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Survival Girl: Gunslinger RPG Beginners Guide and Tips

Everything you will need to defeat the mighty Kingdom!

Survival Girl: Gunslinger RPG is an actionstrategy-based RPG Dreamplay Games development that provides the characters a journey to a time where due to an unprecedented blast called Second Impact, certain parts of the world have become in-hospitable and players have to rebuild the destroyed earth one piece at a time while surviving various onslaughts from monsters, zombies, and migrants that come in through the Abyss from another dimension. The game can be a bit confusing at times however, this Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG Beginners Guide will surely help you get the best out of the game in the early stages of the game.

Gameplay Overview

The game as stated before is set after the incident of the Second Impact where most parts of the world got destroyed by the blast, thus offering a wasteland in a post-apocalyptic universe for players to explore to their heart’s content.

Otherworldly monsters and zombies run rampant after the Second Impact, and Kingdom forcibly took control of the humans. An organization called APEX was in control before the second impact and now has created a new and enforced organization by the name of Kingdom.

Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG Beginners Guide , Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG
Image via Dreamplay Games

This allows the game to introduce unique enemies in form of mutated animals and monsters in the game which adds up to the experience in the game. You as a player in the game are the leader of PMC “Bolter” a special squad that is in place to fight against this oppression, the responsibility of saving the world from aggression and destruction lies in with the players.

Form your own Task Force from scratch

The game requires you to take on a whole organization by the name of Kingdom, hence you will be needing some like-minded and equally skilled members backing you up in your quest to battle them out. Your recruits have been assigned appropriate specializations of Ranger, Charger, Artillery, Sniper, and Support. In order to achieve the best results, you need to find or manufacture a variety of weapons suitable for your troops.

Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG Beginners Guide , Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG
Image via Dreamplay Games

You as the commander of the special unit Bolter must recruit talented soldiers to fight against monsters, zombies, and the Kingdom. Not the same weapon can be used for all classes of soldiers in your squad, weapons work best when they are equipped by a character class that actually suits them. Remember that, Rangers use AR (Assault Rifles), Chargers use SG (Shotguns), Artillery uses GL (Grenade Launchers), Snipers use RF (Rifles), and Supports use SMG (Submachine Guns).

Players can during the quests in the game recruit different characters in the game, each of whom will be having different characteristics thus helping you have a diversified squad having various strengths. Some of these characters will also be available via completing quests and other such events or missions in the game.

Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG Beginners Guide , Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG
Image via Dreamplay Games

One thing to note is that each of your recruits is a beautiful girl that could appear in an anime, and also possesses special abilities. The beautiful girls who will take to the battlefield in this violent and gruesome apocalyptic world, are separated into various ranks of Quality, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Do refer to our class tier list for the game to get in detail information as to which character offers the best gameplay option.

Selecting your armor and weapons

The game, Survival Girl being an action shooter game, offers many new guns and gear for the players to equip and use, the players can complete quests or get access to them directly from the shops to access them, as the game progresses further obviously the level of difficulty increases in the game and it becomes harder to compete with other bosses in the game, upgrading current weapons or purchasing new armors is the best way to progress further in the game in certain ease.

Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG Beginners Guide , Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG
Image via Dreamplay Games

Each gun has certain characteristics specific to them and can be used in a unique fashion specific to the player’s gameplay hence selecting the right gun is equally important just as using them.

Crafting your own unique weapons

In the post-apocalyptic world, everyone has gone loco, there is no law and everyone is for themselves, in these troubling times, it is the duty of players to bring order in the state of chaos, and must obtain various materials to create food and manufacture equipment to become self-sufficient.

Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG Beginners Guide , Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG
Image via Dreamplay Games

Kingdom has the ultimate control over your world and thus also has the control over the resources available in the wasteland, defeating them for good is the only way possible to get your hands back on these resources.

Survival Girl: Gunslinger RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After playing the game and analyzing it we have listed the following tips and tricks for new players in order to progress quickly in the game.

1. Utilise the Autoplay feature to progress faster

Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG Beginners Guide , Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG
Image via Dreamplay Games

Autoplay is a blessing in disguise for many players, while playing a situation might arise where players won’t be able to play the game manually the in-game autoplay feature will surely help the players massively in those situations. Autoplay stops once the level is cleared and rewards have to be self manually claimed, if you won’t claim the rewards on time, the whole reward would just disappear.

2. You can send Reconnaissance to a 3-star cleared level

Once a stage is cleared with perfect 3 stars, players can send in a squad of players to just rush complete the level over and over again this is a perfect way of reaping great rewards from each level. In the early stages of the game, the rewards are fewer thus it won’t make much difference to use this feature but as you will progress further in the game more and more rewards will start increasing and thus it will become more beneficial to rush the missions.

3. Don’t miss out on the in-game Events

Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG Beginners Guide , Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG
Image via Dreamplay Games

One piece of information for players going to play the game, make use of events in the game, because the online world of the game, that is the social side of the game is only accessible when the in-game events are going on the game, the game currently is in early access at the time of writing this guide but in future, that might change. Once the events are live you can team up with other players and take on the mighty bosses in the game, Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG.

4. Utilise Food and other materials for Recipes

Since it is the end of the world, the resources are scarce as well especially when you have the evil organization of the Kingdom controlling every life on Earth. You will have to not only fight your way for the materials but will also have to fight for recipes in the game, resources without recipes are resources wasted in the game, they are of no use and will not help you in any way possible. Hence be sure to collect and store as many recipes as possible in the game. You can get new recipes once you complete a level.

5. Defeat the Final Boss at least once to maximise rewards from events

Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG Beginners Guide , Survival Girl Gunslinger RPG
Image via Dreamplay Games

When the in-game events start, you will have to make sure that your team and character at least land a blow on the enemy bosses, else it would be of no use and no damage will be shown in the leaderboard cards thus resulting in no rewards allotted to your account, hence to make sure you are part of the party at least land a blow and inflict damage.

Final Thoughts

Survival Girl: Gunslinger RPG is definitely an interesting game to play especially for those players who like some base-building sort of games, because from resources to weapons to your character you can customize everything and anything, thus it grants perfect gameplay options for players who like to control every aspect of the game, the game being provides a 2-D gameplay thus allowing players to have ease in have a strategical approach to the game.

Did you find this Survival Girl: Gunslinger RPG Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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