Tokyo Debunker Character Tier List for April 2024

Explore Tokyo's darkside with these characters!

Tokyo Debunker is an otome simulation game provided by ZigZaGame. The game takes you on an adventure through Tokyo, where you solve supernatural cases and encounter mysterious phenomena. A strong team of characters is essential for navigating these challenges and progressing in the game. In this Tokyo Debunker Character Tier List, we rank the Characters based on their abilities and potential to help you succeed in your journey.

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Tokyo Debunker Tier List for April 2024: Best Characters Ranked

To make things simpler, I’ve categorized the Characters into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This way, you can quickly understand their abilities and build a solid team. Keep in mind, that these rankings are based on my own experiences, so adjust your choices as you see fit.

Tier FireWaterEarth
Strong (S)Diabolic Influencer Leo Kurosagi,
Darkwick Chic Shohei Haizono
Icebound Tyrant Jin Kamurai,
Contrived Smile Tohma Ishibashi,
Thrift-Shop Aristocrat Kaito Fuji
Scattered Radiance Lucas Errant,
Shohei Haizono,
Wrested Truth Alan Mido
Good (A)Darkwick Chic Haru Sagara,
Darkwick Chic Alan Mido,
Darkwick Chic Yuri Isami,
Darkwick Chic Romeo Lucci,
Darkwick Chic Rui Mizuki,
Darkwick Chic Kaito Fuji
Darkwick Chic Zenji Kotodama,
Darkwick Chic Towa Otonashi,
Darkwick Chic Subaru Kagami,
Darkwick Chic Tohma Ishibashi,
Darkwick Chic Taiga Hoshibami,
Darkwick Chic Leo Kurosagi
Darkwick Chic Ritsu Shinjo,
Darkwick Chic Jin Kamurai,
Darkwick Chic Ren Shiranami,
Darkwick Chic Lucas Errant,
Darkwick Chic Jiro Kirisaki,
Darkwick Chic Haku Kusanagi
Average (B)Casual Style Yuri Isami,
Casual Style Lucas Errant,
Casual Style Zenji Kotodama,
Casual Style Jiro Kirisaki,
Casual Style Ren Shiranami,
Casual Style Rui Mizuki
Casual Style Ritsu Shinjo,
Casual Style Tohma Ishibashi,
Casual Style Towa Otonashi,
Casual Style Jin Kamurai,
Casual Style Romeo Lucci,
Casual Style Haku Kusanagi,
Casual Style Alan Mido,
Casual Style Kaito Fuji
Casual Style Haru Sagara,
Casual Style Subaru Kagami,
Casual Style Leo Kurosagi,
Casual Style Shohei Haizono,
Casual Style Taiga Hoshibami

Best Characters in Tokyo Debunker for April 2024

Best Fire Character – Diabolic Influencer Leo Kurosagi

Tokyo Debunker Diabolic Influencer Leo Kurosagi
Image via ZigZaGame

In my experience, Scattered Radiance Lucas Errant is an excellent single-target attacker. His skills focus on dealing massive damage to one enemy, especially when he’s alone or has high health. I find his passive skill, which stuns enemies who kill him, adds useful control to his kit.

Best Water Character – Icebound Tyrant Jin Kamurai

Tokyo Debunker Icebound Tyrant Jin Kamurai
Image via ZigZaGame

In my experience, Diabolic Influencer Leo Kurosagi is a versatile piercing attacker with skills for various situations. He deals heavy damage to single enemies when he has Fury and can also hit multiple enemies, though it causes him recoil damage. His passive skill poisons enemies who kill him, which provides more control in battles.

Best Earth Character – Scattered Radiance Lucas Errant

Tokyo Debunker Scattered Radiance Lucas Errant
Image via ZigZaGame

In my experience, Icebound Tyrant Jin Kamurai is a powerful piercing attacker who shines when his health is low. His unique skill boosts his attack when his HP drops, and his active skills deliver high damage in those situations. I appreciate his passive skill that lets him survive with 1 HP when he’d otherwise take lethal damage, making him a resilient choice.

Final Thoughts

As you explore the world of Tokyo Debunker, this tier list can help guide your choices in selecting characters for your journey. Keep in mind that your preferences and playstyle may differ from the rankings, so feel free to experiment with different characters to find the ones that work best for you.

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