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The Walking Dead: All-Stars Character Tier List for September 2022

Choose from only the best heroes of this month!

The Walking Dead: All-Stars is a survival RPG by Com2uS now available on Android and iOS. The game is based on a world attacked by zombies where different survivors come together to bring peace to their world. Every survivor has different sets of power and strengths which are to be distinguished by the players to make the five-man squad and fight against the zombies. Fret not, we have summarized the characters from The Walking Dead: All-Stars according to their strengths in this Tier List.

The Walking Dead: All-Stars Character Tier List for September 2022

The game has four tiers for the characters. The S-tier survivors are the best ones followed by A, B, and last but not least, C. Let us dive into the Tier List of The Walking Dead: All-Stars so that players can help themselves and make the ultimate squad.

Strong (S)Ezekiel and Shiva,
Good (A)Michonne,
Fair (B)Jesus,
Weak (C)Leader Rick,
Rick Grimes,
The Walking Dead: All-Stars Character Tier List

Best Meta Characters from each class for The Walking Dead: All-Stars in September 2022

The Walking Dead: All-Stars has five classes; Warrior, Tank, Ranger, Technician, and Support. Let us know about the classes and the best survivors under them.

Warrior Class: Leader Rick

The Warrior class survivors are best at frontline attacks with their best weapon on hand. They have the best in-hand fighting skills and thrash the faces of zombies in no time. Leader Rick is considered the best Warrior class hero due to his immense in-hand combat fighting.

leader-rick-warrior-walking-dead  The Walking Dead: All-Stars Tier List
Image via Com2uS

It is an STR character specialized in P. ATK. The character has three special attacks and one ultimate attack; True Leader calls three soldiers who join Leader Rick and fight. These soldiers give a direct 230% attack on the zombies and clean them out.

Tank Class: Carl Grimes

Tank class survivors come up with the best use of their weapons to defeat the zombies. The characters use their weapons and provide damage to the zombies from a distance. Thus, making them one of the best long-range fighters.

Image via Com2uS

Carl Grimes rules the class with his pair of guns. This Tank class survivor is also an STR-type character specialized in P ATK. Carl Grimes has three special attacks along with an ultimate one; A Father’s Lesson in which he uses a shock bomb that comes up with 140% of direct damage to the zombies.

Ranger Class: Andrea

The survivors of the Ranger class fight from the backline as supporting fighters. These survivors always come with one of the finest weapons as they lack physical in-hand combat but are the best in ranged attacks. Andrea and her mighty sniper are the best Ranger throughout the game.

andrea-ranger-walking-dead The Walking Dead: All-Stars Tier List
Image via Com2uS

The attacks from Andrea just slice those zombies with the highest possible damage and clear the battlefield in a few seconds. It is an STR character specializing in P ATK. The ultimate attack of Andrea; Rapid Fire comes with rapid sniper shots constantly for the next 8 seconds where the zombies deal a direct 150% of the damage on every hit.

Technician Class: Negan

Technicians are best at diverting the minds of the zombies so that the frontline fighters can easily defeat them. This helps the squad while fighting a lot of zombies and win easily on the battlefield. Negan is considered the finest Technician due to his best manipulating skills and in-hand fights.

Image via Com2uS

He is an STR character who specialised in P ATK. Negan and baseball are one of the perfect combinations on the battlefield as it sweeps out zombies in just a blink of an eye. The ultimate attack of Negan; Spice It Up comes up with a huge explosion in which the zombies deal 230% of direct damage.

Support Class: Ezekiel and Shiva

Support class survivors are best in their roles as said. They help the Warriors and the Tanks from the back end in in-hand combat with the zombies. Some of them come to the frontline and fight, and a few are best in ranged attacks and thus provide support from the back end.

ezekiel-and-shiva-support-walking-dead The Walking Dead: All-Stars Tier List
Image via Com2uS

Ezekiel and Shiva, the Tiger is the best Support class survivors over the game. These characters attack together and tear apart the zombies on the battlefield. They are the best INT characters specialized in FP ATK. the ultimate attack; Legend of the Kingdom increases the HP and Energy of both Ezekiel and Shiva and increases their ATK rate for the next 10 seconds.

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