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The Eminence in Shadow RPG Beginners Guide and Tips

Discover the fate of the Seven Shadows!

The Eminence in Shadow RPG is originally a manga story that was adopted into the anime world recently. The settings of the game lead to the genre of Isekai, which is the Japanese term for another world. The game has an overpowered protagonist and has made a shadow group, who fight for justice while defeating their enemies without revealing themselves. The group includes a team of all strong women, who the hero saves at certain points. The game is an adaptation of the anime but has a different touch to it. Here is The Eminence in Shadow RPG Beginners guide to help gamers enjoy the game.

Gameplay Overview

The game also follows the plot of anime and manga to an extent. However, there are many other features and modes that provide gamers with another feel to the settings of the world of Eminence in Shadows. The game has excellent graphics and a good plot to follow. The game design is quite well structured and has features that would intrigue the player further.

Introducing the Basics of The Eminence in Shadow RPG

The game begins with a short story movie. This movie shows how the protagonist or the main hero was transported from one world to another. In this world, the character is extremely strong. The Name of the character is Kagenou Minoru. The story depicts how the hero gained his magic powers, and what are his intentions going forward in the plot.

Eminence in Shadow available
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The game story is a little long, but it gives a clear description of the settings of the world. The hero has two roles in the plot story. One is a normal student who has very low magical powers. The hero fakes it, while on the other hand he disguises himself as Shadow and defeats enemies.


There are mainly three types of currencies in the game. Magic candies, Phantasm Gems, and Zeni. Magic candies are mainly used as resources to collect EXP. Zeni coins are used to purchase various items from the shop. Lastly, the Phantasm Gems are used to perform summons to gain new allies.

Currencies The Eminence in Shadow RPG Beginners Guide
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The player can obtain these currencies by defeating enemies and completing quests. In addition to this, there is also stamina. Some battles besides those in story mode, require stamina to participate. These stamina points can be refilled once the player acquires burgers as a resource. These also can be available from completing quests.

Upgrading your Heroes and Character classes

The main hero of the game is Kagenou. In the journey of the game, the player will receive many allies through summonings and completing stories. The characters are presented in 3 divisions, that classify their power from weakest to strongest. These classes are A, S, and SS. In order to acquire SS-level characters, the player needs to participate in exclusive events and complete certain criteria to acquire them.

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There are various combatant types as well that the player can strategically select to get an upper hand against the enemies. These types are Tank, Support, and Attack. The attack-type characters have a high attack rate and damage rate, however, have a poor defense. The Tanks have good resistance and can attack as well, however, if sustained attack for a long time, the character’s HP will drastically reduce. The support character’s main job is to heal the allies and also provide additional firepower from the rear.

The rarity level of the characters can be increased by using shards and Zeni (a currency). The higher the rarity, the more shards of the character and Zenin are required. Each character has a unique skill. These skills can be upgraded and equipped after the player has attained a certain level. The player can also equip equipment to the character to increase the base stats of the character. However, the player should be of minimum level 2 to unlock this feature.

Hero, character class, and upgrades
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In addition to this, the game also enabled the player to experience a personalized gaming experience. The gamer can interact one-on-one with the allies. This will include a variety of dialogues to appear that the player needs to select and then have a conversation. This will increase the bond level of the characters that provide some effects to their base stats and battle compositions.

Understanding the in-game Battle System

The battle system of the game is quite sophisticated. The game has different modes. One of the modes is the episodes. These episodes are sequentially ordered by adopting the plot from the anime. After completing each episode, the hero has a chance to gain a follower or an ally. These allies then can be used in battle.

The battle takes place automatically and even the characters attack automatically, however, the selection of characters for the battle and unleashing of a character’s special move when the SP gauge is filled, will have to be done by the gamer. In some battles, there are waves as well. After the player completes one wave, then only will they be able to progress further.

Battle system and story
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The allies are positioned on the left side of the screen while the enemies are on the right. Each battle requires the player to choose characters that fit the role the player wants. For instance tank, support, etc. The battle system also has the feature of combo attacks. This can be done once the player fills the combo gauge and then clicks on it. During the combo, each ally will have a different effect on the enemies.

The tutorial gets over after the player completes the 5th episode of the story. The story and battle campaigns are divided into 5 parts. These are the main quest/ story, Seven Shadow Chronicles, Material Quests, Sanctuary, and Event Quests. Some of these campaigns unlock after the player attains a certain level. Each campaign offers a different array of resources and useful items that the player can use to get stronger.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in IThe Eminence in Shadow RPG

  1. Make sure to complete the episodes as they are unlocked, as they will offer new characters and other resources in return.
  2. Keep battling enemies in different quest modes, as each mode offers a different array of resources and exclusive items.
  3. After attaining level 2 status, make sure to equip weapons and upgrade them with the strongest character you have
  4. Once enough phantasm stones have been collected, perform summons. This is the quickest way to receive a different range of characters of different rarities.
  5. Keep completing missions, especially during events, as they sometimes offer exclusive SS-ranked characters.


Eminence in Shadows RPG is a highly interactive RPG that offers a highly interactive gaming style for the players. The game allows interactions with the character, and unique skill sets for each character, and also provides a lot of different features that the gamer will enjoy. Even with all this, the game’s main attraction would be the episodes or the storyline. The game has enabled a story mode that the player can play for various resources and also a more personalized experience. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this The Eminence in Shadow RPG beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

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