Top Eleven: The Ultimate Guide to Win Trophies easily

Get your hands on triple crown!

Playing Top Eleven for fun, winning-or-losing matches, and making friends are okay but not winning trophies really hurts sometimes. Losing in a Cup Final or standing as Runners-up in the League Table is really painful. Therefore, sometimes we do need to win trophies, at least occasionally, to keep the thrill of the game alive. And if you want to win more trophies or showcase your trophy room or you just want to increase your trophy count, then you are at the right place. So, if this is the case, and you want to win 20-25 trophies in 10 seasons or want to win back-to-back triple crowns, then read out this Top Eleven guide to win trophies till the end and follow these simple steps.

Top Eleven Trophies
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In the Top Eleven, weak teams are matched with weak teams or matched with lower-division teams, and strong teams are matched with strong teams or matched with higher-division teams. Top Eleven performs the matchmaking during the maintenance break after the end of a season, and according to the team rating on the final day of a season, teams are bundled together. Therefore, if we can disguise a strong team as a weak team, then winning the trophies will be just like a piece of cake.

Disclaimer: A manager has to be very disciplined and patient to execute this strategy.

Preparation Phase

1st Season

Once a manager has decided that he/she wants to execute this strategy, he/she has to maintain these key factors.

  • Buy 10 players who are 18 years old (must) and OVR as close as 40%
  • Save Tokens and Cash.
  • Make sure of Promotion (must).
  • Avoid buying unnecessary players.
  • Gather rest/green boosters as much as you can and don’t waste them.
  • Do not train or play with those 10 young players unless it’s extremely necessary.
Top Eleven: Buying 10 youth players
Image via Nordeus

While buying the 10 youth players, don’t just randomly rather buy in a managed way (which we have realized after a few seasons). Hence, our suggestion for buying is 1-GK, 3/4-DEF, 4/5-MID, & 1/2-FWD. This set-up will help you to complete many tasks and Training & Team Play bonuses whenever necessary. (don’t wait till the end of the season to buy these youths, because it’s hard to find 18yrs old and near 40% OVR players.) You can check the following guides, to know how to gather more Cash and Green Boosters

2nd Season

As soon as the manager enters the 2nd season, The entire team’s OVR will be decreased by 1* (20%) and all the youth players’ OVR will be (40-20)= 20%+(approx). Season 2 is most likely a wait-and-watch game and hoarding up green boosters, cash & tokens as much as he/she can for the upcoming seasons. In the 2nd season, the manager has to maintain almost the same thing except buying new youths.

  • Save Tokens and Cash.
  • Make sure of Promotion (must).
  • Avoid buying unnecessary players.
  • Gather rest/green boosters as much as you can and don’t waste them.
  • Do not train or play with those 10 young players unless it’s extremely necessary.

In this season the manager should try out different formations and tactics to gather some 1st hand experience and check which one works best for him/her. Check out more on our Counter Formation guide here.

Execution Phase

3rd Season

As soon as the 2nd season passes by and the manager enters into the 3rd season all the youth players become 1* (OVR 1%-19%) and we are done with youth. Next, we will focus on Playing XI. In the previous two seasons, we have already gathered a lot of Tokens, Cash, and Boosters. Now, in this (3rd) season we will use a major part of it.

At the beginning of Season 3

  • Buy 8 players having a 5* rating: (Must)
    • Buy 3, 18/19 yrs old players (you can buy all the 8 players as young as you can but that would cost you mote tokens)
    • Buy 3, 20/21 yrs old players
    • Buy 2, 22/23 yrs old players
  • Check their talent: Once done with buying the next step is to measure their talent level. This is a very important step because this step will decide which player/s will stay at the club for long and which player/s will be sold after a few seasons.
  • Assign special ability: The growth rate is maximum when the player is 18yrs old, therefore, it will be a wise move to train the special ability/position at the very beginning. Another important thing the managers need to keep in mind, Training the Special Ability/ Position before pushing the OVR rating (never do the opposite). So, assign special abilities only to the extremely talented and talented players according to their position/s.
  • Train Players: Now, when you are finished with special ability training and position training it’s time to train/push the OVR of the player/s. Remember that here also you will increase the OVR of ‘Extremely Talented and ‘Talented’ players
  • Sell old players: Sell out the previous season’s players or extra players (don’t terminate the contract). You have to sell at least 8 players to accommodate the new signings (8 players).
Top Eleven Trophies
Image via Nordeus

During season 3

  • Make sure of Promotion (must)
  • Collect as many Token, Cash, & Boosters as you can.
  • Assign the winning bonus to the players

On the last day of the season 3

  • Players to keep: Newly bought 8 players and 10 Lowest OVR players (carried, since 1st season). Total 18 players
  • Players to sell: The manager has to sell the rest of the players. (Must)
  • Train Players: After the end of all kinds of matches (on the last day) train the 8 players (bought in this season) as much as you can. [As soon as the new season starts, their energy will be full, see the above picture]
  • Renew Contract: Renew the expiring contracts of the players.
  • Set up the Team: After finishing all these, set up/Line up your team for next season.
Top Eleven Trophies
Top Eleven: Team OVR on the last day of the season (Friendly)
Top Eleven Trick Season 3 End
Image via Nordeus

So, The Final team should look like this, and consist of 8 very good players (5* and above) and 10 engineered players (1* = 19% or below). In this way, the manager can easily bring down his OVR. Now, as the manager has an engineered team with 56% OVR, therefore he/she will be matched with almost the same OVR teams in the next season.

Road to Trophy

In the new season (season 4 and later) the manager just needs to buy 3 players to get a full-strength squad. And as soon as he/she buys 3 new (5*) players the team OVR will jump to 80%-90% or more. Therefore, he will start all the games as a favorite, and winning matches will be like a cup of tea.

After fixing starting XI the manager needs to buy some players for the bench. The suggestion is, do not rush for 5* players for the bench, just buy 4/5 average players (70%+) with 1 or 2 tokens irrespective of the age.

Triple Crown Tips
Top Eleven: Trophies

Note: Champions League and Cup matches are scheduled from day one but League starts on the 3rd day of the season so the manager has to wait till the league fixtures come before buying new players. But in some cases, the manager has to buy 1 or 2 players for the sake of the Cup/CL game (Do, keep that in mind).

Maintaining The Squad

Every season the manager can only keep 8 players (apart from the engineered 10 players) on the last day to bring down his/her team’s OVR for matching with low OVR teams next season. And buy 3 very good and young players in the new season to achieve the full-strength squad. Check here to know how to maintain a good squad.


  • While buying players for the bench try to find players with more than one position, so that you have enough squad depth (more flexibility during substitution).
  • Make sure you have a Free-Kick Specialist and a Corner-Kick Specialist always on the team.
  • Better not buy 8/9 players for the bench because at the end of the season you have to sell these players again.
  • Use all three types of boosters wisely to maintain the healthy condition of the team.

Other Benefits

  • There will be a very high chance of winning the top scorer challenge
  • Using the Engineered players many ‘Special Sponsors’ tasks can be completed easily
  • Once the manager is habituated with this strategy it will be easy to maintain the team and a hassle-free road to the trophy

Bonus Tips

  • As the new season starts train (increase OVR using green boosters) extremely talented and talented players by some amount. This will give you a head start. But only train those players who will stay at least 2 seasons (you think) on the team. Know about the best training drills for players according to the position.
  • If you want to assign a position to an engineered player then try to assign Box-2-Box (DMC or AMC for MC) instead of Side-wise (ML or MR or MC). This will help you complete special sponsors tasks and also in case of training bonuses

So, if a manager can maintain this strategy he/she can easily win trophies and even triple crowns every season in Top Eleven.

Did you find the guide on how to easily win trophies in Top Eleven useful? Do let us know by commenting below if you have trouble understanding any part of the article. We will try our best to help you.

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