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The Tale of Food Beginners Guide and Tips

Defeat foes in a great adventure with the strong Food Souls!

The Tale of Food is a fun mobile game that blends awesome treats and fantastical adventures. As a descendent of the Food God, players travel through time and space on a 2-million-word quest while gathering and raising Food Souls. The game’s captivating plot, gorgeous graphics, and challenging gameplay mechanisms encourage players to upgrade their strategic and culinary abilities. This Tale of Food beginners guide article will definitely help any newbies to get accustomed to the game and make the start of the game much easier.

The game’s plot revolves around a sacred land and a magical book that has the world’s most priceless items. Your objective as the player is to retrieve every lost soul that was imprisoned inside this book, but was destroyed.

The Tale of Food gameplay basics

Along the way, you’ll run into a number of characters from The Tale of Food, all of whom have their own personalities, interests, and skills. You will need to successfully complete several challenges and objectives that highlight your skills and abilities as a player in order to convince them to accompany you on your mission.

For instance, a chef who specializes in desserts can be one of the personalities you meet. You might need to finish a series of mini-games that test your culinary prowess or knowledge of various sweets in order to persuade them to accompany you on your journey. Alternatively, you might need to assist someone in completing a task or problem that they are unable to resolve on their own.

The Tale of Food overview
Image via Madfun Game

More characters and more difficult tasks will be presented to you as the game progresses. Before joining you, certain characters might ask you to accomplish a series of tasks, while others might have particular demands that you must meet.

The game includes a variety of battles and wars with strong enemies, gathering uncommon materials, and taking part in difficult culinary competitions. Players gain access to new skills and features with each new Food Soul. As a result, they can easily overcome the challenges they face. The Tale of Food is a game you must play if you love fantasy adventures or are a foodie. This smartphone game is a feast for the senses with its endearing characters, stunning graphics, and fun gameplay.

The Tale of Food Combat System explained

Fighting battles is one of the major parts of the game The Tale of Food. This game uses a turn-based fighting system, where once you take an action, your rival will do the same. Thus, each turn will be followed in this manner one by one. As they attack from the left and will finish on the right in this game, your food spirits are assigned an exact sequence to follow.

A pattern based on their placements will be followed. You have the option to choose an attack and a skill for the food souls of the player during a fight. The counter will be raised in this game, followed by your and the enemy’s attacks, and winning your current battle is the only way to advance to the next round of combat.

The Tale of Food battles
Image via Madfun Game

The people on their squad can be chefs who specialize in various cuisines or have access to a variety of weapons, for example. The appropriate character combination for each battle is essential since each character has distinct abilities and special attacks that they can employ in combat.

Players must plan their strategies for attacks, defenses, and support choices as well as the timing of their moves throughout combat. They must also be aware of their resources, including their health and other things that can be utilized to heal or improve the skills of their squad.

The Tale of Food battles 2
Image via Madfun Game

Battles get harder as players go through the game, demanding more advanced methods and tactics. Boss fights, in particular, are challenging encounters that call for all of the player’s focus and skill. Players have to determine the boss’s weak points and come up with a strategy to take advantage of them while avoiding their attacks and defenses.

The Tale of Food’s intense conflicts is a fascinating and interesting aspect of the game overall. They offer a rewarding experience for players that appreciate a good fight thanks to their strategic gameplay, difficult fights, and a broad array of characters.

Upgrade the Skills of your Food Spirits

The skills of your food spirits are the last and most important thing you need to be aware of in the game. The skills you acquire from them are crucial to complete this game, and depending on how effective they are, they will help you shine throughout the games. You should be aware, that there are three different categories of skills for a food soul, and that each category’s power varies.

The Tale of Food battles skills
Image via Madfun Game
  • First Skill: Your food souls’ first talent will be their default attack, and it’s more likely that everyone will have it. There is no cooldown on this skill, and it is surrounded by a basic power.
  • Second Skill: The second skill shows a slight improvement over the first one in that it can be either active or passive in this instance. It implies that this skill now has a little extra power.
  • Third Skill: The third skill is the most powerful and has a strong attack out of all those previously described skills. It will initially cool down for one performance.

Strengthening the characters raises these skill levels and gives you upgraded versions of the skills. This indicates that more power is being placed in your hands.

Understand the Character Bonding

A number of characters from The Tale of Food will appear as players advance through the game and complete objectives and battles. Players can boost their degree of affection for these characters and uncover unique side storylines that reveal more about their personalities and backstories by giving them gifts.

The game’s bond system is a fantastic approach to getting to know the characters and developing a stronger bond with them. Players will be able to engage in new, character-specific interactions and dialogue when their level of fondness for a particular character rises.

The Tale of Food battles character
Image via Madfun Game

As the level of affection for characters rises, additional plot content is also made available, along with new rewards including objects, recipes, and in-game money. Because of this, it is an important component of the game for players who want to advance quickly and get the most out of their gameplay. To access the game’s unique side tales and obtain important things, it is advised for beginners to strengthen their ties with the characters.

It also gives the game an additional degree of complexity and enables players to fully immerse themselves in The Tale of Food’s world. In conclusion, the bond system in The Tale of Food is a special and useful aspect of the game. Players can establish connections with characters, access unique side storylines, and earn worthwhile rewards. Players can strengthen their bond with the game’s setting and become more immersed in the gameplay by giving characters presents and showing them more affection.

The Tale of Food Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some top tricks and tips in our The Tale of Food beginners guide for amateurs in order to progress in the game easily:

1. Look out for Cultured Clans Rewards

After opening the game you will find an option known as cultured clans. Tap on the icon and you will see various rewards awaiting you. These rewards will be super useful to increase the value of your characters. Hence, don’t forget to collect these secret rewards on your way.

2. Remember to Claim your Online Gifts

In your home screen of the game, you will find a fish-like option having a timer in it. The option is located at the top right side of your screen. here you will find all the online rewards that you deserve. As a result, you can claim them and make your gameplay easier before the time runs out.

3. Chat and resolve your Doubts

Suppose in any part of the game you are stuck and after numerous tries, you are not been able to get through the task. In such cases, you can ask your online mates about the solution and how they cracked it. To do this you can use the message icon located at the left bottom corner.

4. Customize your warehouse

You can customize your warehouse very easily by going to the warehouse option. You will get all materials, utensils, food, and gifts to customize. You may dismantle some of the things if you want according to your needs. It is recommended to dismantle every old stuff.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, The Tale of Food is a captivating and immersive game that transports players to a mystical place populated by interesting and distinctive characters. A variety of gaming styles can be accommodated by the game’s blend of strategic fights, recipe production, and bonding system. So go ahead and give it a try and if you ever have trouble understanding the basics, you can always refer to our The Tale of Food beginners guide for tips.

That’s all from us for The Tale of Food Beginners Guide! Did you find our The Tale of Food Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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