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The Walking Dead: All-Stars Beginners Guide and Tips

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The Walking Dead: All-Stars is a survival RPG based on The Walking Dead comic book series. The game is based on the OG story of survivors fighting against the zombies to get back to world peace again forever. The game is developed by the Com2uS Holdings Corporation. It has a lot of characters divided into a few classes and tiers that will help the players to fight against the zombies and reign peace over the Earth. Thus, let us hop into the detailed The Walking Dead: All-Stars Beginners guide so that the new players can climb through the ladders of success in the game.

Gameplay Overview

Initially, the game shows the history of the zombie apocalypse and then introduces the way of fighting against the zombies. The game follows up by introducing some characters like; Eric, Nomad Fighter, and Zoey. The game then rolls through the battlefield and shows the best 2D animation of the in-hand combat with the zombies.

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After this tutorial, the game then continues and shows the other features of the games. Important aspects such as upgrading players, objectives, Daily Quests Milestones, etc. completion of every stage will help the players to earn valuable rewards that will help them to upgrade the survivors.

Introducing the Basics of The Walking Dead: All-Stars


The World is the main home page of the game. from this section, players can get access to all the features and sections of the game. players can check their profile and the number of in-game currencies and resources they own, and many more.

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Players can also start the journey of surviving through the storyline followed by the stages. Players can also check for some of the completion of their daily quest milestones so that they can know about their achievements and objectives.


The Town section is the place where players can recruit new survivors and manage all the work like promoting and training the survivors and others. This section unlocks after completing Chapter 1 stage 12. Here are some sections such as:

  • Front Gate: In the Front Gate players can check for the survivors and can disarm, Transfer, Cancel training, or trade with them.
  • Leaderboard: Here the players can check for their position and rankings compared to other players playing from all corners of the world.
  • Training Ground: As the name says, players can train their survivors over here and make themselves stronger than before.
Image via Com2uS
  • Trading Post: Players can exchange resources such as canned foods, and gold bars and earn gears, skill manuals, and more valuable resources from the trading post.
  • Recruit: Players can recruit other survivors from three different recruits; All alignment, Bystander alignment, and Interaction. By recruiting they can get epic survivors and make their team stronger.
  • Community: The community is like a clan, players can create to enter a community. Community members can fight and exchange resources against each other as well.
  • Administration: In the administration, players can check for the bonds and tactics, and later increase this by research. These help the players a lot and make the squad a lot stronger than before.


The Explore section has a lot of sections that help the player analyze the team.

  • Survival Record: Players can earn many valuable rewards such as Special Gears from this section.
  • Dispatch: Players can send their characters and community members for various missions. Through these missions’ players can also earn many rewards.
Image via Com2uS
  • Camp Défense: Players can earn much more rewards from this by defeating enemies. Players can earn even rare rewards by defeating more powerful villains.
  • Frontier: In the Frontier, players can fight to acquire the highest rank in the game. fight more and reach up to the top of the game.
  • Supply Run: Players can acquire more rewards through key missions and moves that will help players earn more rewards.


players can communicate with other players from various servers and languages throughout the world. players can make new friends and form their community which will help the players to become stronger in-game.

Other in-game features

There are some other features as well which are not that important, but necessary for the players to have proper knowledge about these sections.

  • Mailbox: In this section, players can get a report about all the notices and a few rewards which can be claimed by players.
  • Inventory: Players can check for all the resources they own in the inventory section. Players can even use the resources from here and utilize them for their betterment.
  • Friend: The section shows all the friends players have made while playing. It also shows the activity status of the friends.
  • Basement Search: Players can earn rewards and a few search reports from this section. These resources will help the players to exchange some resources and earn valuable items.
  • Event: Here players are assigned some objectives which are to be completed while playing the game. by completing the objectives, players can earn huge rewards that will help them to progress further into the game.
  • Perks: This is the shop of the game where players have to go for real-time transactions and buy valuable rewards.
  • Daily Quest Milestone: Up in this section, players can check out daily missions and objectives. Completing this will lead to earning valuable rewards on a daily basis that will help the players to earn more resources.

Mastering the Survivors

The Survivors are the main heroes in the game. These heroes fight against the zombies and bring world peace. There are Five tiers of heroes who are classified into several classes.

  • Warrior: The warrior class heroes are the best frontline fighters. These survivors are the best in in-hand combats and give direct physical damage dealing to the zombies.
  • Tank: The Tanks are yet another frontline fighters who come up with the warriors and fight directly with the zombies. These survivors fight with a weapon in their hands and thrash the zombies on the battlefield.
  • Ranger: Rangers are the best long ranged fighters. These survivors are the best with their sharpshooters and snipers and help the frontline fighters from the backend.
  • Support: The support players are the best on the battlefield. These survivors run into the frontline and fight with the warriors and tanks. Sometimes they divert the zombies and help the frontline fighters directly defeat the zombies.
  • Technician: The technicians are the survivors which use some ability against the zombies to defeat the zombies. The survivors have immense knowledge on some aspects and thus use them against the zombies for fighting.
Image via Com2uS

The survivor’s section is the section where players can check for all the characters present in the game and how many they own. The colorful cards are the characters that the players own, and the rest of the B/W ones are not owned by the players.

  • Tap on the Survivors option present on the World page and enter the section.
  • After entering, players can check out the characters they own.
  • Select the appropriate character player wants to upgrade, after selecting players can see a screen where the character will pop up along with all the characteristics of that character.
  • At the bottom of the screen, players can see two options; Character and Skill. Players must select the appropriate option to level up.
  • If the player selects the Character option, tap on the Level Up option present on the screen continuously to upgrade the character’s physical strengths and other aspects.
  • If the player selects the Skill option, tap on the Level Up option and upgrade the special skills of that character.

Players can also check for the class of the players they own and make a well-strategized five-man team. Players can upgrade their characters from this section only. Follow the steps to know about the procedure.

The Walking Dead: All-Stars Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in The Walking Dead: All-Stars:

1. Recruit as much as you can

Beginners must recruit as many survivors as possible. These will help them to make a strong and bold team with the best survivors from every class and fight against the zombies to get back the peace in the world.

2. Complete the Events

Beginners should check out the objectives and missions assigned to them. These will help them earn a lot of rewards that can be used by the players for further progress.

3. Fight against the Zombies

Beginners must complete all the chapters and stages and defeat the zombies and powerful villains to earn more valuable rewards.

The Walking Dead All Stars
Image via Com2uS

4. Complete the Daily Quests

Follow up on all the daily objectives and missions. These will help the players earn a lot of rewards such as canned foods, gold bars, and survival EXPs which will help them upgrade themselves.

5. Upgrade Survivors

Players must upgrade the characters and their skills to make them stronger. Characters can be upgraded by using Canned food, which is a valuable resource in the game.

Final Thoughts

The Walking Dead: All Stars is a very entertaining game that is based on the original comics of The Walking Dead. It follows the same storyline as the comic book and lets the players enjoy the storyline through the game. it is an online based game that puts a restriction on the unfair means of play. Players must play the game, recruit survivors, upgrade them and make the best squad to achieve world peace.

Overall, there is a lot of stuff new players can do, and they should take their time with it and enjoy the game at their own pace. Use your brain and make the best squad by utilizing all the class players to have an evenly balanced power over the team. So go ahead and give it a try! If you find trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back on this The Walking Dead: All-Stars beginners guide for tips.

That’s all from us for The Walking Dead: All-Stars Beginners Guide! Did you find our The Walking Dead: All-Stars beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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