Dead by Daylight is coming to Mobile on April 16

Four years ago in 2016, Behaviour Interactive finished developing their survival horror video game Dead by Daylight and launched it for PC, with Starbreeze Studios handling publishing tasks. 2017 saw it’s console release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with 505 Games as their publisher. In 2018, Behaviour Interactive acquired the publishing rights for PC from Starbreeze Studios. Now here comes the fun part. Dead by Daylight is coming to mobile in less than a month’s time after a long beta period.

As per their recent announcement, Dead by Deadlight will launch for Android and iOS on April 16, 2020. Koch Media will handle publishing rights for Android platforms.

What is this game about?

In case you are unfamiliar with the game, Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer survival horror video game. The game is played by 5 players. 1 player takes control of a killer and the others take control of survivors. The task of the killer is to catch the survivors and sacrifice them by putting them onto meathooks, whereas the task of the survivors is to evade the killer until they can escape.

Players can pre-register for Dead by Daylight by heading over to Google Play (for Android), or by visiting the game’s official website (iOS players will need to pre-register on the official website). The publishers have also announced “Milestone Rewards”, which you can earn once they have received a certain number of pre-registration.

The Milestone Reward system is as follows

500K Pre-Registrations

  • 2000 Iridescent Shards
  • Weekend T-Shirt | Surf Tone
  • Hooded Training Top
  • Two-Tone Coat
  • The Scarecrow

750K Pre-Registrations

  • 3000 Iridescent Shards
  • Watermelon Pants
  • Sports Leggings
  • Red Flash Boots
  • Marked Spike Maul

1M Pre-Registrations

  • 5000 Iridescent Shards
  • Preppy Flatcap
  • Jogging Headband
  • Colorful Headscarf
  • Bill Overbeck

Dead by Daylight Mobile will be a one of a kind experience as it’s asymmetric gameplay system is not something we often see in most games. So head over to the pre-registration links mentioned here and let us know your experience when the game launches on April 16.

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