MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 Beginner’s Guide and Tips

With the games in the mobile sector being rapidly increasing with the developers focusing on the interest developing in the gamers, there have been many games that are being introduced day in and out. Developers are keen to introduce new and fresh games in the Mobile Market, for different reasons, maybe to make revenue or to give good games and earn fame. There were a lot of games released the following week, one of them being MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020, developed by Glu Mobile. Glu is a very popular video game developer based in America. With the release, there were a lot of questions and doubts for new players regarding the game. So, in this MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 beginner’s guide, the main focus will be on how to know the game and adapt to it quickly.

About MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 was released on 16th March 2020 for Android and iOS. The game is similar to Glu’s previous hit, MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 but with a fresh game and entirely updated teams, rosters and kits. If you have an account logged in to the 2019’s version, you can access that in the current game too.

How to Play – Guide to MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020

After you login to the game, you get to select your model team. After selecting, you will play the tutorial where they’ll explain how to play the game. Honestly, in this part it is dead easy, no math is required to understand. The gameplay is simple, you just have to ‘Tap’ to hit. You play the ‘batter’ and all you have to do is time the ball well. There is no timing meter so there’s necessarily no great tactic to understand, but you’ll adjust once you start playing. You don’t get to ‘pitch’ in this game, just have to bat.

Game Menu

The game menu is actually bit confusing and not easy to understand for beginners. You’ll understand it slowly once you get a knack of the game.

Now let us take a look at the menu options.


Here, you can play online or play a bonus game. A quick match of your level is done and then you get to play an inning each. You have options to find members and invite them to play, with a search box given to ease things.

 In a bonus game, you can play a full 9 inning standard MLB game, of course, you get to bat only. However, you can set your team accordingly, the order of your hitters/batters and pitchers.


This includes in-game items, which are of game currency or real money. Here, you can get hands on different players via drafts. They can be obtained for free once you are completing certain games/objectives or else you can buy them by exchanging gold. These include player drafts, where you can randomly get a player to add into your team via a player draft. Better the drafts, better chances of getting a star player.

You can also upgrade your team via the ‘upgrade’ option in the same menu, where you can upgrade different team aspects such as hitting, pitching, offensive power and more by using game currency.

Setting your team

You can find the ‘Team’ option in the game menu. There, you get to check out your team and the current roster of players. Also, you get to create your own legend under the ‘My Legend’ sub-menu. For different levels of progression, there are different improvements for your legend. Note that you can’t change the playing style of your legend once it is selected, but can customize him whenever you want.

Also, you can select franchise players for a limited number of matches, say 5. You can do the same by using franchise coins available in game. Moreover, if you are impressed with that player, you can even extend the contacts.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 team menu

The list of your batters and pitchers is shown in the same Team menu. You can access your players and upgrade them using game currency and gold. Also, you can view their individual stats by clicking the ‘i’ button on their profile.

In the Gameday submenu, you can set your Uniform, Strategy and Batting Order. Uniforms can be bought by using game gold. The strategy involves how you would like your game go. It includes several options like to what level you would like to Consider Bunting or Stealing with levels like Low, Average, Lots and Extreme. It is up to you to set those.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020

In the batting order, you can either manually enable your batting order or set it automatically. You can change according to a pitcher, different order for a left- or right-hand pitcher can be set manually.


In this menu, you can access your club. You can leave and join a club, where a maximum of 20 can be in a club. Here, you can chat with other players in the club. You can help them level up by donating items such as helmets, balls, gloves which are obtaining while you level up a player, complete games etc. Doing this will result in obtaining loyalty points which can be spent in the shop on purchasing a Club Loyalty Box for evo tokens and other rewards.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020

In the club, you get to play events, where again you can obtain several rewards. These are time-period events and will refresh. Another club event is called Target Bash, where you get to participate for your club in a Club vs Club matchup. A schedule is followed and matchup is played. According to club matchup points, the clubs are ranked and then the rewards are distributed.


This menu involves competitions that earn you rewards. There are events such as Walk off hero, Homerun battles, Prime Events and Tournaments where you have to bat but with different conditions and rules. Based on your rankings, the rewards are distributed.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020


Here, you have to progress tier by tier to get upgrades for your team. They include Rookie, Beginner, Novice, Amateur, Intermediate and Advanced. These follow up for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond tiers. You can obtain special tier players, for example Silver players, Diamond players etc. and will unlock additional divisions.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball progression

Season Mode

This mode involves in a season like experience like in the MLB. You have to progress to ‘Bronze Novice’ to unlock it.


They include your achievements in game. They also will have all your stats, games played, lost and won with match history too. You can also view in-depth stats of your team and your players, both batters and pitchers.

We hope that you’ll find this MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 beginner’s guide useful to understand the game properly. For more Game guides, make sure to visit GamingonPhone again. And if you are looking for a group of Mobile Gamers to discuss about mobile games, join our Discord server.

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yvon denis

how do you introduce a franchise players into your game line up

JoJo Baseball

still having the same problem. I have Aaron Judge as a franchise player with games left: 20 but can not swap for another outfielder to bring into active status. I can swap between active and subs. Also game sometimes skips or pauses. This did not happen in Taps19. any help appreciated.


Well this shouldn’t be happening. Whenever you get a Franchise Player, he is automatically added. In the case of Aaron Judge, after getting him, check your batting order. He should be there. If this didn’t work, go to Batters>Subs and the swap a Sub for Aaron Judge. Then go to your main batters, perform swap again to bring back Judge into the squad. The second reason is because of the game eating up high memory. TAP19 didn’t have this issue as the game wasn’t this heavy. Clear out the memory and document by a soft reset. Reach if there’s any… Read more »


How do I continue a game? It tells me I have an existing game but can’t find where to continue?


My game keeps closing on it’s own?

Michael Cassidy

What’s the icons mean where you spend cash to upgrade?

Michael Cassidy

Can someone tell me what these are?


They are special modifiers that you can level up. If you click the info button, top left of player card, you’ll see what the mean.

Pedro Duran-colon

I have a problem where I open up the game and 5-10 seconds later it closes up, why?

Kenneth Anthrop


Kenneth Anthrop

Changes in pitching are terrible half the time the ball does not even male it to the
plate. The other half it is nothing but curve balls.


Hi,where do I find player statistics.thanks


I have a huge problem. On my kindle I pressed a button marked “speak to text” or “text to speak.” My screen is now locked! Any ideas?

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