the Impostor. Now we will give you some tips for you to play this game. Some of you who played Among Us before will find this game very similar. But for you who have not played this kind of game before, this Super Sus – Who Is the Impostor Beginners Guide will help you to play it.

With the goal of the game similar to Among Us, which is to survive from the impostors, and try to discover who are the impostors together, Super Sus is equally as interesting as Among Us in terms of the gameplay. But Super Sus has some features that Among Us does not have, such as ranked mode, roles, and skins.

Super Sus – Who Is the Impostor Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Master the in-game Map

Super Sus have several maps for players to play the game, each map has different sizes and areas, so getting familiar with the map is one of the important things, especially if you play as the impostor, you will need to know a specific place which is the security area since you can check out the CCTV  to see which area is the most crowded and which one is not in order to carry your mission as the impostor. As for other roles you also need to know the area, especially the one with your task in it. Currently. Super Sus has four different maps available:

Map knowledge
Image via PIProductions


The Spaceship is the first map for all players to start playing Super Sus. There is a vertical symmetrical ventilation system in the Spaceship. Because the map has many visual tasks, such as taking out the garbage, physical examination, repairing shields, and hitting meteorites. Therefore, the Spaceship is considered to be the simplest of the four maps.

Air Force Lab

Air Force Lab is located at the top of the earth’s atmosphere and is the headquarters of Mira company, so there won’t be so many insiders here. Compared with the other three maps, this map is the smallest and the smallest one in the game at present, Air Force Lab consists of 14 different locations and 19 different tasks.

At the same time, Air Force Lab also needs its unique security system. Air Force Lab will be unlocked after playing about 3-5 games. At this time, when players choose the map mode to play the game, there are two maps for selection: the Spaceship and Air Force Lab.

Mars Base

As the name suggests, from the name, we can probably clearly understand that the background of this map is on Mars. Mars Base is a research base on Mars. Because it is far away from the earth and difficult to land, Mars Base is considered to be a place away from ghosts.

Mars Base is a very spacious planetary base, which contains 14 different locations, 24 different missions, and new gate mechanisms. The unlocking mechanism of Mars Base is different from that of Spaceship and Air Force Lab. The minimum standard for unlocking Mars Base is to reach 200 trophies, so players, come on and try your best.

Giant Airship

The high-altitude airship is a giant ship that allows you to carry out great plans, and the high-altitude airship is also the largest of the four maps, whether it’s for the crew mission or the ghost operation, this map is very difficult the ghost acting alone is not easy to find the crew, so the survival rate will be very high.

At the same time, due to the large area, when a crew member is attacked by the ghost, the body is difficult to be found and reported. Giant Airship this map adds three new mechanisms different from the other three maps which are mobile platforms and ladders and choose the birth room at the beginning of each time.

The unlocking of the high-altitude airships is also limited by the number of trophies. When the number of trophies reaches 550, you can select the map in matching or ranking mode to play the game.

2. Pay attention to your Role

One thing that Super Sus offer to the players is the roles of each player. In one round of the game, there might be several roles involved outside the two main roles of the space crew and the impostor. In total there are 33 roles that you can play, to get one of these roles, you might get it in a random role choosing before the game start or you can get it from the boxes. If you already get a new role, you can choose what role you want to play.

Image via PIProductions

Each role has a different task in the game, which can help you gain more trophies when you manage to complete it. You might be confused with these roles, we will give you some example of the roles and the task that is specialized to these roles:

  • Sheriff, its role is to identify the impostor and kill it when you find it. Sounds exciting right? You can eliminate the impostor without debating with another player, but there is a catch, if you kill the wrong person, you are the one who will be eliminated from the game, so be careful.
  • Arsonist, this role is also one of the exciting ones to play, its task is to mark other players with gasoline, once all of them or most of them are marked with gasoline, all you need to do is to ignite them on fire, if you manage to mark all players with gasoline and ignite them on fire, you will instantly win the game.
  • Engineer, this role is quite dangerous, what this role does is that this role has one chance to fix urgent remotely in each game, this role also can dive into vents as the impostor does, so you need to be careful, other players might misunderstand you as an impostor.

Outside of these three example roles, there are still many roles that have unique tasks to do, so you need to keep playing until you want to try other roles.

3. Be smart with your moves

Like Among Us, when a body was found, there will be a debate to decide who the impostor is, or since there is another role, you can find who the arsonist is. We all know that this is no easy thing to do unless someone is a witness, but we also cannot trust them 100%, right? Here you will need to think about how to convince anyone if you are the witness of the killing, you will need good reasoning for people to believe you and vote for the actual impostor.

Be smart
Image via PIProductions

If you are the impostor, you will need a good alibi to defend yourself once people start accusing you, you can pretend that you are an engineer if someone sees you diving into the vent, since both roles can do that.

Super Sus has a voice chat feature, you can use it to convince the players that you know who the impostor is or to defend yourself from the accusation of being the impostor. Since we know that we can judge people from the tone of their voice when talking, instead of just reading text.

Final Thoughts

Super Sus and Among Us both have the same gameplay, but Super Sus offer the players with more features that can make the game either easier to win or harder to win. With these roles, players can utilize different strategies and be creative in their gameplay. Super Sus also uses a 3D model for their character design, which makes it pleasant for players to look at, added with the customization, the player will feel satisfied with the performance of the graphic.

That’s all for today’s Super Sus – Who Is the Impostor beginners guide. Did you find our Super Sus – Who Is the Impostor beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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