Teamfight Tactics: Chrono Cybernetic Comp Guide

Teamfight Tactics, the auto battler developed by Riot Games has become increasingly popular among mobile gamers. The player-base seems to keep increasing day by day. More players mean more competition which results in a tougher grind in the lower tiers. That calls for a consistent and diverse build that can be transitioned into another comp in a jiffy. In this guide, you will learn about the Teamfight Tactics Chrono Cybernetic comp and tips and tricks on how to consistently get the top 4 by using and abusing this cheap and effective comp in Teamfight Tactics. So let’s jump right into it and get to checkmating low tier players in no time.


Since March 2020 when Chrono got buffed, this comp has been one of the most common early-mid games build as the pivotal units in the comp

are comparatively cheap and very effective in the early-mid game. It is by far the most played and most sustainable early game build. Thought this comp will start to fall off towards the late game unless reinforced with the perfect items, this comp can not be defeated by other comps till the Level 6 as long as Lucian is 2-star and holds a Deathblade.


  • When you get a 3 cybernetic by the end of stage 2(Leona, Fiora and Lucian).
  • You have 3 or more B.F. Swords.
  • Not more than 2 people are contesting you in the comp. If contested then you have to out roll them to get a 2-star Irelia.

Champions and Items

LeonaBramble Vest or Zephyr.
FioraThieves’ Gloves
ShenWarmog’s Armor
BlitzcrankNo Items Needed
LucianDeathblade, Rapid Firecanon, Blade of the Ruined King(preferably)/Infiltrator’s Talon
ViNo Items needed
IreliaGuardian Angel, Infinity Edge and Rabadon’s Deathcap
WukongNo Items needed
Thresh(If you want to build Mana Reavers and Chrono)No Items needed
Miss Fortune(if you want to build blasters)No Items needed
Ekko(If you want full Cybernetic Build)No Items needed


Always prioritize B.F. Sword as you will need at least 4 of them to make this comp work well. Secondly, prioritize Sparring Gloves.

Early Game

Firstly, buy all the Leona and Fiora that you get as making them 2-Star will help sustain your comp a lot. As soon as you hit level 3 get a Lucian and finish your 3 Cybernetic comps. If possible build a Deathblade on Lucian. Having the Deathblade and the Cybernetic buff, Lucian will automatically start every round with the huge amount of extra AD and will only gain more as he contributes to kills.

Mid Game

Now that we have the damage sorted out, the defense needs to be taken care of. At level 5, add to your board, Shen, and Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank is good at pulling out the backline of the opponents so that Lucian can take them down easily. Shen is a great defensive unit and when we pair him up with a Warmog’s Armor and Dragon’s claw, he has more sustaining power and is immune to magic damage, this makes him almost unkillable.

As you reach level 6, try to hyper-roll for Irelia and get her upto 2-Star and also build Infinity Edge and Guardian Angel on her. Remember that Irelia is the most Important unit of this comp as she not only offers high damage but also belongs to two Classes(Blademaster and Mana Reaver) which is what makes it so easy to transition into other comps late game. If possible also add a Rabadon’s Deathcap onto Irelia, this will bestow her with the power to one-shot and tear through the opponents’ back-line.

Late game

For Level 7 and Level 8 add to your board, Vi, and Wukong, this will add the Vanguard and Brawler buffs to your comp and also improve the frontline of your board drastically. besides that, both Vi and Wukong have powerful ults that provide a lot of CC to your team.

Hitting level 9, you have a very big decision to make as you have to chose whether you want to push 4 Chrono by getting Thresh, 6 Cybernetics by Getting Ekko or you want to prioritize Damage and push blasters by getting Miss Fortune. All are 5 cost units so you will probably have similar stats, so your choice should mostly be guided by what your opponents are building.

Going for Thresh seems to be a safer option as it not only provides the 4-Chrono buff but also activates the Mana-Reaver on Thresh and Irelia. The Chrono stat also gives Lucian and more Attack Speed which if combine with Blade of the Ruined King can increase his damage a lot as he also gains the Blademaster buff.


Place Leona, Shen,Vi, Wukong, Fiora and Irelia in the frontline. With Irelia and Fiora on the far right and far left. Place Shen in the middle with Leona and Wukong on either sides, place Vi just beside Fiora.

TFT Chrono Cybernetic Comp Guide
Units Positioning on the Board

Place Lucian on the third row farther away from the opponents’ units as Lucian has a very long range. Then place Blitzcrank just in front of Lucian on the second row and Place thresh on the second row exactly behind Shen.

If you get Ekko, place him anywhere on the last row, and if you get Miss Fortune, place her in the corner farthest from the opponents’ units, unless one of them is running a Blitzcrank.


The Teamfight Tactics Chrono Cybernetic composition is one of the most versatile and beginner-friendly composition as it has a set of Diverse units which can be easily transitioned into any other composition very easily. Though a very item is heavy, this composition can easily give a player a safe lead in the early-mid game so that they can take enough time to recognize and counter their opponents’ strategy by transitioning into the appropriate composition. Though Cybernetics will tend to become weak as late-game approaches but with the perfect items even that can be prevented. This comp will ensure you a top 4 if you have pushed for the right items and have positioned your units well.

That does it for the Teamfight Tactics Chrono Cybernetic guide. Hope you find it useful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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