Teamfight Tactics Economy Methods: Guide to manage and play them

Learn the most economical methods!

Popular Strategy game Teamfight Tactics has been in the big news since its March release this year. With updates, it has become even more exciting to spend your time on. There are plenty of in-game features that you need to pay attention to, with one of them being the game economy. Always remember that in Teamfight Tactics, being able to manage your economy will play a major role. In this guide, we discuss Economy Methods and tips to play and manage them in Teamfight Tactics.

Avoiding the 0 gold and synergy trap in Teamfight Tactics

Gold and how to manage it

We are now on the farewell period from Galaxies and expecting Fates, the next TFT set. Meanwhile, it is a good time to revisit some names we throw around on the best comps posts. We will explain the basics of the game economy and talk about the most common methods used.

First and foremost, we got to have in mind how the TFT economy works and what can you do to improve it.

Earning Gold

  • Each round that passes; This grant you 5 gold per round, starting from round 5. Before that, you get 2/2/3/4 on the initial rounds.
  • Selling a unit. Getting the unit price back in gold following some rules:
    If it is a 1-cost unit, you get fully refunded always. Else, it will be sold with a 1 gold penalty if it has been upgraded. (e.g a 2-star 4 cost unit will be sold for (4×3)-1= 11 gold.
  • Interest; You will win 1 extra gold per 10 gold held, up to 5 extra gold.
  • Win/Loss streak; After every match that keeps the streak, you’ll get
    1 extra gold for 2-3 W/L
    2 extra gold for 4 W/L
    3 extra gold for 5+ W/L
Teamfight Tactics Economy Methods

With that stated, we can start talking about the other 2 mechanics that walks side by side with the gold, which is buying Champions and experience. After all, you do have to spend this gold on something, don’t you?
Each level on TFT brings a different probability of you getting a Champion based on its cost.

Champion Tier ►12Standard Skin3Epic Skin4Hextech Skin5Ultimate Skin
Player Level ▼
Level 1100%0%0%0%0%
Level 2100%0%0%0%0%
Level 375%25%0%0%0%
Level 455%30%15%0%0%
Level 540%35%20%5%0%
Level 625%35%30%10%0%
Level 719%30%35%15%1%
Level 814%20%35%25%6%
Level 910%15%30%30%15%

Organizing your comps in Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics Economy Methods

You need very level specific or cost units to make the best team comp you can. With that information, you are able to understand the main 4 ways of organizing your comp: Hyperroll, Fast X, Normal and Slow Roll.


Usually used at level 4 to 3-star 1 cost units. Focus on maximizing your odds on leveling your champs through reroll. Use no gold until you are one round away from the next level and then roll all of your gold to 3-star the champs of your choice. On Galaxies, we saw a lot of this with the Blademasters build with Xayah. On the next set, chances are to see something similar to the Moonlight trait.

Fast 8/9

This is usually used by comps with good early that need to transition and change its champs into something else. You get your win (or lose) streak and keep buying XP to be able to reach the 4/5 costs before anyone else. There are even Hyperroll fast 9 comps, on which you just build the 50+ economy, level up as fast as possible, and then 2 stars all 5 cost units. (Funny, but not recommended.)

Slow roll

A less aggressive Hyperroll, where you use all of your gold on rolling to get your specific unit at max level. The level of the slow roll changes based upon what unit (or units) you aim to upgrade. (e.g Slow roll at LVL 5 for 2-cost units, or at level 7 for 3 cost units)


This is just your bread and butter, the go-to way of playing if you are starting. Get good synergies, put them on the map, and aim to have level 8 by the round 5-1. If you manage to keep a good economy and choose some good champs. Usually, it is used when you need just one 3-star champ or some upgrades throughout the levels.

So that is all about the Teamfight Tactics Economy Methods guide. Hope you find it useful. Please feel free to drop your opinions in the comment section below!

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